Kui Water?! The first level of the Six Frost Water, Kui Water?!

While he was still in shock, Yan Feiyun looked into the blue light ball and he realized that it had the elements of Kui Water embedded into it!

He had experienced this to reach the current level in the Tribulation Passing stage, therefore he was very familiar with Kui Water!

When he was passing the tribulation, his father had watched over him and he even used an upper ranked medicinal pill to boost his True Yuan. A middle-ranked armor was also damaged in the process in order for him to get through the tribulation without any problems.

Even though Yan Feiyu had already passed the tribulation, she still avoided the Nanming Li Fire as much as possible every time she saw it. It would be impossible for her to contend against the Li Fire unless she reached a higher realm!

Yang Chen could control the icy True Yuan singlehandedly because he had acquired the power of Kui Water just recently.

Yan Feiyun’s True Yuan originated from his clan’s scripture which belonged to the water element. Due to the Kui Water tribulation, his True Yuan contained traces of the Kui Water scripture.

After sustaining heavy injuries while trying to resist the True Yuan with his Endless Resolve Restoration Energy, Yang Chen was reminded of a sentence said by the mysterious old man.

“Instead of borrowing energy from Heaven and Earth, why not just be one with it?”

Everything in the world had its own pattern and characteristics. Since Yang Chen’s cultivation was based on the ‘dao’ of merging Heaven and Earth, why couldn’t he comprehend the ‘dao’ in Yan Feiyun’s True Yuan?

The more he thought about it, the more sense it made! The Endless Resolve Restoration seemed to have heard his calling as it started to engulf and fuse with the True Yuan that was still in his body!

Not only did all the icy True Yuan disintegrate rapidly, but it also healed his wounds. At the same time, Yang Chen even gained an understanding of the profundity of Kui Water.

Well, this was an unprecedented achievement. After all, Yang Chen had a strong comprehension of cultivation, or else he couldn’t have reached such a high level with his Endless Resolve Restoration so quickly.

Anyhow, Yan Feiyun’s sword aura was no longer threatening Yang Chen.

In the face of the Kui Water, Yan Feiyun’s icy True Yuan was like a river to the ocean. It was completely defenseless against it and it could only be one with the ocean. 

“That’s impossible!” Yan Feiyun was furious. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “How did you manage to do this in such a short amount of time?!”

It was already astonishing to learn that he could use the Nanming Li Fire. Using both the fire and the Kui Water was on a whole different level. Yan Feiyun couldn’t even imagine a scripture could be so powerful and that Yang Chen was so talented! 

“My bad. I’m bad at everything except fighting.” Yang Chen blinked mischievously.

“Hmph! You’re bluffing! So what if you could use Kui Water?! You still can’t win against my Kongming sword!”

Yan Feiyun swung his sword and with a flash, he disappeared once again!

Lin Ruoxi watched them with an anxious expression.

Yang Chen stood still in the same spot. He even closed his eyes!

He cast his gaze downwards as if he wasn’t bothered to defend himself. He stood still as the ball of light cast a blue glow onto his indifferent facial expression.

Everyone was already holding their breaths for a few seconds when Yan Feiyun finally showed up!

His silhouette was filled with rage as he landed behind Yang Chen. His sword brought up a blue glow and together with a dense True Yuan, Yan Feiyun lowered his sword!  

Yang Chen moved at the same time!

The light ball on his right hand was thrown out the same time the sword came into contact with it!


With a deafening noise, the impact caused the backyard to sway as though an earthquake had erupted!

Everyone could only see Yan Feiyun’s face twisted with pain and shock. He still had his sword up but his chest was struck with the light ball!

He saw through it?! How did he know my actual location?!

Yan Feiyun was confused!

The True Yuan that had been compressed by Yang Chen wasn’t strong but because it was compressed with the Kui Water, Yan Feiyun couldn’t withstand its complete force

Amidst the bright blue glow, his body flew like a cannonball, bringing down two trees with him in the process. With a loud crash, he fell onto the pavement under one of the rooms! 

A big patch of white ice formed at his chest and the mouthful of blood which he had coughed out was completely frozen. 

The backyard was dead silent. Even the newly arrived guards didn’t dare to move closer and they watched him with their mouths wide agape.

“Big Brother!”

Yan Feiyu snapped out of it and she dashed next to her brother.

She retracted her hand instinctively right after she tried to pull him up!

It was freezing!

She could feel the piercing pain even without touching his body!

It was actually painful for her to go near the Kui Water when she had already passed the first level of the Three Yang Fire?!

As for Yang Gongming and Lin Ruoxi, they breathed out in relief even though they were still overwhelmed by it.

Yang Chen walked to Yan Feiyun slowly and had another ball already forming in his hand. It was tingling as though it was a living entity.

However, even when they were just watching from afar, they could still feel the formidable power from the ball of Kui Water! 

“I told you. I will not give up so long as I am alive. Premature celebrations have never been a good thing.” Yang Chen played with Kui Water that was on his hand. To him, the Kui Water was like the Li Fire, something which he was extremely familiar with.

“What did you do to my brother?!” Yan Feiyu questioned him with red eyes.

Yang Chen shrugged. “Your brother should know best since he had experienced the tribulation before. He will freeze from the inside out as the icy aura slowly chews away.”


“Don’t worry, he won’t die yet. I haven’t gone all out.” Yang Chen smirked. “I was just returning the favor. I haven’t got to the main course yet.”

Yan Feiyu felt nervous when she sensed the murderous intent in his words. With a trembling voice, she said, “You...don’t you dare! My father will never forgive you! Hongmeng will exterminate you!”

“Sis! Stop it!”

Yan Sanniang could no longer hold it in. “Haven’t you done enough?! Young Master Chen can kill you and Big Brother easily. Do you really want to end things by dying in front of me?!”

Yan Feiyu was startled. “Sis...I…”

Yan Sanniang’s eyes reddened with anger. She turned around to face Yang Chen. “Young Master Chen, please let them go. With your current cultivation base, they wouldn’t be a threat to you anymore.”

“Granny Yan, it’s not that I don’t want to listen to you. But she choked my wife in front of all these people. She also slaughtered a good number of soldiers from the Yang Clan! My injuries and Ruoxi’s suffering can be ignored but wouldn’t I be disappointing others if I let this slide?” Yang Chen said.

Yan Sanniang’s face fell. “Young Master Chen, I know I’m asking too much of you but think about it. If you really killed them, my father will definitely come to you and all hell will break loose. More people will die! Besides that, my father’s cultivation base is one of the best in Hongmeng. You still won’t be his match. I’m not trying to threaten you, I want you to be safe too.”

Yang Chen kept quiet as he thought about it.

She was right, Yan Sanniang was saying this for his safety.

Even though he could now use Kui Water, Yan Feiyun had only passed the first level in Six Frost Water. There was no way he would match up to the elders in Hongmeng!

He would only suffer if he were to fight Hongmeng. Even if he could escape, how would his family survive?

He couldn’t possibly rely on the mysterious old man, hoping for him to possess his body and defeat them for him. It wasn’t as if he would show up every time Yang Chen was in a dire situation.

The old man already told him that his future relied solely on himself!

Power! Power! Power!

Yang Chen never had such a strong desire for power. His life had been smooth sailing ever since he wiped out Zero, received the mark from the previous Pluto and learned about the space laws!

Even after he had returned to China, he never took the cultivators seriously. As for his cultivation, he never cultivated and would rather sleep since the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture would improve over time!

In terms of the realm, he just went along with the flow. He never wanted to push himself.

However, such speed was now not acceptable. 

Technically, Yang Chen should have mastered the Ming Water and Ye Fire after the first level of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, but he knew nothing about them!

Yan Sanniang was afraid he would act rashly and kill others, so she tried to persuade him again, “Young Master Chen, if you let them go this time, I can persuade my father to drop the matter. After all, they were the ones who started this. Besides that, they even murdered people so if you agreed to let them go, my father would be too embarrassed to cause you trouble.”

Yang Chen looked up. “Granny Yan, you…you’re going back to Hongmeng?”