Yan Feiling choked up a little before continuing, “Some of my abilities had recovered later on. Someone from ‘Dragon’ came over to ensure that I wasn’t a spy. My cultivation base hadn’t fully recovered completely so they thought I was in the Houtian stage. At that time, I lied to them, saying that I’m a martial arts practitioner. After that, Sir apologized to me and took me in, asking me to help Madam at the logistics team. I was thinking of leaving after the war but I did not anticipate how close I would get to Madam. She felt bad for me since I was alone, so she wanted me to stay longer. She even said that she will ask her parents to adopt me once we get back to Beijing…”

Yan Feiling stammered but everyone managed to catch her words.

She refused to return to Hongmeng to meet her apathetic father, so she chose to accompany her savior instead. 

Even though they treated each other as sisters, there were still rules within noble clans. Therefore, if they wished to stay together, it would best for her to act like Madam’s maid.

At that time, it wasn’t rare to have a maid when someone from a noble clan was married off.

Well, obviously Yang Gongming and his wife wouldn’t treat her like their maid. But Yan Feiling would still perform her duties as a maid to repay her debt.

As for Yan Feiling’s true identity, she only told the couple a few years after the war had ended and when they had gotten much closer to one another.

That was how Yan Feiling became Yan Sanniang.

“Big Brother, Second Sister, I’m indebted to the Yang clan and this has been my home for many decades. You two have murdered enough people.” Yan Sanniang persuaded them.

Yan Feiyun squinted his eyes as he contemplated her words. He chuckled before saying, “Sis, even though he had saved you, you should be even now after your many years of service. How dare they make you work as a maid?. How despicable!”
Yan Sanniang shook her head hurriedly when she heard this. “No, Big Brother, I volunteered to serve them. I aged myself to fool others, no one forced me to do this!”

“That won’t do! What will our father do when he learns that you have been working as a maid for a mundane clan! He might wipe out the Yang clan because of this!” Yan Feiyu berated her.

“How… how could you do this?!”

Yan Sanniang thought that this crisis could be resolved once she talked things through with them. She did not expect her appearance to escalate things!

“Hmph, Feiling, we don’t owe anything to their clan. This rascal ruined my nunnery and he even insulted Hongmeng and I. He has to pay for his mistakes!”


“No buts!” Yan Feiyun turned around and scolded sternly, “I can promise you that I won’t harm the clan members but this troublemaker has to give us his scripture. I will destroy his cultivation if he refuses to do so!”

Yan Sanniang was enraged. “I’ll kill myself right here if you harm Young Master Chen!”

“Have you gone crazy?! Haven’t you had enough?! Don’t intervene in this matter and once this is settled, return with us to meet father!” Yan Feiyun glowered.

Yan Sanniang shook her head in a stubborn manner. “I cut ties with him all those years ago. I am willing to do the same for you. If you think of me as your sister, don’t do things like this that will make me feel embarrassed!”

“How dare you say we’re embarrassing?! Yan Feiyu said in disbelief.

“You’re trying to snatch a scripture from a young man who’s my savior grandson. When did Hongmeng become so corrupted?!”

“Shut up!” Yan Feiyun yelled.


Yang Gongming walked forward and dissuaded her., “You don’t have to do this. You’ve done enough for the Yang clan. It’s time for you to be yourself.” 

“Hmph, sis, you heard him right? He’s embarrassed.” Yan Feiyu sneered.

Yan Sanniang turned around and showed a ghastly smile at Yang Gongming. “Sir, I promised Madam that I’ll take care of you and your clan. It’s a promise.”

“You...why would you do this?” Yang Gongming was getting anxious but he didn’t know what to do.

At this time, a chuckle was heard from Yang Chen who had been quiet for a while.

“Granny Yan, you don’t have to stop them anymore. They can take the scripture from me if they wish.”

Yang Chen’s facial expression was so calm that it almost didn’t seem like he was moments away from dying just a few minutes ago.

Lin Ruoxi tightened her grip on his arms and she said with a worried voice, “Hubby, please don’t push yourself. He’s stronger than you.”

Even though she knew Yang Chen had strong self-healing abilities and that he was looking much better, she was concerned that Yang Chen was doing this because of his pride. 

Yang Chen stroked her cheek. “Be a good girl and stand next to the old man. Just watch me.”


Yang Chen’s facial expression turned solemn. ”Lin Ruoxi, don’t you believe in me?!” 

Lin Ruoxi let go of his arm when she sensed the anger in Yang Chen’s gaze. She cast a bitter glance at him before moving next to Yang Gongming.

Yang Gongming patted her shoulders and sighed, but he said nothing about Yang Chen’s stubbornness. 

Yan Feiyun and Yan Feiyu looked at him with curious gazes.

“How magical...truly magical. I didn’t notice it earlier but you’ve actually recovered. It looks like your scripture really is something else.” Yan Feiyun’s smile was sinister. The more capable Yang Chen seemed, the more worthy the scripture was!

Yan Sanniang was greatly concerned. “Young Master Chen, stop fighting. You’re not my brother’s match. With our clan’s scripture and his Kongming sword, the destructive power is as great as a cultivator in the second level of the Six Frost Water. You will never stand a chance against him…”

“Granny Yan, you’re wrong.” Yang Chen smirked. “I will never admit defeat so long as there is breath within me!”

“Haha! Such tough talk!”

Yan Feiyun burst out laughing from the rage he was feeling. “I’ll do as you please if you wish to die so soon! I was planning to spare your life and take your scripture for the sake of my sister, but I can’t tolerate your bullshit anymore!”
With a grim face, Yan Feiyun gripped his sword again. His sword glowed and with an upwards movement, ice crystals formed at the tip of the sword! 

Yang Chen leaped up to dodge the attack. The moment he looked down, Yan Feiyun was gone once again!

Yang Chen knew he would do this so he had prepared for this. He stayed afloat in the air, waiting for Yan Feiyun to reveal himself.

Suddenly, a vortex formed out of icy True Yuan showed up around him. A chilling aura surrounding the vortex swallowed Yang Chen whole!

Yang Chen stood still in the midst of it all. He didn’t even summon any of his Nanming Li Fire!

The howling sword aura swept through the whole area, tearing the roofs away. Yang Gongming and Lin Ruoxi could barely keep their eyes open.

“You must be asking for death!”

Yan Feiyun showed up nearby and he sneered when he saw Yang Chen was being swallowed with just a single attack.

However, he realized something was off!

The freezing tornado was shrinking by the second!

It was as if a dragon was shortening and shrinking!

As the dragon shrank gradually, Yan Feiyun finally saw where it was headed.

Yang Chen was lifting his right hand with his index finger up. On top of it was a giant blue ball of light that was spinning at a high speed as it sucked in all of the True Yuan.

Yang Chen stood amongst the chilly breeze. He was completely unharmed!

“This...this is…” Yan Feiyun was appalled.

Yang Gongming and Lin Ruoxi were overjoyed by the plot twist. Yan Sanniang and Yan Feiyu stared at Yang Chen with shocked expressions.

Yang Chen was playing with the ball on his hand. “I really have to thank you for injuring me with your sword. You bestowed upon me the icy True Yuan and if it wasn’t for your generosity, I wouldn’t have been able to understand the profundity of the Kui Water so soon.”