xYang Chen’s eyes widened when he heard this. “Do you have any mystical artifacts with you? Medicinal pills? Or immortal tools?”

Yan Sanniang sighed at his reaction. It was a cute gesture which was something Yang Chen wasn’t used to seeing.

“Of course not. I’m not qualified enough to own an immortal tool.”

“What is it then?”

Yan Sanniang stuffed her hands into her pocket and took out a piece of paper with words written all over it.

“Young Master Chen, this is a ‘Pill Concocting’ technique which I’ve written down before coming here. Keep it but remember to destroy it after reading it. Have it memorized.”

“Pill Concocting technique?”

Yang Chen was bewildered. “Granny Yan, are you asking me to concoct pills?”

Yan Sanniang smiled through pursed lips. “That’s right. Young Master Chen. It has been in our clan for centuries. Even though there are plenty of pill concocting techniques in Hongmeng, our clan has the most well-conserved one. Although normal pills are ineffective towards cultivators in the Tribulation Passing stage, upper ranked pills are a different story! Unfortunately, pill concoction requires Samadhi True Fire and because the production of the Samadhi True Fire requires a large number of precious ingredients, pills are scarce in Hongmeng. But you’re different, Young Master Chen! With your scripture, you would be able to use the Samadhi True Fire soon! By then, your power would be doubled with this ‘Pill Concocting’ technique!”
Yang Chen thought it made sense. Even though he hadn’t mastered the Samadhi True Fire, he had already mastered Kui Water which was of the same level. Yang Chen was certain that he would be able to master it in no time. However, Yang Chen was faced with another problem. 

“Granny Yan, even if I want to concoct pills, I still need the ingredients.”

Yan Sanniang showed him a bitter smile. “That’s all that I can help you with. My ‘Spirits of the Northern Sea’ might be powerful but it’s useless for you. If you wish to concoct pills, you’ll have to search for the ingredients on your own. People of Hongmeng and the Hidden clans kept the ingredients to themselves but it’s still insufficient for them. You could try scouring the world for them. With your resources at hand, you might not come up empty.”
Yang Chen was confused. “Granny Yan, if there are ingredients around the world, wouldn’t it all be taken away by the hidden clans and Hongmeng? Would there even be anything left for me?” 

Yan Sanniang chuckled and shook her head. “That won’t happen, Young Master Chen. Have you forgotten about something? According to the Treaty of Gods, cultivators of China would be challenging the Gods if they left China. An ordinary cultivator would be no match for the twelve Gods. Even those in the Tribulation Passing stage would be afraid of bumping into Poseidon. They would never survive against Athena if they bumped into her so even if she hadn’t appeared for a long time, no one would dare to take the risk. It’s a different case for you, Young Master Chen. The Gods wouldn’t treat you as an outsider nor would Hongmeng care about you. However, you aren’t familiar with the ingredients and I’m not familiar with the formula, so I’ve only written down the scripture for you.”
Yang Chen was both delighted and conflicted when he heard this. With a solemn face, he sighed, “I get it. I still need to figure out the formula and ingredients by myself.”

Yan Sanniang smiled helplessly. “I’m sorry, Young Master Chen. That’s all that I can help you with. I’m sure you’ll find a way soon, seeing how you’re so resourceful.”

The first thought that came up in his mind was Xiao Zhiqing who was now in Zhonghai. If he wasn’t mistaken, she did say that the Xiao clan was the best at medicinal pills amongst the three major hidden clans! 

If she was really familiar with pill concoction, he might be able to get answers from her!

“Granny Yan, I suppose we won’t be seeing each other again for a long time. Take care of yourself.”

Yang Chen bade her farewell with a serious expression. Lin Ruoxi too said her goodbyes with a glum expression.

Yan Sanniang’s eyes were brimming with tears but she still smiled before leaving the mansion for real.

She had accompanied Yang Gongming for more than forty years and even though she couldn’t bear to leave this place, she still left with a firm attitude. 

Yang Chen stared into the night sky for some time before turning around to wrap his arms around Lin Ruoxi’s slim waist. “Let’s go in.”

Lin Ruoxi knew Yang Chen would have his own plans so she said nothing and nodded her head instead.

Once they got into their room, Yang Chen pushed Lin Ruoxi into the shower while he memorized the Pill Concocting technique. After fully comprehending it, he reduced it into ashes. 

Lin Ruoxi was already dressed in a semi-transparent sleeveless white nightie when she got out of the shower. Her graceful figure was almost visible under the glow of the light above them. When she lowered her head subconsciously, her wet hair swayed around her like a waterfall.

Because there was a radiator in their room, Lin Ruoxi walked around barefooted. Her white foot on the floor created a starking contrast against it which made Yang Chen excited.

He could no longer care about the scripture as he strode towards her with big steps.


As if Lin Ruoxi knew he would react like this, she glared at him while saying, “Don’t you dare touch me before showering!”

Yang Chen couldn’t refute her. With a sheepish smile, he rushed into the shower and proceeded to shower while whistling.

He got out of the bathroom when he was done and he saw that Lin Ruoxi was looking at her laptop at the desk outside their bedroom instead of lying on the bed.

Yang Chen walked towards her with huge boxer shorts and nothing on top. His face fell when he saw what she was doing. “Dear! Must you work so hard?”

Yang Chen wanted to cry. She was actually using the company’s management system to read through the documents that were sent to her by Zhao Hongyan.

Lin Ruoxi controlled the trackpad with her slender fingers to make some annotations and tick some boxes. She answered him without turning around. “I’m behind in my work. I took over a lot of new estates and small companies so I have got a lot of things to do. It would take more than half a year to settle everything.”

“Let someone else do it. Qianni and Mingyu are busy too, why don’t you hire a professional manager?”

“How can I do that? If I stop working, what would my employees think about me? Those who have accompanied me all these while. What would they think about me? I know that we have more than enough money and that you don’t really care about Yu Lei, but it holds a different meaning to me. My hard work can bring income to thousands of my employees.” Lin Ruoxi said in a serious manner.

“But...but it’s almost 2 o’clock.” Yang Chen sulked.

Lin Ruoxi was amused by his sulky tone and she turned around to beckon him over with her finger while smiling.

Yang Chen lit up and he inched closer with a sneaky smile. “Dear, why are we whispering? There’s only the two of us here though...”

Lin Ruoxi pecked his cheeks and patted his face. “Be a good boy. Your wifey needs to work so why don’t you go to sleep first?”

Lin Ruoxi coaxed him as if she was talking to a child. After saying so, she turned around and continued to read her documents with an indifferent expression.

Yang Chen froze for a while before jumping on the bed with a grudging expression.

Unfortunately, his ‘brother’ who was hard for some time, had gone limp at the shock!

Even though he forced himself on her in her office once, he couldn’t keep doing it!

Once a while was fine since they were very into it, but how could he make it a habit?

Lin Ruoxi did look like she had a lot of things to do and it wasn’t like Yang Chen wasn’t amenable to reason. Nevertheless, Lin Ruoxi’s attitude almost drove him crazy.