Guo Xuehua wasn’t so sensitive to Lin Ruoxi’s feelings anymore. She believed that Lin Ruoxi should be more generous as Yang Chen’s wife. After all, they had already talked things through when they were in Beijing.

Not only did she give Lin Ruoxi the family heirloom bracelet, but her father-in-law had also given Yang Chen military power. It only made sense for Lin Ruoxi to go along with it.

Guo Xuehua grinned and introduced her granddaughter to the three ladies. Lanlan was beaming with happiness as she received their gifts and greeted them. 

An Xin reproached Yang Chen. “Hubby, you’re being too biased. We live so near to each other but you never told me that you’re adopting a daughter. I had to hear it from someone else.”

Yang Chen grimaced. “ just happened so I didn’t have the time to spread the word.”

Lin Ruoxi snorted. “What does it have to do with you? Don’t forget, Lanlan’s my daughter.”

An Xin shrank to the side, not daring to say anything else when Lin Ruoxi spoke up. It appeared that Lin Ruoxi had left some deep-seated scars.

“Ruoxi, don’t scare An Xin. She told me about the time you forced her to play games with you. Come on, back when we used to play hopscotch, you wouldn’t stop playing until the girls got a cramp. You know you don’t have a talent for sports, why’d you try to prove yourself?” Cai Yan sympathized with her.

“I...I’m not!” Lin Ruoxi flushed from the mention of her embarrassing past. “Don’t you dare lie, Yanyan! How could you side with her?!”

Only then Cai Yan realized the change in their relationship dynamics and she covered her mouth out of embarrassment.

However, it was already too late since everyone else had already heard her. Liu Mingyu had always looked up to Lin Ruoxi in the corporate world. But she burst out laughing when she heard that. “President Lin’s weakness is sports I see. I guess that’s why we’ve never had a company sporting event.”

Yang Chen butted in out of nowhere. “There’s another one, Ruoxi’s teacher told me that she had never passed her music class…”

“Yang Chen!! You...go to hell!”

Lin Ruoxi completely lost it and she pounced onto Yang Chen, threatening to choke him!

Yang Chen played along with it. He rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue, pretending to be losing his breath.

Lanlan immediately started shouting, “Go, Mommy! Go, Mommy!”

The rest of them burst out laughing as the atmosphere became brighter.

They became closer to one another as they joked along.

Ever since Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi away for their wedding, they hadn’t had the chance to gather together. Everyone refrained from talking about it and they placed all their attention on Lanlan instead.

It had to be mentioned that even though Lanlan was bribed easily, she was very ‘dedicated’ too.

She didn’t reject hugs from her aunts after receiving their gifts, rolling on their bodies with a pleased expression.

All of them were exceptional beauties, causing Lanlan to be filled with joy from smelling their body scents.

Lin Ruoxi stopped herself from overthinking and decided to lecture her daughter about loyalty later. She was being extremely disloyal right now!

She was basically treating them all as their mothers just because they gave her gifts?!

While the ladies were giggling and chatting, Yang Chen’s cell phone started buzzing.

Everyone’s attention was drawn towards him. They were interested to know what kind of calls he had been receiving.

Yang Chen picked up his cellphone with stiff movements as everyone stared at him. It was from Tang Wan!

“Hmph, hmph, it’s from Tang Wan. Never a dull moment with you.” Cai Yan the busybody extended her body and saw it.

Yang Chen coughed dryly before answering the call. “Tang Wan...would you like to meet Lanlan too?”

Tang Wan remained silent for a while before replying to him, “You mean the girl you adopted? Perhaps another time. I’m not in the mood now.”

“What do you mean by that?” Yang Chen thought her tone didn’t sound right.

“No one told you about it? The Yang clan didn’t inform you?” Tang Wan asked.

Yang Chen was taken aback. “Inform me about what?”

“If you have a computer with you now, search up the web portals and read the headlines...I’m in Beijing with Tangtang now and I just saw the news. We heard of it quite late, the news has spread all over Beijing now…”

Yang Chen’s facial expression changed as though he had thought of something. He hung up immediately after that.

Lin Ruoxi asked with a concerned expression when she noticed the change on his face. “Hubby, what happened?”

In her opinion, Yang Chen would never get anxious even if the sky were to fall.

Guo Xuehua and others threw confused glances at him too.

Yang Chen kept quiet and teleported upstairs to grab his laptop before reappearing downstairs.

Yang Chen opened the browser and entered into a news portal. The ladies were all shocked when they read the headlines!

“ is this possible!?”

Guo Xuehua was the first one to exclaim. Her face was ghastly pale as she stood up with a terrified expression.

Lin Ruoxi quickly got up to support her. She tried to console her, “Mom, calm down…this...something must have gone wrong.”

The rest of them were extremely worried too. Even those who didn’t really understand politics knew how critical the news was and they fixed their gazes on Yang Chen.

Yang Chen sat still with a cold expression. There were no signs of emotional changes in his deep eyes but hiding beneath the calmness was a fierce tide.

At the same time, the online news was gaining attention and was even shown on certain times as a separate headline. Furthermore, major websites, especially those in the USA and Europe had already published detailed reports about it...

They were all virtually the same headlines but attention-grabbing nonetheless. ‘China’s national humiliation!’

It claimed that the ex-chairman of the committee, the vice prime minister and the only remaining marshal in the military, Yang Gongming, was not the biological son of the previous marshal, Yang Ye! He was born to his mother who was gang-raped by the invading army during the war!

The even more shocking news was that Yang Ye’s ex-subordinates knew that he was shot in his vital parts during the war because they were trying to retreat from an outflank by the enemies! 

Hence, he was already infertile before his marriage! 

There was even a DNA report posted online which was done using DNA from Yang Ye’s remnants and Yang Gongming’s DNA! The report supported the speculations and the facts even further!

Besides that, the ex-subordinates of Yang Ye even had records about the time Yang Ye was shot and the fact that he found out that his wife was already pregnant after he had returned to Beijing!

Most of the manuscripts had already turned yellow due to old age which made it seem especially believable.

It was impossible to ignore the fact that these elders who had left Beijing were indeed Yang Ye’s ex-subordinates. They knew about the past and they had all left the central district, no one was given an important position!

Without a doubt, the downfall faced by the elders’ clans was unreasonable which also proved that it wasn’t false news!

The online news had spread across the internet like wildfire and even if a lot of the websites tried to delete the news that had obviously been posted online by hackers, it was already too late!

In a world where the internet was globalized, it was impossible to cover it up once groundbreaking news like this had been posted online. At the very least, overseas’ websites would never let go of it easily. 

The USA, Europe, Japan and other countries had started to broadcast the news in newspapers and television! 

As the leader and the core member of the military for decades, Yang Gongming was the descendant of the invading army. It was more absurd to know that Yang Gongming’s mother was raped by a bunch of allied armies which meant even his mother didn’t know who his biological father was!

The only thing they were certain about was that Yang Gongming was the descendant of an invader from another country. Even if he was a puppet in the army, it still meant that Yang Gongming was an illegitimate child!

China’s military called an illegitimate child their marshal? This was a fierce slap to the whole military!

It also meant that their country which they took back through a bloody battle still fell into their enemy descendant’s hands.

Even though the Yang clan didn’t commit treason, how could the people just accept this sitting down? Wouldn’t they become a laughing stock to those countries?!

Guo Xuehua’s face was completely void of color after reading a dozen news articles and videos from major web portals. She shook her head continuously with tearful eyes.

Yang Chen closed his laptop and sighed with his eyes closed.

The thing he had been worried about still happened in the end and it was worse than what he had imagined!

Yue Weibing told him about this secret yesterday when they were at Zhonghai University but Yang Chen didn’t think that he would spread the news even if it would cost his life.

Besides, Yang Chen didn’t dare believe that it was real.

Therefore, Yang Chen gave him a day to think things through and that the headmaster had to be replaced.

He didn’t expect the news to spread out early in the morning!

Yang Chen was very skilled at spotting fake photos but the photo online obviously had not been edited at all. The documents and manuscripts looked pretty legit too.

All this meant that Yang Gongming wasn’t really a descendant of the Yang clan!