“Hmph, this rascal has a lot with women huh. Rose was a beauty but this one is on another level.” Yan Feiyu laughed disdainfully. “Sadly, he’s incapable yet he acts so ignorantly. She has to suffer along with you since she’s your wife.” 

While talking, Yan Feiyu emitted a fragment of her divine sense to look into her body.

Her face lit up seconds later. “Big brother, this woman has the same special scripture in her body. She must know something about it. We must take her in for interrogation.”

Yan Feiyun nodded. “Sis, what should we do about this rascal?”

While saying so, Yan Feiyun laid his sword above Yang Chen’s chest.

Yan Feiyu’s eyes flashed in a sinister way for a split second and she snorted. “Hmph, he’s the eldest grandson of the Yang clan. It will affect the people if we were to kill him. Why don’t we let him live but incapacitate him to prevent him from causing any more trouble!”

“That’s perfect. We can settle our personal grudges and yet we wouldn’t violate Hongmeng’s principles.” Yan Feiyun sneered. “I shall destroy his dantian now!”

Having said so, a thick cloud of cold sword aura erupted from his sword, threatening to pierce through Yang Chen’s Qihai acupoint!

Right when the siblings were talking to each other, Yang Chen took the time to heal his wounds using the energy from Heaven and Earth.

After all, his cultivation base was greater than Yan Feiyun, so even though the icy True Yuan was hard to deal with, it was impossible to get rid of.

Once the True Yuan was gotten rid of, Yang Chen’s self-healing ability would be far greater than what Yan Feiyun had imagined!

At this moment, Yang Chen strained his muscles and summoned his working meridians, attempting to strike back the split second Yan Feiyun swung his sword! 

He could only succeed at that moment, knowing fully well that he had no other options!

It was incredibly difficult to figure out a way to defeat Yan Feiyun’s Kongming sword in such a short amount of time!

It was right at this moment when a voice cut through the silence!


A grey silhouette appeared abruptly into everyone’s line of sight.

Yan Sanniang had walked out from the backyard. Her heart was wrenching in pain at the sight of the disfigured bodies.

Yang Gongming trailed behind her calmly but when he saw Yang Chen being threatened with a sword while Lin Ruoxi was being held captive, he could no longer mask his emotions.

However, Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu froze when they saw Yan Sanniang. They stared at her with stiff facial expressions!

“Third...third sister?!”


Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu were dumbfounded, their faces filled with disbelief as they kept staring at Yan Sanniang!

Yan Feiyu was so shocked that she dropped Lin Ruoxi onto the ground.

Even though Lin Ruoxi was confused, she still ran next to Yang Chen to help him up.

Yang Chen didn’t really need any help but he had to pretend he was in pain to puzzle Yan Feiyun.

It was his first time thinking that women were really made out of water when he saw Lin Ruoxi sob to the point of incoherence. At the same time, he felt bad for her too.

Yan Feiyun glanced downwards at Yang Chen but as if he couldn’t care less about him, he walked towards Yan Sanniang alongside Yan Feiyu.

Everyone fixed their gaze on Yan Sanniang.

Yang Chen could only lower his guard and he proceeded to squint his eyes at the odd trio.

Yan Sanniang…Yan? Could she be...

“Feiling...is it really you?!”

Yan Feiyun looked at her with a complex gaze, his face was twitching when he said that.

“Do you even have to ask?!” Yan Feiyu’s eyes were moist.

Yan Feiyun took a deep breath before saying, “No wonder we didn’t realize you were here. You’ve been hiding your cultivation base, right?”

Yan Sanniang nodded. Her wrinkly face was filled with helplessness. “That’s right, I thought I wouldn’t need to show up.”

Yang Chen jolted in realization. Yes, he didn’t notice it earlier but ever since the siblings arrived, Yan Sanniang didn’t show up and she even kept her cultivation base hidden!

She must have done it on purpose!

“Till this day, are you still refusing to meet us or meet Father?!” Yan Feiyun questioned her.

Yan Sanniang shook her head. “I wouldn’t have stayed here if I was willing to return.” 

“Feiling, why would you transform yourself into this state. You’re already in the middle phase of the Soul Forming stage so why would you make yourself age on purpose?!” Yan Feiyu started sobbing. “Are you trying to hurt your own sister?! Do you know how long I’ve been looking for you? Ever since you left home, I fell out with Father too! I cultivated in the mundane world and searched the whole country for you! I never would have imagined that you were hiding in the Yang clan!”
Yan Sanniang was moved by her and she looked at Yan Feiyu with watery eyes.

“Second sister...I…”

“Feiling, let me take a good look at you. Transform back….don’t age yourself anymore.” Yan Feiyu pleaded with her.

Yan Sanniang looked at Yang Gongming with a troubled gaze and she sighed when she turned back to Yan Feiyu who was looking at her with an expectant gaze.

She sighed. “Fine…”

Yan Sanniang nodded before summoning her True Yuan.

Yang Chen was positive that the three of them were from the same family!

That was because Yan Sanniang’s True Yuan was exactly the same as Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu! However, Yan Sanniang’s cultivation base was weaker since she hadn’t reached the Tribulation Passing stage. 

As her True Yuan revolved around her body, she started to change!

Her wrinkly face started to tighten and whiten at the same time. Her eyes brightened too and her hair started to turn black.

Her crooked body began to straighten and if one were to look closely, they could see that the skin around Yan Sanniang’s neck had started to resemble that of a young lady.
Slowly, she had turned into a young lady! 

Her face was fair with pink lips and her eyes seemed especially bright and dewy. 

Yang Chen wasn’t the only one to be entranced. Lin Ruoxi stopped sobbing when she witnessed the changes to Yan Sanniang’s body.

Yan Sanniang, granny Yan, was actually a young lady?!

Even though Yang Chen knew it very possible for her to maintain her figure given her cultivation, it was hard for them to face it since they were used to seeing her as an old woman.

They couldn’t even call her ‘Granny Yan’ anymore!

Yan Sanniang seemed abashed, completely avoiding Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Gongming looked as though he was reminiscing on the past and he smiled when he saw that Yan Sanniang had reverted to her original appearance.

“Feiling...it’s really you! My sister!” Yan Feiyu cried with joy, pulling Yan Feiling into her arms.

Yan Feiling bit her lips. “Sis...it’s my fault for making you suffer….”

Yan Feiyu shook her head “It’s fine, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re fine…”

“Feiling, why are you in the Yang clan? What’s your relationship with this clan?” Yan Feiyun snapped out of it and asked with a stern voice.

Yan Feiyu was reminded of this and she cast a spiteful glance towards Yang Gongming while asking, “Feiling, did you turn old because of that old man? What kind of relationship do you have with him?”

Yan Feiling seemed troubled by her questions. “Sis, Big Brother, please don’t ask me about it. It’s a long story.”

“No! We’ve been looking for you for more than forty years and we’ve finally found you. How could we not ask? Tell us everything, did they do something to you?! Your brother and sister are here, we will avenge you!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions so fast.” Yan Feiling shook her head. “I stayed in the Yang clan voluntarily. I’m indebted to Sir and Madam. Plus I didn’t want to return to Hongmeng and meet that person, so...so I remained here all this while.”

“Indebted? What do you mean?” Yan Feiyu was baffled.

Yan Feiling turned around to look at Yang Gongming and when she saw Yang Gongming nodding at her with a smile on his face, she breathed out before saying, “I’ll have to start from the very beginning when I left home…”