Rose had a way with words. She specifically mentioned Ruoxi adopting the child to disassociate the child from Yang Chen.

From their point of view, Yang Chen’s first child hadn’t been born yet. So even if Lin Ruoxi had adopted a child, she wasn’t ahead in their eyes.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows when she heard that but she couldn’t rebut them, knowing that Guo Xuehua liked them more than her.

Mo Qianni was filled with expectations after hearing the story from Rose.

Any other day, they wouldn’t have dared to come over early in the morning but they were forced to make an exception upon hearing the news of Yang Chen’s new daughter.

Lanlan lay on the couch with her stomach down and with the panda plushie around her arms. She stared at them with her round eyes. 

Even though she was still young, she was good at beauty-appreciation. It was obvious that she was highly interested in the two pretty ladies.

“So cute…” Mo Qianni covered her mouth.

It wasn’t surprising to see how she couldn’t resist Lanlan. Her looks and her innocent aura would definitely grasp everyone’s hearts.

Rose looked at her with a loving gaze. “I heard from Yang Chen. Is her name Lanlan?”

Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen. It was obvious that Yang Chen had spent the night with Rose yesterday.

Guo Xuehua understood their purpose for visiting to which she found amusing. She nudged Yang Chen’s waist to hint his foreshadowed trouble before replying, “Yeah. You will be meeting each other often so it’s best if you get acquainted now.”

Having said so, she beckoned Lanlan over, “Come, Lanlan, come to Grandma’s side, say hi to...uh…”

Guo Xuehua paused halfway, what should she call them?

Rose answered quickly. “Call us Aunt.”


Guo Xuehua was stunned. This was being direct on another level!

It basically meant that they were sharing a husband!

If it were in the past, there would have been a difference in status between the first wife and the second wife but as of now, they were equals.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth and gave a death stare to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen spread his hands out helplessly. He did not plan for any of this to happen. Rose had always been an obstinate person, she could be gentle but she could also be very firm at times.

Lanlan listened to Guo Xuehua’s words obediently. She put down her panda plushie and jumped over the couch before dashing in front of Guo Xuehua. With her arms wrapped around Guo Xuehua’s thighs, she cocked her head and stared at Rose and Mo Qianni. 

Guo Xuehua touched her soft hair and smiled after sighing. “Lanlan, say hi to Aunt Rose and Aunt Qianni…”

There was a look of confusion on her small face. “Granny, what’s an aunt?”

Guo Xuehua didn’t know how to explain the term to her and it seemed as though time had frozen.

“They’re like your second mom,” Guo Xuehua said after contemplating for a long time.

Lanlan pouted and looked at both of them who were looking at her with expectant gazes, “But...Lanlan only has one mommy…” 

Rose and Mo Qianni was slightly disappointed with her reply whereas Lin Ruoxi’s eyes lit up, 

She walked towards Lanlan and caressed her cheeks. “It’s fine if you don’t want to call them that.”

Just when Lanlan was about to nod her head, she saw Rose pulled out an enormous teddy bear from the shopping bag which she had been carrying on her arm.

The teddy bear had soft furs with exquisite workmanship with vibrant yet gentle colors. It was evident that it was a high-quality plushie and it was just simply adorable.

“Lanlan, this is a gift from Aunt!”

Lanlan was about to walk back to Lin Ruoxi but she couldn’t move her eyes away from the enormous plushie.

Mo Qianni glanced over at Lin Ruoxi with an embarrassed expression before pulling a big box out from her huge shopping bag. This time around, it was a Barbie doll gift box set!

Lanlan lit up as she looked at both the teddy bear and the Barbie doll.

Out of nowhere, she rushed over and grabbed the gifts from their hands but because of her small hands, she was only able to drag it across the floor.

Nevertheless, it was clear that she had accepted their gifts

While everyone stared at her with astonished expressions, Lanlan raised her head and greeted them with a sweet smile. “Aunt Rose, Aunt Qianni!”
Yang Chen coughed, choking on his food!

Everyone else had different expressions on and Lin Ruoxi was so close to having a mental breakdown! She would’ve collapsed onto the floor if it didn’t ruin her image!

“Lan…Lanlan!” Lin Ruoxi shrieked. “You ungrateful child! How can you be bribed so easily?!”

Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua gave her a weird look.

Zhenxiu muttered. “Sister Ruoxi, you sounded just like...Sister Tang Wan when she scolds Tangtang. She calls Tangtang an ungrateful child too…”

“Who...who’s the same as her! She didn’t invent this term!”

Lin Ruoxi became extremely furious when she mentioned Tang Wan. Her face was completely flushed and she bit her lip.

Lanlan hugged her calves with an apologetic look and she rubbed her face on Lin Ruoxi’s thighs. “Mommy is mommy. Aunt is aunt…”

“You, how can you be so good at flattery at such a young age, you even accepted their bribes…” Lin Ruoxi was stuck between laughing and crying.

Guo Xuehua and others giggled whereas Rose and Mo Qianni exchanged looks with each other before giving a knowing smile to one another.

Yang Chen nodded secretly from the back while stroking his chin.

<i> She really does resemble my daughter. She’s so good at playing along... </i> He thought to himself heartlessly.

Nonetheless, the atmosphere became much better because of this episode.

Since it was already the weekend, Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni weren’t in a hurry to leave for work whereas Zhenxiu and Hui Lin had to leave for military training and rehearsal respectively. The rest of them sat in the living room with everyone else and chatted over tea.

A child’s senses were the most direct and sharp, naturally, she could feel the kindness radiating from Rose and Mo Qianni.

Soon enough, Lanlan warmed up to them.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t feel good about the change. It now felt like she was sharing Lanlan’s love with two other people. They were stealing Lin Ruoxi’s portion.

Fortunately, she found some consolation over the fact that Lanlan would only call her ‘mommy’.

An hour passed by and the doorbell rang again.

The ladies already had their own guesses from the previous experience.

Their suspicions were confirmed when the guests outside turned out to be Cai Yan, An Xin, and Liu Mingyu.

All three of them had colorful bags on their hands which were obviously gifts for Lanlan.

Guo Xuehua was speechless and she smiled. “You guys work quickly. I guess Lanlan would have three more aunts today.”

They had just greeted Guo Xuehua and only then they realized Rose and Mo Qianni’s existence when they heard her words.

The three of them blushed out of embarrassment.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t say anything to Guo Xuehua and could only pinch Yang Chen’s waist secretly. With a cold voice, she reprimanded him, “Are you doing this on purpose? Why are they here?!”

Yang Chen gave her a bitter smile. “Ruoxi my dear, be reasonable. You were the one who told Yanyan!”

“Then what about Mingyu and An Xin!?”

“You know how loose-lipped Yanyan is. She would have definitely told them about this!” Yang Chen said in an innocent manner.

Yang Chen was just guessing but he was correct nonetheless.

Cai Yan was planning to come over on her own but she felt awkward to face her best friend by herself so she thought she might as well inform Liu Mingyu and An Xin.

Now that they had already talked things through, there was no need to steer clear from Lin Ruoxi. They knew it was impossible to get anything from Lin Ruoxi, so it would be better for them to maintain a good relationship with everyone instead.

Lanlan was quick-witted. She gripped Guo Xuehua’s shirt and asked with a sweet voice, “Granny, are they ‘aunts’ too?”

Lin Ruoxi almost fainted from anger when she heard her daughter’s question. This ‘little traitor’ was addicted to accepting bribes!