Lin Ruoxi did not understand where he was coming from. She followed his gaze and saw nothing at first but within the next second, two silhouettes appeared on the roof in front of them! 

The tall, buff man was dressed in a black gown with a cold and arrogant look on his face.

Next to him was a woman in a nun outfit as she held a white horsetail whisk in her hand with a gloomy expression.

They were naturally Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu.

Yan Feiyu remembered Yang Chen’s face and with detailed sketching, the Huang ranked Hongmeng cultivators could identify him successfully.

“Hubby, who are they?” Lin Ruoxi was worried. They did not seem friendly.

Yang Chen held her hands and beckoned for her to stand behind him. “It’s a long story but let’s just say they aren’t here to buy me supper.”

Yan Feiyun furrowed his brows when he noticed Yang Chen’s calm demeanor. He then realized that he couldn’t see through Yang Chen’s cultivation. 

Yan Feiyun had investigated Yang Chen’s background and his identity as a Yang clan member didn’t bother them. However, it was highly abnormal for a young man like him to have this level of cultivation!

Even so, no matter how high his cultivation was, he was just a roaming cultivator. They wouldn’t be afraid of him since the siblings had a Heaven ranked father and the whole Hongmeng backing them.

“Feiyu, are you sure it’s him?”

Yan Feiyu’s eyes were filled with murderous intent as she said, “Yes, Big Brother. This fellow destroyed my nunnery and he almost killed me!”

“Hey, old nun. You harmed my woman first. I tried to persuade you but you insisted on using violence. How dare you push the blame on me?!” Yang Chen sneered.

“Shut up! You’re at fault for trespassing my nunnery! Big brother, ignore his words. He’s just an ignorant pig!” Yan Feiyu berated him.

Yan Feiyun nodded and spoke with a deep voice. “Yang fellow, I am Yan Feiyun, an Earth ranked elder from Hongmeng. I am here to seek revenge on behalf of my sister. You’ve ruined her nunnery and even tried to kill her because of a small misunderstanding!”

Yang Chen sized him up. Yan Feiyun’s cultivation base was much higher than his sister and even though Yang Chen hadn’t fully grasped the concept of cultivation bases, he knew that Yan Feiyun was in the Kui Water tribulation of Six Frost Water.

However, if he could see through Yan Feiyun’s cultivation base, it also meant that he could still handle him.

Unfortunately, Yang Chen wouldn’t be able to kill him because of his unusual background. He wouldn’t benefit from it if his death would bring him more trouble from Hongmeng, therefore he had to deal with him carefully.

The commotion had alerted the guards and they started to move in closer.

The veteran guards were all armed and dozens of rifles were already being aimed at the two of them on the rooftop. At the same time, snipers had already gotten into their positions at obscure corners.

Yan Feiyun snorted. “I haven’t been in this mundane world for years. Who knew a clan could act so arrogantly nowadays?”

“Young Master Chen, who are they? Should we ask Sir to come over?” One of the guard leaders walked forward and asked Yang Chen.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows. It was impossible for Yang Gongming to be oblivious to the situation here and with Yan Sanniang by his side. They would definitely come over soon. He couldn’t risk getting them into danger.

“Move away, all of you. Don’t get involved in this.” Yang Chen commanded with a stern voice.

This wasn’t a confrontation that could be joined by mundanes. Yang Chen didn’t wish them to sacrifice their lives for nothing.

The guards were confused but they didn’t forget to obey his commands, retreating far away from them.

Yang Chen contemplated for a while before looking up. “Their nunnery was already ruined by me, I can rebuild it for you if you wish. However, my woman was harmed by your sister and she even tried to steal my cultivation method. What should we do about that?”

“Utter nonsense! I was just trying to take her in as my disciple and I used the medicine to make her forget about the mundane world so that she can focus on cultivation. I had no other intentions!” Yan Feiyu spat out in disdain.

Yang Chen sneered. “There’s no point in this discussion if you refuse to admit your mistake. Just tell me what you want.”

Yan Feiyun said, “The people of Hongmeng have never associated themselves with the mundane world but this is a special case. Firstly, you are not a mundane person as you have surpassed the Soul Forming stage. Strictly speaking, you should’ve joined the ranks of Hongmeng. However, you can be excluded from this rule as you’re part of the four major clans. Secondly, you had a conflict with my sister. Others will think of us as easy targets if you refuse to apologize to my sister. Therefore, you have to rebuild my sister’s nunnery and hand in your cultivation method as a form of compensation!”
Damn these people. How dare they blackmail him! They were obviously making things difficult for him because he was a newbie to the cultivation realm and that he wouldn’t dare to challenge Hongmeng.

They wanted nothing else but his cultivation method which meant that they must have assumed it was the same method that allowed him to use Nanming Li Fire.

It looked like they didn’t have any relations to the hidden clan who attempted to steal his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.

However, Yang Chen would’ve never expected that the siblings didn’t even see the need to waste their time on him. It was more crucial for them to get what they wanted and returned to cultivate as fast as possible. A clan member from the mundane world could not defy them even if he was in the Tribulation Passing stage!

Why would they beat around the bush with a minor character like him?

“What if I refuse to do so, will you guys kill me?” Yang Chen sneered.

Yan Feiyun laughed at him mockingly. “You think we wouldn’t dare to kill you? My brother’s cultivation base is much stronger than mine and you got lucky with the Nanming Li Fire last time. Even though we don’t associate ourselves with the mundane world, you are excluded from it since you’ve already surpassed the Soul Forming realm. No one would dare to question our actions even if we did kill you!”

“A thief is trying to claim that she’s innocent. I bet Hongmeng is a cult.” 

Even though Yang Chen had his worries, he knew that others would always take advantage of kind people. Since they weren’t planning to talk things through, Yang Chen didn’t see the need to abstain himself!

“How dare you insult Hongmeng! I must end you today!”

Yan Feiyun felt indignant. The Sumeru ring on his finger flashed and a weird looking longsword showed up in his hand!

The body of the sword had the color of a moon and in the middle of it was a hollow space, causing the sword to be narrow at both ends and wide in the middle. It sparkled under the starlight as though it was made out of glass!

Yang Chen’s heart dropped. The sword seemed to be of a higher class artefact. Judging by its odd shape, there must be some sort of secret function to it.

“We only needed to warn you for humiliating my sister and you only needed to compensate us. You refused to comply and you even insulted us. We’ll have to punish you in the name of Heaven!”

Yan Feiyun was aware that Yang Chen didn’t use any mystical artefacts and since he had a mid-upper ranked artefact, he should be able to defeat him!

Yan Feiyu was certain that his brother would win when she saw his sword. She mocked Yang Chen, “Rascal, you’d better admit your mistake and hand in your cultivation method. Once my brother uses his ‘Kongming Sword’, even those in the second level of the Six Frost Water tribulation wouldn’t be able to survive it!”

The second level of the Kui Water tribulation. It must be the Ming Water tribulation then. Yan Feiyun could bypass ranks with a mystical artefact? Yang Chen was feeling slightly nervous.

“There’s no need to say anything else. We shall seize hold of his woman after we kill him. We will find a way to get his cultivation method eventually,” Yan Feiyun said bluntly, he had already thought of the whole workflow.

Yang Chen’s face darkened. Even though he wasn’t facing an easy opponent, he couldn’t stand insults from them!

Without further ado, Yang Chen leapt from his spot!

“The only people dying today are you lot!”

Yang Chen showed up a few inches away from Yan Feiyun and with a flash, he extended his right hand and aimed it at his head!