Yang Chen woke up feeling completely refreshed after the passionate night.

Mo Qianni and Rose still lay in bed naked with their curvy bodies on display. Fortunately, their physical fitness had reached a point where common colds weren’t an issue anymore.

Yang Chen pecked their cheeks with a contented expression and both of them mumbled in response. He couldn’t understand their mumbling but they were probably too tired to give him a proper response.

He left them in the room and they continued to sleep while spooning. Yang Chen put on his clothes and ran home for breakfast while humming a melodic tune.

Yang Chen thought he made a wise decision for gathering his lovers to stay together in one area. What a dream it was to live a life like this one.

Well, obviously, it would have been much better if Lin Ruoxi would be more sensible and stop sleeping with Lanlan!

The villa was already filled with the smell of food the moment he stepped into the living room.

Yang Chen was surprised to see them sitting around the dining table even though it wasn’t time for breakfast yet. They had started much earlier today!

Lin Ruoxi was already dressed in a vintage-styled chiffon blouse with a lace skirt and white stockings. She looked especially elegant and graceful but it didn’t seem like she was dressed for work.

As for Hui Lin, she was dressed well too but compared to her sister, she lacked the same aura.

Next to Lin Ruoxi was Lanlan who was eating a huge bowl of noodles and no one else seemed to have it except for her.

She was wearing her favorite blue dress and even though winter drew near. She did not need to worry about the cold given her abilities.

Seeing how much Lin Ruoxi cared about her, she probably let Lanlan do whatever she wanted. If Lanlan only liked wearing blue dresses, Lin Ruoxi would’ve bought every blue dress she laid her eyes upon.

Lanlan had just finished her big bowl of noodles with shredded pork and preserved vegetables when she spotted Yang Chen’s arrival.  

“Bad uncle is back!” Lanlan shouted.

Yang Chen was put in an awkward situation. He was planning to sneak his way upstairs and pretended that he slept here but he didn’t expect everyone to wake up so early!

All of them gave him a weird look, knowing that Yang Chen had spent the night outside again.

Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma just learned that Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi had finally consummated and they didn’t expect him to look for his other lovers just because Lin Ruoxi slept with Lanlan last night.

It was all a coincidence but in their eyes, Yang Chen was a ‘thirsty’ man.

Guo Xuehua glared at him and asked him, “Why did you go out so early in the morning? Come and join us for breakfast.”

Yang Chen was startled and was secretly impressed by her way of addressing the situation. Even though they were all aware of his behavior, it was still nice to ease things over.

Yang Chen sat on his spot with a grin while Wang Ma served him a bowl of congee with a chilled expression.

Lin Ruoxi glanced at him once when Yang Chen entered the room but she said nothing about it. However, in the meantime, Minjuan had already served Lanlan breakfast before she could do so.

Yang Chen took a few bites and he couldn’t stop himself from asking, “Why are you guys up so early today?”

Zhenxiu pouted. “It’s all because of Lanlan. She woke up super early and was shouting downstairs because she was hungry. Sister Ruoxi woke up and made her breakfast but she couldn’t manage so Wang Ma and Aunt Guo woke up in the end. All the commotion woke us up.”

“Damn…” Yang Chen sucked in a breath. Lanlan was getting all the best treatment from Lin Ruoxi. He said to Lin Ruoxi with a sour tone, “Ruoxi, you can’t spoil her. How could you make her breakfast immediately just because she asked for it?

“She’s still growing and it’s not like we’re so poor that we can’t feed her. I can’t possibly let her starve right?” Lin Ruoxi said without looking up.

Yang Chen was tongue-tied. “Uh...that’s not what I meant.”

“I will make you breakfast too if you did the same thing.. if you are ever at home.”

Lin Ruoxi said coldly and lifted her head to glance at him.

Cold sweat started to form on his forehead, it was obvious that she was extremely displeased by his behavior even though she didn’t say it.

Well, it made sense after all. Their relationship had just improved but he had to go spend the night with other women again. There was nothing he could do about it since that was what he always did.

Yang Chen didn’t dare to provoke her further so he hung his head low and kept eating.

Throughout breakfast, Lanlan had eaten three trays of meat buns, half a pot of congee and one big bowl of noodles. Counting the side dishes aside, she basically ate half of the food.

Even though Yang Chen didn’t eat as much, he knew he would feel sick if he had eaten anymore.

On the other hand, Lanlan rubbed her belly and jumped off her chair after breakfast. She took her panda from her nanny and skipped off to watch television.

Everyone was already familiar with this so they weren’t really surprised. Wang Ma smiled at Yang Chen and said, “Sir, she has the same appetite as you. I really am inclined to believe that you are a father and daughter pair.”

Yang Chen’s facial muscles twitched. “That doesn’t make sense. I didn’t have that big of an appetite when I was her age.”

“That’s what we call the student who surpasses the master.” Hui Lin spoke with a grin.

Zhenxiu rolled her eyes. “Sister Hui Lin, I know you’re good at singing but could you be wiser at using idioms? How can this be considered a good thing? The teachers and students will be horrified once they see her appetite at school.”

Everyone was worried when they heard that. It was true that it would be difficult to raise Lanlan seeing how special she was.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows and turned to Lanlan with a concerned expression.

At that time, Yang Chen extended his arms from behind and kneaded her shoulders lightly.

Lin Ruoxi turned around and saw that he was trying to comfort her with a warm gaze.

“Don’t worry, my daughter doesn’t need to be treated like a normal person. No one can harm her, am I right, dear?”

Lin Ruoxi’s heart throbbed. A tinge of red crawled up her cheeks and she felt as though she was being wrapped by something warm.

“She...she’s not your daughter, Lanlan’s my daughter!”

Lin Ruoxi pulled his hands away and walked towards Lanlan hurriedly.

Yang Chen’s lips curled downwards and he shook his head with a sigh. “She doesn’t even follow convention. She should’ve given me a kiss. Television dramas are really unreliable.”

Right at this moment, the doorbell rang.

Guo Xuehua and others were exasperated, wondering why a guest would show up at this hour. 

“Could it be the staff who are here to discuss work matters with Sister Hui Lin? Or did the reporters find out where Sister Hui Lin stayed?” Zhenxiu asked curiously.

Lin Ruoxi sat on the couch while hugging Lanlan. “Impossible, I’ve warned them not to do so. If any media company dared come interview Hui Lin and disturb her private life, I’ll make them go bankrupt.”

Zhenxiu stuck out her tongue and shuddered with fear.

Wang Ma shook her head helplessly. “We’ll know who it is by opening the door.”

Having said so, Wang Ma walked towards the main door and looked through the peephole. She was stunned to see who was behind the door but she opened it eventually.

Everyone had a different expression when they saw their guests.

Mo Qianni and Rose were already fully dressed as they stood outside with a radiant look on their face. They were holding huge shopping bags on their arms and no one could tell what was inside those bags.

“Qianni, Rose?” Guo Xuehua snapped out of the initial shock and showed them a gentle smile. “Why are you guys here?”

Yang Chen stared at them. He left them not one hour ago. What were they up to?

Guo Xuehua was close to Ma Guifang having lived together for some time. Naturally, she was quite familiar with Rose and Mo Qianni. Even though they weren’t her actual daughters-in-law, she still liked them since they really cared for Yang Chen.

At the same time, because they weren’t her actual daughters-in-law, it was easy to talk to them and she enjoyed chatting with sensible women like them.

“Aunt Guo, we heard from Yang Chen that Ruoxi adopted a daughter. We were curious so we came over to have a look,” Rose said while glancing towards Lanlan who was on the couch.