Yang Chen had no choice but to watch her work as he contemplated the Samadhi True Fire.

It took almost an hour for Lin Ruoxi to finish up. When she was finished, she stretched her body, yawning in a cute way before turning to look at Yang Chen.

She rolled her eyes when she noticed his antsy gaze. “Must we do it today? We’ve been out for the whole day. We attended the wedding and so many things happened just now. Can’t we do it another day?”

Yang Chen was disappointed but he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t possibly force her into a lovemaking session by exciting her with his True Yuan.

“Dear, what are you thinking about? I’m waiting for you to join me in bed.” Yang Chen said with a stern expression.

 Lin Ruoxi chuckled and crawled onto the bed, speechless at his brazenness.

Yang Chen could smell the scent of jasmine and milk as she laid close to him. The scent was so inviting and mesmerizing.

Under the lamp, her skin glowed like porcelain and her rosy cheeks and lips were temptations for his eyes.

“What are you staring at? Stop looking at me and turn off the lights.”  Lin Ruoxi was already exhausted. After all, she wasn’t like Yang Chen who slept for the heck of it.

Yang Chen turned off the light and rested beside her. He pulled  Lin Ruoxi into his arms and they could literally feel each other’s breath.

Yang Chen was more satisfied with her soft body pressed against his chest. The pointy part of her bust was touching his skin with a thin silk nightie between them. 

Even though Lin Ruoxi wasn’t as flexible as Xiao Zhiqing, she was extraordinarily tender and busty. Every part of her body grew at the right places with a perfect ratio.

 Lin Ruoxi shrank away from his hand, pouting as she mumbled, “Stop touching me and sleep.”

In the dark, Yang Chen chuckled and left his hand on her buttcheeks.

It felt as if he was holding a bouncy meatball.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t care less about his actions even though she knew he was up to mischief again. With her eyes closed, she tried her best to fall asleep.
However, as they kept breathing, the hot air coming from Yang Chen’s nose landed on her eyelashes and cheeks. It was hot and moist which disrupted her sleep. She rolled over in an attempt to avoid it
Yang Chen’s hand was forced to leave her butt and all he could see was her backside.

Although he could still smell the fragrance from her hair, it didn’t cheer him up.

Yang Chen raised his hand and turned on the lights.

The harsh light made Lin Ruoxi pout. “What are you doing? I said I want to sleep.”

Yang Chen sat up with a firm expression. “ Lin Ruoxi, get up.”

Even though she wasn’t willing to do so, she still obliged when he had called her full name in a serious tone. She pouted while saying, “What?”

“What’s with your attitude?”

Lin Ruoxi was confused as she stared at his sulky face. “What did I do? I said I’m tired, we can talk about it tomorrow.”

Yang Chen shook his head strongly. “I’m not talking about that. I want to ask you, why did you turn around when I wanted to hug you to sleep? Our wedding just ended a few days ago and we’ve just started to share a room. How could you turn your back to me!”

 Lin Ruoxi no longer had her usual cold and icy demeanor and she pouted with a dazed expression, “I didn’t, I can’t sleep because of your hot breath.” 

“Hot breath?”

It dawned on him then and he quickly grabbed two tissues from the headboard before rolling it into two small balls.

 Lin Ruoxi watched curiously, not knowing what he was trying to do.

Soon enough, Yang Chen stuffed the tissue balls into the nostrils but part of it was dangling out of his nose as it was too long.

Yang Chen spoke in a muffled voice, “Alright, I can’t breathe through my nose now. Even if I suffocate to death, I won’t let my wife sleep with her back facing me!”

Lin Ruoxi was about to lose her mind but it was also amusing to see his wacky and serious behavior. All her doziness was almost gone because of him.

She pulled the tissues from his nostrils and threw it aside before looking at him with an amused expression.

“What, I thought you hated my breath.” Yang Chen sounded displeased.

 Lin Ruoxi reached up to pinch his cheeks.

“No wonder Mom told me that men were kids. Look at you, you were quite mature and chill back then, why did you become so childish recently? You even learned how to act vulnerable. Am I your wife or your mom?”

Yang Chen scratched his head. “I’m just trying to fight for my rights as your husband.”

 Lin Ruoxi sighed. “Fine, fine, stop acting vulnerable. I promise you, I won’t turn around anymore.”

Yang Chen brightened up immediately. “That’s my girl. Come, lie down while I turn off the lights.”

Having said so, they returned to their original position. Yang Chen hugged her with a contented expression, not forgetting to place his hand back onto her buttcheeks.

However, due to the disruption, both of them were no longer drowsy.

They listened to each other breathe for half an hour.

“Dear, I can’t sleep. What should I do?”

 Lin Ruoxi sighed helplessly. “Same.”

Yang Chen suddenly said, “How about this? Dear, why don’t you sing me a lullaby? Do you know how to sing one? Like the lullaby for kids.”

“Why are you so random? Just count lambs.”

“Lambs? That’s food. I’ll salivate if I count lambs. I don’t mind having saliva on my pillow but I can’t let you smell it to sleep, right?”

Lin Ruoxi was afraid he would say anything shocking so she gave in. “Fine, I’ll sing you a lullaby but I don’t really remember the lyrics so just bear with it. You have to sleep after this.”


 Lin Ruoxi felt as though she was putting her son to bed but it wasn’t like she had a choice. She could only hope Yang Chen would return normal in the morning.

 Lin Ruoxi cleared her throat and started to pat his back lightly while singing. “Go to sleep, go to sleep my dear baby. Mommy will cradle to sleep, go to sleep. The night has fallen silent and the blanket is warm.”

Yang Chen suddenly shuddered.

 Lin Ruoxi was startled. “Hubby, what’s wrong?”

Yang Chen sat up and quickly turned on the lights again.

Lin Ruoxi widened her dewy eyes and stared at him with a surprised expression as he panted in front of her.

After a while, Yang Chen turned around stiffly. He glanced at  Lin Ruoxi who was in a daze before gulping. “Dear, I’m sorry.”


“I forgot you were tone-deaf.”

She finally understood it. Yang Chen didn’t like her singing.

Well, what she didn’t know what that it wasn’t just bad, it was completely offbeat!

“Hmph, don’t listen to it then if it sounds bad! Sleep!” 

 Lin Ruoxi became red and was about to turn around when Yang Chen pounced onto her.

He pressed his face close to her but Lin Ruoxi ignored him with her eyes closed.
“Dear.” Yang Chen smirked. “I was really planning to sleep but your ‘lullaby’ woke me up like an alarm. I’m so awake now.”

“What does it have to do with me?”  Lin Ruoxi grunted.

Yang Chen gulped. “Of course it does. It’s almost four o’clock now and the sun is almost up. There’s no reason to sleep now. Why don’t we do something meaningful?”