Wen Tao walked towards the row of huge LCD screens and proceeded to work on the gene project.

“What is it this time?” Wen Tao asked with a bored tone.

Yang Lie’s facial muscles started to twitch. “Stop bullshitting around! The whole world thinks of the Yang clan as a laughing stock now! My grandfather is now an illegitimate child! What’s going to happen to the clan now?! What am I?!”

“Oh...is that so,” Wen Tao sneered. “Isn’t that good. I thought you hated Yang Gongming for not passing the clan over to you. If this goes on, the clan will be finished and you will no longer get upset over it.”

“I want a complete Yang clan with military powers! Not a rotten one that has already declined!”

“What does it have to do with us? Save the clan and prove your capabilities. Yang Gongming might see a reason to pass the clan on to you then,” Wen Tao said.

Blood rushed to Yang Lie’s face. “You...you guys are planning to just let it be?! Do you not think that I wouldn’t find out that you sent someone to wipe out the Yue clan? You guys must have known about the past, am I right?!”

Luo Cuishan chuckled. “So what if we did? It was perfect to take down the Yang clan. I thought you hated Yang Chen? You should be happy about this, I bet he’s having a headache because of this.”

“Why didn’t you guys inform me beforehand?! Even if you wanted to strike Yang Chen, you shouldn’t have affected the whole clan! Do you guys even respect me?!” Yang Lie roared.

Wen Tao turned around abruptly and extended his arms towards Yang Lie!

Yang Lie couldn’t even respond and by the next second, he had already fallen into Wen Tao’s hands!

Wen Tao had a steel-like grip on his neck and he lifted Yang Lie’s sturdy body easily!

Yang Lie could feel terrifying oppression from him which had exceeded the antimatter energy that was previously on Yan Buwen. He had kept him in captivity and Yang Lie couldn’t even muster up the energy to resist him!

“Who are you, why should I respect you?” Wen Tao said with a sinister voice.

Yang Lie struggled to open his mouth and he forced the words out of his lips with a hoarse voice, “You...you fused the...God’s Stone…”

“It’s not just that. I’ve already completed the perfect fusion plan that he had left behind. As of now, I am God’s Stone and God’s stone is me. I’m constantly absorbing the antimatter energy from the universe and this is only the beginning. I am already above using space laws despite not having divinity! You’d better not provoke me. I can make you disappear to a place beyond time and space. Frankly, I do wish to test it out.”

Having said so, Wen Tao threw him back to the ground and snorted before returning to his simulation.

Luo Cuishan glanced over at Yang Lie who was breaking out into a cold sweat. “How absurd, even Yang Chen’s being fooled by us, what makes you think that you’re any better? You should continue to be our dog, who knows, we might even reward you with bones if the Yang clan is gone.” 

“You…” Yang Lie was enraged but he managed to hold himself back.

“Me?” Luo Cuishan sounded extremely disdainful when she saw his reaction. “Look at yourself, I’m not surprised that Yang Gongming didn’t appoint you as his heir. If you no longer wish to be a dog, you can tell Yang Chen who is behind this.”

“You think I wouldn’t dare to do so?”

“You’ll be the first one to die if you did.” Luo Cuishan mocked him.

Yang Lie’s face fell. She was right. He couldn’t do anything else other than cursing her for mocking him even though she was a bitch herself.

Yang Lie’s heart turned cold as he snuck a glance towards Wen Tao who was engrossed in doing other experiments.

This guy was originally a beggar and a cripple in the streets of Zhonghai. Who would’ve thought that he would rise up and inherit Yan Buwen’s work in less than a year!

Anyone before him who dared to have intentions like this would have died tragically. However, he managed to survive with his tricks!

As of now, he had obtained all of Yan Buwen’s research through the brain chip and with that information as the foundation, he had started to look into frightening domains that Yan Buwen had failed to complete!

Yang Lie shuddered at his scheming skills!

If Yang Chen’s ability was advancing at fearsome speed, Wen Tao had literally leaped past everything at an unimaginable level!

He might perhaps be able to stand toe to toe with Yang Chen, or one day, surpass him completely.

Yang Lie had to suppress his anger when he thought of this. He could endure the humiliation if that was all it took to watch Yang Chen face his doom?!

At the same time back in Beijing, Ning Guangyao sat on his chair in his study with a baleful expression. His face was so dark that one would have thought of him as a Grim Reaper.

If anyone else were to see him right now, they would have never imagined him as the gentle and refined premier of China. 
In front of his desk was a man kneeling in front of him while trembling. He was buff and was wearing a suit who turned out to be the head of the bodyguard in the Ning clan.

“What did you say, you can’t find him?”

The man answered with a trembling voice, “Sir...we...we’ve searched everywhere. There were no records in Beijing and we couldn’t contact him. It’s like he had...vanished from Earth.”

“I commanded you guys to take good care of the young master! How dare you tell me that he’s missing?! Who do you think he is?! Some kind of stray animal?! He’s my only son!”

Ning Guangyao slapped his table and stood up. He pointed at the man and yelled, “What’s the point of keeping dumbasses like you around?! How can I explain to the press that the only son of the Ning clan disappeared under my care?!”

The man wanted to cry so badly but he could no longer come up with a reply.

It was right at this moment, a vague voice was heard from outside.

“Alright. Guangyao, dismiss them.” The man’s voice was coarse.

Ning Guangyao immediately calmed down and beckoned the guards to dismiss everyone through his gaze.

He had just turned around when a man dressed in a white traditional robe with a dragon carved out of white jade hanging down his waist showed up in the room. 

He was standing in front of a wall where a long landscape painting was hung.

“Oh dear...this must be the Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains by Huang Gongwang but there’s only half of it. I’m guessing it’s an imitation but it's still a fine piece nonetheless. It’s probably from the Qing dynasty, during the reign of Qianlong Emperor. Not bad, not bad…”

Ning Guangyao tried to flatter him. “You’re right, Fourth Master. This is just an imitation, I can give it to you if you like it.”

“Why would I want an imitation?” The man who was called the Fourth Master turned around. He had a pale face with no beard and he looked rather handsome. His lips curled into a contented smile and he said, “I’ve been alive for almost two centuries. If I really like it, I would’ve gotten the authentic painting years ago. Our Ning clan has been around for more than ten thousand years. I just admire antiquities to pass the time.” 

“You’re right, Fourth Master. I have misspoken.” Ning Guangyao lowered his head in a humble manner.

The man took out a folding fan from nowhere and tapped his palm with it. He paced around while saying, “Your son is called Ning Guodong right?”

“Yes.” Cold sweat started to break out on Ning Guangyao’s forehead.

“He’s missing?”

“Fourth Master, I will definitely send more people to search for him. Please give me more time.”

“Eh, there’s no rush for that.” The man gave a comforting pat on Ning Guangyao’s shoulder. “Guodong is the descendant of our Ning clan, it’s my responsibility to cure him.”

“Thank you for being tolerant.” Ning Guangyao wiped his cold sweat.

The man smiled gently but his eyes had a weird glint to it.

“However, Guangyao, if you fail to find him. It means that you no longer have a descendant. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”