Rose’s room smelled pleasant with a mixture of rose and her own perfume.
She was sitting cross-legged on her fluffy bed while wearing a black lace nightdress with her eyes closed. She was immersing herself into her cultivation.
Yang Chen sat next to her quietly and controlled his breathing till it was barely a whisper.
A few moments ago, he gave her a Bodhi pill and asked her to digest it by revolving the scripture around her meridians in order to speed up the absorption of spiritual energy and enlargement of her meridians.
Even though the Bodhi pills were the lowest level medicinal pills, it was still effective for cultivators in the Houtian stage.
Once Rose had digested the pills, she could make use of the absorbed spiritual energy at a much higher rate.
Yang Chen looked into her meridians with his divine sense and realized that her True Qi was being purified and refined at a much greater rate than before.
It was as if all the parts in a refinery had been replaced with new and more improved versions. It not only improved the efficiency of the refinement but also improved its quality!
No wonder Xiao Zhiqing said that medicinal pills were highly coveted by cultivators compared to artifacts. It might be a single-use pill, but one could reap rewards beyond their imagination!
Unfortunately, the Bodhi pill wasn’t useful to cultivators like him who was already in the Tribulation Passing stage or else he definitely would have taken advantage of this situation.
The spiritual energy around Rose was especially thick and it was probably blue because her ‘Dao’ originated from the thunderstorm therefore it leaned towards the water element.
Well, it didn’t really matter since it wouldn’t affect the cultivation base.
Time passed by quickly and Yang Chen stayed beside her in silence.
Slowly, Rose’s skin started to glow as if a dewy film had formed around her. It looked very much like a sheen of water encasing her.
As the realm continued to expand, a newly added tranquility was found within her unique amorous aura.
Yang Chen couldn’t move his eyes away from her and he gulped when he saw the changes.
Rose’s beauty wasn’t as breathtaking as Lin Ruoxi originally, but as of now, it was anyone’s game!
No wonder the nun was so obsessed with cultivation. It really did improve one’s looks! Yang Chen thought to himself deviously.
Just as he was reveling in her beauty, Rose snapped out of her cultivation when the medicine wore off as her Dantian was filled to an unprecedented level.
She opened her eyes and was puzzled to see Yang Chen staring at her with drool almost dripping out the corner of his mouth.
“Hubby, you…what’s wrong with you?”
Yang Chen swallowed his saliva hastily but he wasn’t embarrassed at all.
“Rose baby, let's not cultivate tonight.”
“Why not, didn’t you say you were rushing for me to reach a breakthrough?” Rose asked out of confusion.
Yang Chen laughed mischievously while rubbing his palms together. “We haven’t been intimate in a while. Let’s enjoy life while we can. We should make full use of the time…”
Rose immediately understood what he was thinking about. It was funny but she also knew she had no way out of this.
Before she could say anything else, Yang Chen had already pounced on her by wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her soft body towards him.
He caressed her cheeks with one hand and his other hand made its way to her chest, fondling her nipple underneath the thin nightgown.
His lips pressed onto hers and they shared a passionate kiss. Yang Chen felt refreshed whereas Rose panted at the unexpected move from him.
“Didn’t they say cultivators are lustless? Why is your mind always filled with dirty thoughts?”
Rose chided while tapping on his forehead.
Yang Chen retorted, “Dramas are filled with lies. Why would anyone cultivate if they didn’t have any lust? I don’t care why others cultivate. I asked you guys to cultivate so that you guys can always be healthy and beautiful. I didn’t want to be bullied by others so I wanted to become strong. What’s the point of cultivating if I can’t have any fun in my life?”
“You always have the right of way…”
“Not only am I right, but I’m also full of stamina too. You and Qianni won’t be sleeping tonight!”
Rose gasped when she heard that. “No…you want both of us together?!”
Yang Chen had already pushed her down onto the bed regardless of what she was saying. He leaned onto her from behind and pulled her dress up, revealing her plump buttocks beneath it.
It drove him crazy when he saw that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Her private parts were completely exposed to him!
He gulped and clucked his tongue. “Rose baby, you would've been called a vixen if we were living in the ancient times. You kept saying that I have dirty thoughts constantly but you’re no better than me…”
“Hmph, I did this for you.” Rose shut her eyes tightly and shivered slightly under his gaze.
Yang Chen was joyed and he took off his clothes in a matter of seconds before penetrating her.
Although they hadn’t been getting intimate for a long time, they got into the mood rather quickly since it wasn’t their first time.
They became one emotionally and physically as the night went on.
By the time Yang Chen decided to let go of Rose, she was only half-conscious after three rounds of intense lovemaking sessions.
Yang Chen searched through the villa and made sure that Ma Guifang was already asleep in her room before teleporting to Mo Qianni’s room. She was half asleep when Yang Chen showed up in her room and carried her into Rose’s room!
Yang Chen covered her mouth before she could cry out in alarm. She thought Yang Chen was going to accompany Rose tonight, so she planned to sleep after a good book.
Even though she enjoyed Yang Chen’s company, it didn’t mean that she harbored his sexual desire. As a matter of fact, she prioritized emotional satisfaction over sexual satisfaction but that didn’t stop Yang Chen from making his move on her.
Mo Qianni felt even more abashed by the fact that Yang Chen carried her over to Rose’s bed. The stimulation was stronger than ever seeing how she would be penetrated next to Rose who was completely naked!
Even though it wasn’t their first time doing this together, it wasn’t something one could get used to even after a dozen times.
Rose watched on as Mo Qianni’s silk pajamas got stripped down and she grinned while Yang Chen penetrated her from the back. She was enjoying Mo Qianni’s facial expression as if she felt content seeing Mo Qianni experience the same thing as she did just moments ago.
“Qianni, you look so beautiful and your face is so red.” Rose giggled.
Mo Qianni was drowning in two contrasting sensations, the continuous pleasure from Yang Chen’s thrusts and the embarrassment and stimulation from being watched by Rose. 

It made her contract her muscles which brought even greater pleasure to Yang Chen.
Mo Qianni collapsed onto the bed right after Yang Chen was done with his first round. She opened her lips and threw a grudgeful look at Rose. “Laugh at me all you want, you know my stamina isn’t as good as yours.”
Rose wrapped her arms around Mo Qianni’s neck. She kissed her cheeks naturally and their lips met each other.
Mo Qianni went along with it, returning the kiss.
Their tongues wrapped each other’s and their busty boobs squeezed together as they kissed.
Yang Chen was about to let Mo Qianni rest for a bit before he got started on the second round but he couldn’t move his eyes away from their intimate interaction!
It didn’t look strange or awkward and judging by the way they corresponded to each other’s movement. This wasn’t the first time they were doing this!
A silver thread formed between them as they pulled apart from each other with a dazed expression.
They turned towards Yang Chen instinctively and only then they realized Yang Chen had been watching them with an eager expression.
Yang Chen snapped out of it and smirked. “Well well well…you two have been getting along pretty well behind my back.”
They blushed at the same time when they heard his words. Mo Qianni grumbled. “It’s all your fault. You wanted us to do it together and the next morning after you left, Rose woke up and said she wanted to kiss me…”
“What! You agreed to it too! Why did you push all the blame on me!” Rose snapped back in embarrassment.
Yang Chen chuckled. “Why’re you guys explaining it to me? I never forbade it. In fact, it makes me happy to know how well you get along. Rose sweetie, since you’re interested in women, how about I pull An Xin and Mingyu along next time? We can do it with the five of us together.”
“I…I’m not!” Rose was getting anxious. “Hubby, don't believe her, she’s lying! I wanted to kiss her because I was close to her, I’m not a…”
“A? What?” Yang Chen smirked.
“A…” Rose gritted her teeth. “A woman who likes other women…”
Mo Qianni burst out laughing when she heard that and she pinched Rose’s cheeks. “Silly Rose, he’s teasing you! It has nothing to do with him even if you like women!”
Rose finally realized she fell for Yang Chen’s trick when she looked at his mischievous eyes. She clenched her teeth and jumped onto Yang Chen to clutch his neck!
“The two of you bullied me together!”
Yang Chen didn’t expect Rose to have this side of her. He laughed heartily and pushed her down onto the bed once again!
“Qianqian was supposed to be in front of you but you came to me on your own! I’ll just take turns doing both of you!”
“Ah!! Sister Qianni, come save me…mmh mmh…”
And thus began one of the longest nights for the three of them.