Lin Ruoxi blushed, well aware of his intentions. Even though she was no longer a virgin, it was still an embarrassing thing for her.

Therefore, she chose to feign innocence by shrinking back while gripping the blanket tightly.

Yang Chen licked his lips. The more nervous she felt, the more excited his conquest would feel.

With a smirk, Yang Chen got off her body and crawled backward.

Lin Ruoxi felt his weight lift off her body and she assumed he had given up on it. However, something didn’t feel quite right!

A chilly breeze had caressed her feet the moment her blanket was being pulled up from below!

Lin Ruoxi gasped. “Hey! You...what are you doing!”
Yang Chen had crawled under the blankets and with his grip on her legs, he tried to push her nightie up!

It was as if a bull was forcing its way into her crotch, revealing her thin purplish-red lace pantie in the process! 

Possibly because she was no longer a maiden, Lin Ruoxi wore a sexy G-string which was very uncharacteristic for her. The string was so thin, it literally went in between her butt crack. It looked as though she wasn’t wearing anything beneath her nightie!

Yang Chen was so excited that he pushed his face into her crotch, relishing in the scent of the lovely woman.

Adrenaline was pulsing through his veins as he inhaled her scent which caused him to growl.

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned completely scarlet at his action.

“’s itchy…”

Lin Ruoxi tried to close her legs together to block Yang Chen but she couldn’t muster enough strength to do so!

It only made it more comfortable for Yang Chen with his face being squished between her tender thighs.

Somehow, Yang Chen’s breath started to land on Lin Ruoxi’s inner thighs and she could feel him move as he made his advances at her!
Lin Ruoxi didn’t dare look down but she knew exactly what he was doing since his head was already between her crotch!

She never would’ve imagined this but Yang Chen had already exceeded her imagination!

Lin Ruoxi started to tremble as her sanity started to creep out of her mind.

Down her waist, she was dripping wet as Yang Chen kept pleasing her.

Even though she couldn’t imagine his tongue going into her, she couldn’t deny the immense pleasure that she was feeling!

It took around ten minutes for her to reach her peak and with a long moan, her body went stiff and she panted.

At this time, Yang Chen crawled out of the blanket and his face was red from holding his breath. With a grin, he wiped the fluid off his face.

“Dear, you’re so wet hehe. Since I made you feel so good, shouldn’t you return the favor?”

Lin Ruoxi only snapped out of it and when she saw the water stain on his face! 

With a flushed face, she turned around with her eyes closed before speaking in a thin voice.

“I...I don’t know how…”

Yang Chen guffawed. She looked like she would’ve cried if he probed her any further.

Speaking of which, it was actually his first time going this far for a woman. Even though he had his fair share of experience with women, he had never pleased any of them.

At the same time, he didn’t have time to think much about it since his shaft was already rock hard.

He laid on top of Lin Ruoxi and once he had found his target, he inserted himself into her.

The moment he closed the distance between them, Yang Chen let out a long breath. If it wasn’t for his high endurance, he would’ve already come!

As moans started to escape Lin Ruoxi’s mouth subconsciously, Yang Chen began to thrust into her vigorously.

The air outside their room was chilly which was the exact opposite of the heated atmosphere inside.

Due to their passionate night together, both of them slept in till afternoon and were woken up by Guo Xuehua for lunch. 
Even though Yang Chen didn’t really need to sleep, he wasn’t willing to wake up when Lin Ruoxi was still fast asleep in his arms.

After being woken up by Guo Xuehua, only then Lin Ruoxi realized that she had overslept. She punched Yang Chen’s chest out of embarrassment, worrying that her reputation had gone bad in the Yang clan. 

Just as she had expected, the servants were throwing suggestive glances at them as they walked to the dining hall.

Well, it could be part of her imagination since Yang Chen didn’t seem to notice anything.

They stepped into the dining hall where Yang Gongming and Guo Xuehua were waiting for them. To their surprise, Yang Pojun was there too.

He looked less reserved and more down-to-earth without his military uniform.

However, his face still remained dark just as it always did whenever he saw Yang Chen.

Yang Pojun snorted when he saw Yang Chen. “How impudent of you to make your elders wait for you”

Yang Chen furrowed his brows but he said nothing about it. Lin Ruoxi, on the other hand, apologized with a meek voice. 

Guo Xuehua signaled Yang Pojun with his eyes and said, “Come on, it’s normal for youngsters to sleep in. Do you really think everyone is a soldier like you? Ruoxi, come sit next to me. Don’t be afraid of him. Your father-in-law has always been like this.”

Yang Chen could sense it. She must have reconciled with Yang Pojun and for all he knew, they could be sleeping with each other again.

Technically, having experienced so many things, Yang Chen was no longer bothered by the way Yang Pojun treated him or whether he was really his father.

It didn’t mean that he was an open-minded person, nor did he care about paternal love. With his current status, Yang Pojun wasn’t a threat to him.
Rather than squabbling with him, he should just let things slide so that his mother and his wife could rest easy.

After all, he wasn’t the only person living in this world.

Especially after he had made the decision to return to the Yang clan, Yang Chen had slowly come to a realization. He really had to be mindful of those who were close to him.

Yang Gongming motioned the servants to serve them baijiu and he took a sip from his cup before chuckling, “I haven’t been able to have lunch with so many people for a long time. It really feels good to have some company once again.”

He didn’t seem to be affected by Yan Sanniang’s departure, judging by his cheerful face.

Guo Xuehua and Yang Pojun were slightly dejected and awkward because of her absence from the clan.

It wouldn’t make sense to say that they weren’t close to her since Yan Sanniang practically watched Yang Pojun grow up and she was also there to witness his marriage with Guo Xuehua.

The atmosphere in the dining hall was pretty harmonious once lunch had started. Guo Xuehua seemed rather delighted. She was obviously aware that they had intercourse last night, seeing how she kept adding food into Lin Ruoxi’s bowl as if she was trying to praise her for her hard work.

Yang Chen kept scooping rice into his mouth and only spoke up when Yang Gongming asked him questions. He didn’t even bother to make eye contact with Yang Pojun.

Just when they were almost done with lunch, Yang Gongming asked abruptly, “Yang Chen, Ruoxi, when are you guys planning to return to Zhonghai?”

Lin Ruoxi turned to look at Yang Chen. She was willing to leave Yang Chen in charge in front of their elders.

“There’s nothing left for us to do in Beijing so we’ll probably return this afternoon or tomorrow.”

Yang Chen grinned and asked him, “Why? Are you feeling lonely? Do you want me to introduce you to anyone?”

“What are you blabbering about!” Yang Pojun reprimanded him.

Yang Chen rolled his eyes. “That wasn’t directed towards you, why are you getting anxious for?”


“That’s enough!” Guo Xuehua tried to stop them. “Yang Pojun, what are you doing? Father didn’t even say anything. Who are you to butt in? Yang Chen has always been so flippant, you’ll get used to it eventually!”

Yang Chen was conflicted. Was she helping him or insulting him? 

Yang Gongming ignored it and continued his sentence, “I was trying to tell you to leave the day after tomorrow.”


“Eh...youngsters nowadays, have you guys forgotten about the Mid-Autumn Festival?” Yang Gongming sounded sorry for them.

Mid-Autumn? Yang Chen was dumbfounded. He calculated the dates and realized that the Mid-Autumn Festival was just around the corner since it was already mid-September!

Back in the day, he couldn’t care less about festivals like this. But now that he had a family, celebrating it with them seemed like a very promising prospect!