His body was pierced by an icicle, causing blood to spurt out of his wound. Ice started to creep into his meridians! 

Yang Chen couldn’t imagine how serious his wounds were. If they ventured any deeper, he would have sustained some serious internal damage to his organs!

He could have died if his instincts were any slower!

Some of Yan Feiyun’s icy True Yuan still remained on the Kongming Sword as it continued to penetrate Yang Chen’s meridian. Even though his wounds were no longer bleeding, he couldn’t heal them with his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture!

“Your body is quite resilient. You’re still alive even after suffering a blow from the Yan clan’s ‘Spirit of the Northern Sea’. Not bad, not bad.” Yan Feiyun sneered. “Let me take things one step further.”

Having said so, Yan Feiyun concealed himself and disappeared from everyone’s line of sight again!

Yang Chen was already prepared for this. But because of the True Yuan invading his meridians, he had to divert his attention into resisting the attack whilst repairing the damaged meridians!

At this time, a silhouette appeared behind him and he could see a sword coming down towards him! 

Yang Chen descended abruptly and summoned a surge of Li Fire!


The flames exploded but the silhouette was no longer there!

Another illusion?!

Cold gas rose up from beneath his feet before he could even react in time!

“Spirit of the Northern Sea, icy trails of the Northern Lake…”

While he was chanting that, countless icy swords materialized and it looked as though arrows were being shot towards the sky!

Suddenly, Yang Chen felt as if he was being buried by millions of arrows. Regardless of how strong his physical body was, a cut was still a cut and millions of them were nothing to sneeze at!

Yang Chen tightened his jaw as he formed a protective barrier around him with the Li Fire. Even though he was eventually able to mitigate the attack, the damage was already done!

The people on the ground were already shaken as they watched on silently.

Lin Ruoxi had already gone limp onto the ground, her heart-wrenching at the sight of Yang Chen’s suffering!

Yang Chen could hardly care less about the situation on the ground. The icy True Yuan stayed on the small cuts on his body, thus he was forced to divert more of his attention into resisting the invasion of the cold aura.

Yang Chen realized that Yan Feiyun’s scripture was extremely vicious. It was targeting his meridians instead of inflicting physical damage! 

Any other ordinary cultivator would have been in a worse off state than him!

The more infuriating fact was that he couldn’t see through the illusions!

If it was any ordinary illusion, he could have seen through it immediately. However, Yan Feiyun’s illusion was nothing like Yang Chen had ever seen, causing him to fall for it twice

“Don’t be shocked, my Kongming Sword was named based on the mirror. Everything you’ve seen was not illusions but mirror copies of reality…”

Yan Feiyun was pleased with himself as he said nonchalantly, “I’m the one in the mirror but it’s also not me. A roaming cultivator like you wouldn’t know about this so I suppose I should educate you.”

It was true that Yang Chen didn’t understand it. After all, the sword was initially an upper-tier rare mystical artefact from the Great Ancient times and if it wasn’t for the damage it had received over the years, it wouldn’t have landed in Yan Feiyun’s hands as a mid-upper tier artefact.

Even so, Yan Feiyun wouldn’t have been able to gain such an upper hand if it wasn’t for the Yan clan’s status in Hongmeng! 

Technically, the Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger owned by Yang Chen also belonged to the mid-upper tier artefact category but it only worked best by hindering the recovery of wounds. In this case, the Kongming Sword had an obvious advantage! 

Besides that, Yang Chen knew that it wouldn’t be practical for him to use his artefact as it would reveal the fact that he had killed the Huangyun Taoist!

Yang Chen knew he couldn’t stay still any longer. He leapt towards him after locking onto Yan Feiyun’s body with his divine sense to prevent him from running away again!

Yan Feiyun wasn’t even bothered to dodge. He watched Yang Chen with a mocking gaze as he dashed towards him!

A huge blazing ball of Li Fire erupted around his body and with frightening coercion, it enveloped Yan Feiyun!

“Let’s how you’re going to get away from this!”

Just when Yang Chen was about to grab Yan Feiyun’s head, he vanished again!

“I am the image but it isn’t me.”

This time, Yan Feiyun appeared beside Yang Chen and with his sword, he cut across Yang Chen’s waist!

Yang Chen dodged it by millimetres and he touched the wound after retreating to a safe distance. His face turned pale when his condition deteriorated.

He couldn’t think of any better way when his earlier attempt of locating him with his divine sense had failed. He could only increase his speed as much as possible, hoping to strike him before Yan Feiyun concealed himself again! 

With that in mind, Yang Chen dashed towards Yan Feiyun in a much quicker and violent manner!

Yan Feiyun still remained still, showing zero intentions to move.

Yang Chen’s heart dropped when he saw that!

Was this another mirror image?

Yan Feiyun saw his hesitation and he snickered. “How unfortunate, you’ve guessed it wrongly. This is real….” 

While saying that, he swung his sword towards Yang Chen’s chest!

Yang Chen’s eyes widened in fury but it was already too late!

Yan Feiyun didn’t stop there, he landed a kick at Yang Chen’s wounded chest immediately after striking it with his sword!


Yang Chen coughed out blood and his body started to descend onto the ground like a rocket that had run out of fuel.

Regardless of the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture’s recovery abilities, it couldn’t heal all his wounds in such a small amount of time. In addition to that, the True Yuan was corroding his meridians which made it hard for him to summon energy from Heaven and Earth.

Due to these reasons, Yang Chen’s body could no longer bear such a burden and he fell out of the sky!

As he landed onto a shrub, he coughed out another mouthful of blood uncontrollably.

Yang Chen couldn’t even muster any strength to force himself up or even fight Yan Feiyun who was descending onto the ground whilst looking at him with a condescending gaze! 

His whole body was filled with the icy True Yuan and it felt as though they were freezing his blood!


Lin Ruoxi ran to him when she saw that Yang Chen had fallen out of the sky!

Yan Feiyu cackled from the side. “You’ve overestimated yourself, did you really think you could defeat my brother?”

Having said so, she locked her gaze onto Lin Ruoxi who was running towards Yang Chen.

In a flash, she had landed behind Lin Ruoxi, wrapping her fingers around Lin Ruoxi’s slender neck!

The guards couldn’t hold it in any longer when they saw this. The leading guard yelled with a stern voice, “Let her go! Or else we will fire!”

Yan Feiyu’s horsetail whisk whipped them before they could do such a thing!

The white hair acted like steel cables, crushing all the guards into a big pile of flesh and blood!

“Who gave you the right to bark in front of me, lowly servants.”

Yang Chen’s veins were bulging when he saw the massacre! 

Yang Gongming and Guo Xuehua weren’t around now. Yang Chen assumed that the guards or Yan Sanniang must have brought them away from here. Or else it would’ve been disastrous!

If this continued on, would he really let himself be killed by these vicious siblings!? 

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi couldn’t focus on Yang Chen anymore. She could only feel herself being lifted off the ground and she struggled to breathe since her neck was being gripped by Yan Feiyu.

“Let...let me go...cough cough…”

Blood rushed to her face as tears fell down her cheeks.

However, the pain she was feeling was minuscule compared to the pain she felt when Yang Chen fell from the sky!

This man was capable of being defeated too?!

From the past, even though Lin Ruoxi knew that Yang Chen always went out to fight and kill people, she was never worried about him or even concerned about his safety.

However, the scene she had just witnessed made her feel as though her world was being torn apart!

The man who was invincible, as if nothing could stop him, had fallen!

Lin Ruoxi never expected this day to come!