Since Yang Gongming was no longer a descendant of the Yang clan, it meant that Yang Chen, Yang Lie and even Yang Pojun weren’t technically descendants of the Yang clan as well!

Yang Chen wasn’t too concerned since he was impartial to the Yang clan. But the clan themselves were not happy about the outcome!

Everyone’s attention was placed on Yang Chen. A disaster like this one was beyond life-threatening for a major clan!

No matter how reputable the Yang clan was, it was still a clan. If the people protested against them, they would still have to lay down their position despite the contributions made in the past!

Guo Xuehua was barely able to form coherent sentences. She rubbed her tears and asked with a wavering voice, “Son...tell me how this happened…”

“It looks like someone had taken advantage of the situation…” Yang Chen mumbled to himself.

He pondered for a moment before looking towards Cai Yan. “Yanyan, do you know about Yue Weibing and his son, the headmaster of Zhonghai University?”

Cai Yan was aware of the grave situation and she nodded with a strict expression. “Of course I know them. They are one of the oldest clans in Jiangnan. What’s wrong?”

“Can you check on them? I think something bad has happened to them,” Yang Chen replied.

Cai Yan was curious to know what made him say this but she didn’t dare to probe further, so she made a call to the police station and ordered the officers to look into it.

She had just given out commands and the officers had reported back a piece of major information!

Cai Yan hung up and with widened eyes. “The Yue clan...they were wiped out last night! Yue Weibing and his son, Yue Zipeng, the females in the clan and their direct relatives. Every one of them was shot dead!”

The room was completely silent. Lanlan who was playing with the Barbie doll earlier fell silent too in Lin Ruoxi’s arms because of the heavy atmosphere.

Yang Chen stroked his forehead. “How remarkable…..somebody else did it and they didn’t even leave a single trace behind.”

“Hubby, what do you mean by that…” Lin Ruoxi was puzzled.

Yang Chen smiled bitterly and told them how he learned about the secret from Yue Weibing.

The ladies were completely shocked!

“Then...the Yue clan, you didn’t do it?” Cai Yan was bewildered.

Yang Chen pushed her forehead. “What are you talking about? Why would I use a gun to kill them? It’s obvious someone else knew about the secret but they didn’t want to expose themselves so they pushed the blame to someone else.”

“Who would do this? Who else knew? Could there be anyone else other than the Yue clan who were descendants of Old Marshal?” 

“I’m sure that there are other people but it might not be them,” Yang Chen sneered. “No one is dumb enough to do something like this unless they could ensure that they would make it out alive…” 

Everyone else was even more confused. They did not know where he was going with this.

Suddenly, Yang Chen stood up and told Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, pack a piece of light luggage.”

Lin Ruoxi put Lanlan down onto the sofa and asked while standing up. “Are we going to Beijing?”

“That’s right.” Yang Chen turned around and told Guo Xuehua. “Mom, you have to go back with us too.”

“I...should we inform your grandfather before going back? Things must be a mess in Beijing!” Guo Xuehua was anxious.

Yang Chen shook his head. “There’s no point. It’s almost for Li Dun’s wedding, so we had to go there anyway. Let’s just leave today.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t pry any further. She stood up silently and went to pack her things.

Yang Chen comforted the ladies through his gaze. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be fine. Unfortunately, I’m leaving again when I’ve just gotten back but I’ll teach you guys the way to improve cultivation quickly once I’m back, so don’t slack off when I’m not around.”

The ladies forced a smile but it was hard to get rid of the gloomy atmosphere in the living room.

At the same time, the underground laboratory in the North Pole had gone through some renovations and all the equipment that Yan Buwen had left behind was still operational.
Wen Tao had changed into a white coat and he was standing at an operating table which was placed right in the middle of the laboratory. He was staring at the specimen who was twisting and struggling to escape the table with a cold gaze.

The specimen was none other than Ning Guodong!

He was lying naked on the white operating table and his veins were threatening to burst. His muscles were bulging and his face was twitching!


Groans escaped from his throat and it sounded so painful as though his body was being ripped apart continuously!

“Why are you yelling? The price of strength is suffering.”

Wen Tao sneered and beckoned Luo Cuishan over who was grinning faraway.

Luo Cuishan had changed into a fiery red nurse outfit but her bust was covered in lace whereas the bottom of her outfit was only a miniskirt. 

She noticed Wen Tao’s motion and took a syringe from the side which was filled with a red liquid before passing it to Wen Tao.

Wen Tao took over the syringe and glanced at Ning Guodong’s crotch. 

Ning Guodong’s shaft which was destroyed previously had grown back!

His newly grown shaft was causing him excruciating pain!

“This is the last shot. This syringe contains a modified gene print. I reformed it from Yan Buwen’s leftovers. You’re the first one to receive a whole new level of modification, you should be proud of it.” Wen Tao grinned cockily and was about to inject the liquid into his artery when Luo Cuishan pulled his arm.

She pouted while asking, “Little Cripple, are you sure nothing will go wrong? I only have one son.”

Wen Tao snorted and said with a disdainful voice, “Why, bitch, worrying about your son now? Didn’t say you wanted to cure him? He said he wanted to become stronger and if he can’t get past the body modification stage, how then is he supposed to endure the antimatter energy of the God’s stone?”

“No...I was just have just fused Yan Buwen’s memory chip, will you…” Luo Cuishan hesitated.

Wen Tao was starting to get agitated. “Are you saying that I’m not as good as Yan Buwen?! Are you kidding me! What do you know! All of Yan Buwen’s knowledge and memories were recorded in his chip. Not only did I extract the information from it, I even managed to refine the formula! And you still don’t trust me?!”

“No no no…” Luo Cuishan giggled and caressed his chest. “I know that you’re the best, then just try to hold it in Guodong, it’ll be over soon.”

Ning Guodong closed his eyes, ready to endure the next wave of agonizing pain when he saw that Luo Cuishan had failed to stop Wen Tao.

Right after Wen Tao had injected the liquid into Ning Guodong’s body, he jerked and passed out because of the pain!

“Hmph, useless.” Wen Tao mocked him.

Luo Cuishan checked Ning Guodong’s breath and pulse to confirm his condition before landing her gaze on his crotch.

She couldn’t take her eyes away from his enormous shaft.

Wen Tao’s lips curled into a teasing smile. “Why, bitch, do you like that?”

Luo Cuishan blushed. “How can I...he’s still my son.”

“That’s not true, you’ve died once and your body has changed. Biologically speaking, he’s not your son anymore.” Wen Tao smirked.

Luo Cuishan gulped. Lust flashed in her eyes and she started to salivate.

Wen Tao seemed as though he would enjoy watching the lovemaking session between a mother and son, so he continued to tempt her. “Ning Guodong’s muscles are still at an extremely stimulated stage. Look at his shaft. If you were to try it now, I’m sure it won’t go down for two hours. Don’t you like a ferocious man? He’s perfect…”

Luo Cuishan’s eyes glinted with excitement. Her hands were about to touch Ning Guodong’s body but she managed to pull back at the last moment. She shook her head and said, “No...he’s...he’s my son.”

Wen Tao curled his lips and grunted. He turned around and was about to continue on his research when Yang Lie came bursting through the doors while cursing. “What the hell are you guys doing! Were you planning to burn the Yang clan to the ground?!”