Even though the three of them were all in the Tribulation Passing stage, it was going to be difficult for Yang Chen to defeat them easily since not all of them were facing the Nine Heavenly Lightning!

Even if Yang Chen’s physical body was much tougher than the average cultivator, with the overwhelming strength from True Yuan as their armor, he wouldn’t be in much of an advantage.

If they were mundanes, Yang Chen could have grounded their bodies into ash with a simple flick of the wrist. However, it was already difficult to do it with cultivators above the Xiantian stage, let alone the Soul Forming stage!

He had no choice but to go all out against them!

Yan Feiyun retreated quickly and avoided Yang Chen’s attack while swinging his sword at Yang Chen’s waist!

A semi-transparent light flashed past but Yang Chen managed to avoid the attack by moving upwards.

Yan Feiyu, who was by Yan Feiyun’s side, initiated an attack too. Without the slightest hesitation, she whipped her Taiyi horsetail whisk and thousands of hair strands tried to wrap themselves around Yang Chen! 

“There’s no use trying to fight us alone!”

Even though Yang Chen was enraged, his state of mind was quite the opposite. He remained calm as he surrounded himself with a circle of Nanming Li Fire and caused an explosion with it abruptly!

The hair strands from the whisk were burnt by the fire as they scattered away!

The Taiyi horsetail whisk showed its mystical abilities whereby new white hair grew from the damaged parts and it danced along to the strong breeze!

“Sis, no need to attack. I can handle him on my own!” Yan Feiyun was completely relaxed and he said those words without even panting.

Yan Feiyu giggled when she heard him. “I’ll watch from the sidelines then.”

The spectators were absolutely dumbstruck. This was something completely out of this world.

They watched Yang Chen as he flew around the sky. They wondered to themselves, was Young Master Chen some kind of God?

Lin Ruoxi clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest. She was extremely worried about the fight that was happening above her head and she blamed herself for her uselessness. She could barely even pay any attention to their dazzling techniques.

It was then she realized why Yang Chen kept urging her to cultivate. It wasn’t just for her own beauty and longevity, it was a matter of life and death! 

Up in the sky, Yang Chen was fighting against Yan Feiyun with the Nanming Li Fire surrounding his own body. He kept aiming for his vital parts and even though Yan Feiyun wasn’t as fast as Yang Chen, he always found an opening to counter by swinging his Kongming sword skillfully! 

Yang Chen was slightly vexed by it. Even though the Nanming Li Fire was a heavenly fire, it was the lowest-ranked heavenly fire amongst the Three Yang Fire.

He could have restrained Yan Feiyu easily as she was in the first stage of the Three Yang Fire but for Yan Feiyun who was in the first stage of the Six Frost Water, it wouldn’t work as well!

The Kui Water which Yan Feiyun had experienced during the heavenly tribulation was far stronger than the Li Fire. Therefore, even if Yang Chen attacked him with the Li Fire, it wouldn’t be much of a threat!

Besides, Yang Chen hadn’t even landed a single blow on him!

Yan Feiyun wasn’t even using his full powers as he swung his sword to bring up gusts of cold air!

Yang Chen summoned a wall of Li Fire as a barrier in front of him to defend against the attack.

“Your cultivation method is really mystical, seeing how it provides an endless supply of the Nanming Li Fire. Sadly, you’re still inexperienced. There is so much wasted potential here! Allow me to find a new, more suitable owner for it!” Yan Feiyun sneered.

“Cut the crap and come at me!”

Yang Chen spat and locked his eyes on his opponent. At the same time, he wiped the beads of sweat away which had formed on his face unknowingly.

He hadn’t perspired because of a fight for a long time and this time it didn’t happen due to heat but rather by his lack of confidence.

It was true that Yang Chen’s cultivation base and cultivation method were superior to Yan Feiyun but even with these and the endless supply of energy from Heaven and Earth, he still couldn’t unleash his full potential!

According to the old man who had possessed his body, his greatest ability was probably the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning which he summoned to aid him in passing the heavenly tribulation! 

The last stage of the Three Yang Fire, the Ye Fire and the second stage of the Six Frost Water, the Ming Water were supposedly equivalents to the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning. Supposedly, he was able to master all of them! 

As for the stronger ones like Ruo Water, Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning, and the Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning, Yang Chen was not quite there yet. 

However, he had only mastered the Li Fire so how could he master the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning when he hadn’t had the slightest clue about the Samadhi True Fire and Kui Water?!

Damn it, if only he had mastered them earlier! He wouldn’t have to drag out this fight for so long.

“That’s enough, I’m no longer keen on wasting my time on you. You’re much weaker than expected,” Yan Feiyun said when he realized that Yang Chen was no longer advancing towards him.

An unusual surge of True Yuan was unleashed from the Kongming sword.

Yang Chen’s pupils constricted. The Kongming sword...it was disappearing?!

Not only was the sword disappearing, but Yan Feiyun was also vanishing from his line of sight too! 

He didn’t use some kind of flawed invisibility skill. If that was the case, Yang Chen could have tracked him down easily with his divine sense.

However, even his divine sense couldn’t detect Yan Feiyun!

Yan Feiyu laughed at Yang Chen mockingly. “It’s useless. My brother’s sword might not have strong destructive abilities but he could become invisible by blocking off divine senses. Even if your cultivation base is much greater than ours, you won’t be able to detect his location.”

At this time, a voice was heard from someplace above him.

“Spirit of the Northern Sea, freeze!”

Yang Chen yelped internally, but it was already too late! 

A huge ring of cold sword aura emerged around him!

Yan Feiyun combined the sword’s aura with his cold True Yuan and they were radiating with enough pressure to make it seem like it was a solid block!

Dark blue coloured gusts of cold air wrapped around him like a snowstorm as if it was going to swallow him completely!

The rest could only see Yang Chen’s body being drawn into the blue glow under the night sky!

Strong gusts of wind blew and a snowstorm had broken up which turned the sky above the Yang mansion into a desolating frozen sea!

“Yang Chen!”

Lin Ruoxi could barely open her eyes because of the blizzard. Her eyes reddened at the change of events but her tears were already dried up by the wind!

Up in the sky, Yang Chen barely blocked the sword auras from touching him by keeping the barrier of Li Fire up as much as possible. Even so, his blood circulation was starting to slow down.

Yan Feiyu’s cackles rang out in the sky. “Hahahaha! You damned rascal! I didn’t tell you this, but my brother’s sword can conceal his True Yuan too. Back when you were still stupefied, my brother had already solidified his aura around you! How do you feel now?!”

Yang Chen was furious. He wasn’t expecting this sword to be incredibly hard to deal with! 

Even though this mystical artifact didn’t have strong destructive abilities, Yan Feiyun could still stand tall in front of other cultivators with similar cultivation bases!

No wonder he wasn’t afraid of cultivators in the Ming Water stage of the Six Frost Water. He still had a trump card to play!

Fortunately, the energy from Heaven and Earth was constantly being fed into Yang Chen’s body and with a bellow, a ball of flame was summoned and countless cracks were seen on the ice swords!

Yang Chen emerged from the blizzard in a giant ball of flame!

Yan Feiyun looked indifferent as if he didn’t care about Yang Chen’s reappearance.

Yang Chen didn’t have time to recuperate. He seized the chance to lay a blow on him now that Yan Feiyun was finally in his line of sight. He had to be quick before Yan Feiyun concealed himself and attacked him from the dark again!

Yang Chen swung his fist and a ferocious Li Fire Dragon growled as it flew towards Yan Feiyun!

At the same time, Yang Chen vanished from his spot and reappeared behind Yan Feiyun, ready to grab his neck!

Something bizarre happened at that exact moment!

Just when Yang Chen’s fingers were about to wrap around his throat, he realized that there was nothing there!

Was it just an image?!

“How foolish…”

Coming from the back of Yang Chen, Yan Feiyun’s voice was filled with disdain.

Yang Chen leapt forward instinctively but it was already too late!

The Kongming sword had already come into contact with his back!