The leaves rustlde in the air as the breeze swept the smell of blood throughout the backyard.

Yang Chen’s wounds were completely healed with the use of the self-healing abilities from the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. The only evidence left behind were his torn clothes.

All remains of the icy True Yuan had been removed from his body. But whilst he was doing so, a thought surfaced.

Lin Ruoxi stayed close to him, relieved to know that blood had returned to his face.

<i> It doesn’t matter if he loses. As long as he’s fine now…</i> Lin Ruoxi couldn’t think about anything else.

She wasn’t aware of the fact that Yang Chen was deep in thought about something.

The Yan siblings were still immersed in talking about their pasts and they failed to notice Yang Chen’s change of expression. He was still in pain a few moments ago but his eyes were glinting with joy now.

Yang Gongming stood nearby with a dim expression on, as though he was reminiscing the past.

Yan Feiling was sharing about her past when she first left Hongmeng which wasn’t a complicated one to understand.

“I met Sir and Madam at the border between China and India. I had just left Hongmeng and I was planning to choose my own ‘dao’.” 

China wasn’t prospering forty years ago. Although they had defeated their invaders, the war near the borders continued, whether it was at the Northeast or Southwest borders. 

Firefights happened almost every day but Hongmeng felt that it wasn’t their duty to intervene despite existing to protect the country.
This was because wars in the mundane world wouldn’t affect the foundation of a country and if they were to intervene, it would only disrupt the development of the country. 

Hongmeng had also ignored the times when China had suffered oppression from other countries. 

Even though the citizens were suffering, there were always rebels who stood up against oppressive forces, therefore the country was never truly conquered. 

According to history, China had experienced numerous wars and even during the time when half of Asia was under Mongolia’s regime. Hongmeng did nothing to stop it. They thought it was normal for regimes to change and they were apathetic to it.

Hongmeng never misjudged things since the Mongolians returned the country back to China after a few centuries.

Therefore, as long as the citizens of China never faced a large scale genocide, Hongmeng thought wars were an acceptable form of transition. 

Yan Feiling grew up in Hongmeng, so she wasn’t well informed about the mundane world.

However, the members of Hongmeng were required to experience the mundane world as a form of learning once they entered the Xiantian stage. This was done as a preparation for entering the Soul Forming stage.

Yan Feiling was in her twenties when she was in the middle phase of the Xiantian stage. When she first entered the Xiantian stage, she had already travelled across the country and had witnessed a lot of wars.

Piles of corpses littered the streets and people were forced to leave their families to fight in the frontlines. Having witnessed such a catastrophe, Yan Feiling started to question herself and her principles. Was Hongmeng’s decision to stay neutral right?

Even after returning to Hongmeng, Yan Feiling couldn’t erase her memories about the war. She felt like she could no longer sit idly by as this went one.

Therefore, when she had entered the middle phase of the Xiantian stage, Yan Feiling decided to leave Hongmeng. Even if she wouldn’t be much of a contributor, she was determined to help the citizens as much as she could.

However, according to the rules in Hongmeng, they were not allowed to intervene with the matters in the mundane world without permission. Even though Yan Feiling wasn’t in the Soul Forming stage yet, she was still restricted to such rules since she knew about the secrets of Hongmeng!

At the same time, Yan Feiling’s identity was not insignificant. The Yan siblings’ father was one of the few Heaven ranked elders, Yan Wuchen.

The Huang ranked cultivators weren’t qualified to stop Yan Wuchen’s daughter from helping in the war. Besides that, Yan Feiling was only in the middle phase of the Xiantian stage so it wouldn’t have affected much.

As for Yan Wuchen, he had a huge quarrel with Yan Feiling and when she refused to listen to him. In the end, he basically disowned her as a daughter

In the end, Yan Feiling was firm with her decision and she left Hongmeng without any hesitation.

Well, Yan Feiling obviously wouldn’t tell them everything now but Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu knew about it.

Yan Feiyu felt indignant about this probably because she thought that their father was being too cruel to her sister, so she left Hongmeng for her own cultivation while looking for her sister at the same time.

“At that time, a war had broken out between Tibet and India. China’s army and the herdsmen in Tibet were in a difficult time as their equipment was outdated and their logistics were having a hard time catching up to them. The main commander in the army was Sir. I killed the Indian army when I saw that they were plundering the Tibetan herdsmen. However, I didn’t know that there was an organization in India named ‘Brahma’ at that time. They were the ones who were suppressing the Dragons which caused them to be at a disadvantage. Even though I was already in the middle phase of the Xiantian stage, Siva and Asura, the two elites caught up to me. I managed to defeat them but not without sustaining serious injuries myself…”
Yang Chen who was listening to her from the side became stunned when he heard that.

<i> Brahma? I didn’t know they were enemies with the Yang clan from a long time ago. Thank goodness I’ve killed their leaders. </i> 

Yang Chen was in high spirits as he had somehow gained a new perception earlier on.

“Serious injury? Then...what happened then?” Yan Feiyu asked hurriedly.

Yan Feiling replied, “I was trying to escape since that was the only way to evade the rest of the Indian army. I was suffering from a serious internal injury and it was impossible to recover in a short amount of time. However, I didn’t expect the members to be so vicious. They poisoned me during the fight, so I fainted before I could run any further.”

Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu furrowed their brows when they heard that.

Yan Feiling gave them a faint smile. “It was at that time when Madam found me…”

It turned out that Yang Gongming’s wife was part of his military logistics team as a military doctor. Even though she was from a noble clan, she studied medicine overseas and returned to China as an army doctor.

She chose to work at Yang Gongming’s army since she was engaged to him. It was considered a marital harmony since she was willing to follow her fiancé to war!

During an emergency retreat, she met Yan Feiling who had fainted.

Others found it weird for a woman to show up so suddenly and they said to leave her alone since they were in a dire situation. 

However, Madam insisted on bringing her along.

Finally, after bringing Yan Feiling back to their military base, she managed to eliminate some of the toxins. Yan Feiling survived through Madam’s tireless toiling.

When Yang Gongming returned to the base, he was suspicious of the young woman whom his fiancée had rescued.

After all, Yan Feiling showed up at the common border between the opposing armies. Technically, civilians should have already evacuated the area. 

Even after Yan Feiling was questioned, she wouldn’t tell them where she came from and the only thing she said was that her name was ‘Yan Sanniang’ because she was the third child in her family.

Yang Gongming was concerned about having her here at his base when she didn’t have an identity. Besides that, she recovered so quickly just by some simple treatment even though she was poisoned on a battlefield!

Therefore, Yang Gongming wanted her to leave the base and he even wanted to kill her just in case she was a spy from the Indian army.”

“It’s a funny story to tell, we acted like enemies during our first meeting. Sir kept insisting that I was a spy and I couldn’t really explain myself. In the end, Madam had to stand between us. She defended me, saying that I didn’t look like a bad person…”

Yan Feiling chuckled but her eyes were moist.

Madam had protected her as if they were sisters when they were only strangers.