Yang Gongming posed the question to both of them but Guo Xuehua tugged on Lin Ruoxi’s sleeves when she saw how nervous she looked.

Lin Ruoxi was a nervous wreck and she threw a puzzled gaze towards her mother-in-law.

Guo Xuehua encouraged her with her gaze and smiled. “Your grandfather is asking about your husband. Just tell him. No need to be nervous.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded bashfully before looking up. “Yang Chen said the roads would be jammed so he decided to come back first…”

“Huh, jammed? Did he fly back instead?” One of the government officials laughed.

The others joined in with mocking laughs, they weren’t afraid to mock them with Ning Guangyao around.

Suddenly, a voice rang out from the back.

“Eh, how did you know I flew back?”

“W...who is it?!”

Chills ran down their spines. Was this place haunted?!

“Yang Chen? Where are you?” Guo Xuehua looked around while smiling.

Yang Gongming glanced over at Yan Sanniang who pointed upwards with a resigned smile.

“Sir, Young Master must have arrived here a long time ago. He was on the rooftop the whole time. I didn’t realize it till now as his cultivation base had surpassed me.”

Yang Gongming chided. “You brat. You’ve learned to eavesdrop huh, get down here!”

Others finally caught on then, the voice they had heard was from Yang Chen.

In the next second, they saw a man dressed in a blue sweater and beige pants appear outside the hall. He was munching on a tomato with another one in his hand. They wondered how long he had been standing there while watching him stroll into the hall.

For most of them, it was their first-time meeting Yang Chen and they frowned at his appearance. It was complete nonsense to have a tomato now! This wasn’t the appropriate time to do so!

“You damned brat! You ruined my garden again!”

Yang Gongming recognized the tomato immediately and he yelled out of annoyance.

Yang Chen curled his lips and took another bite of his tomato. Red juice started dripping from his mouth. “Old man, why are so still so stingy at such an old age. It’s just tomatoes, what’s wrong with eating a few when I flew all the way here just for you? You didn’t even prepare lunch for me.”

While saying that, Yang Chen walked towards Lin Ruoxi and handed the other tomato to her.

Lin Ruoxi stared at him with a dazed expression. Even though they had been together for two years, she never would’ve expected him to enter into a situation like this while munching on a tomato!

“Hey, darling, what are you dreaming about? It’s fresh, eat it. It’s good for you.” Yang Chen tittered.

Lin Ruoxi still couldn’t snap out of it, thinking that it was all a dream.

Yang Chen had no choice but to bite onto his tomato and opened her palm so that she could hold it.

The crowd was dead silent. Some of the elders’ faces were twitching, slowing twisting into anger.

The elders wouldn’t take the initiative to meet Yang Chen since they were older.

It was their first meeting and Yang Chen didn’t leave a good impression on them, causing them to glare at Yang Gongming disapprovingly.

Anger flashed across Yang Pojun’s eyes but he didn’t show it as he once did.

“He’s Yang Chen? Your eldest grandson?!” The Third Grand Uncle hurled at Yang Gongming.

Yang Gongming nodded with a grin. “That’s right. The one and only. He doesn’t look reliable but he’s not that bad.”

Not that bad? So he wasn’t that good?

Their jaws almost dropped from hearing a comment like this.

“Hmph, I think you’ve become silly because of old age! It’s fine that you’re not part of our bloodline but you were actually trying to pass the clan over to someone like him without telling us?! Have you lost your mind?! 

Yang Gongming raised an eyebrow. “Sixth Brother, what’re you talking about? Why would I ruin the clan? I’m also part of the Yang clan just like the rest of you. Yang Chen is my grandson and he’s also part of the Yang clan. I’m doing this for our clan.”

“Stop bullshitting! You’ve already admitted that you’re not uncle’s son. Pojun, Yang Chen and Yang Lie aren’t part of the bloodline anymore! Every one of you must leave! We will appoint a new leader!”

Everyone else chimed in and pointed their fingers at Yang Gongming and Yang Chen.

Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi stood to the side quietly. They were worried but they couldn’t help them at all as female members of the clan.

On the other hand, Yang Chen finished his tomato and watched them with an intrigued expression.

Yang Gongming sighed deeply before raising his voice at them. “Everyone! Why don’t we talk about this later once I’m done talking about the past?”

“There’s nothing else to talk about! Who gave you the right to sit here and talk to us if you’re not part of our bloodline?!” the Sixth Brother said with disdain.

Yang Gongming chuckled. “It’s not up to you to declare that. If my father passed the clan to me even though he knew that I wasn’t his son, it means that I’m still part of the clan.”

“Hmph! That's because he was biased! He’s an embarrassment!” The Sixth Brother shouted.

Yang Gongming’s face darkened. “Sixth Brother…I’ve had enough of you! How dare you badmouth my father! Don’t get carried away!”

Yang Gongming’s facial expression finally changed for the first time when his father was mentioned.

The elders finally started to treat him seriously and the oppression from Yang Gongming was causing the ones near to him to have breathing difficulties.

Ning Guangyao and others started to feel the tension. They were well aware that Yang Gongming wasn’t as friendly as he appeared to be. He definitely wasn’t an ordinary man since he won his title as a marshal through his service in the war. 

The Sixth Brother’s eyes twitched and he continued to press further when he received encouragement from other elders. “Why! Are you finally showing your true colors now that I’ve got your tail? You and your father worked together and lied to all of us. The lot of you embarrass us!”


Yang Chen raised his voice and covered Sixth Brother’s voice with his.

His gaze was cold as he glanced at him. “Can you stop shouting? He already said he will talk about this once he’s done with his story. Do you have Alzheimer’s?”

“You…you piece of shit, how…how dare…”

He was about to curse at him but he soon realized that he would never get the chance to finish his sentence!

Yang Chen had disappeared from everyone's sight in a split second!

In the next second, he had appeared next to the Sixth Brother!


Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi shrieked in horror!

All they saw was Yang Chen holding his right arm up with a bloody head in his hand!!

It was the Sixth Brother’s head!

His expression was frozen and blood was gushing out of his veins. Some sort of transparent energy seemed to have pushed his body gently, the headless corpse collapsed onto the ground!


“He murdered Sixth Brother?!”

“Hurry! Arrest him!”

Yang Chen has roused up the crowd. Ning Guangyao and Li Moshen’s faces were tense whereas the government officials next to them went completely pale.

Even though they knew Yang Chen wasn’t a simple person, they didn’t expect him to pull off the elder’s head without saying anything else!

The other elders were alarmed and they froze on their chairs, staring at Yang Chen with a timid gaze.

The maids and guards outside the hall were excited to see this happening. They were all loyal subordinates to Yang Gongming so naturally Yang Chen’s action gained their favour.

Yang Chen tossed the head casually and it rolled on the flagstone causing blood to splash everywhere.

Yang Chen flung his hands to get rid of the blood and told the maids in a nonchalant tone, “Feed the dogs with it if we have them, no point wasting money for cremation.”

The veteran guards rushed in to clear the corpse in an efficient manner.

Cold sweats dripped down their skin when they heard this. No one dared to say anything, fearing for their lives in the face of a moody person like Yang Chen!