Yang Chen wasn’t about to let her get a hit off. With speeds faster than lightning, he grabbed the broom from her and used it to slap her right cheek!

“Ouch!” the woman screamed.

She staggered onto the floor while holding her numb cheek. With a dizzy head, she got up and pointed at Yang Chen.

“Somebody please come! He hit me! Come out here!” She shouted.

The people in the house quickly dashed out at her pleas. Based on the commotion, they knew that something had gone wrong.

After a short while, three tall and grouchy men ran out of the door with a frivolous middle-aged woman.

“Sister Hua! What happened to you! Who are they?!” A bearded man asked her.

Sister Hua cupped her cheek while wailing, “It’s all their fault! The little wretches! They invited these troublemakers in. They’re accusing us of child labor and they hit me when I tried to teach them a lesson!”

“Damn it, how could they do this! Let’s get them!”

The buff man roared and charged towards Yang Chen with two others behind him!

However, they had underestimated Yang Chen’s abilities. With the broom, he knocked their ankles and they all fell down immediately!

Yang Chen tossed the broom and lifted the man up by gripping his collar

The man broke out into cold sweat when his feet left the ground. How was it possible for Yang Chen to do this? He was over two hundred pounds!

“Bro...brother, forgive me! Forgive me!”

The little girls lifted their heads warily and they stared at Yang Chen with glinting eyes, realizing that Yang Chen had defeated them singlehandedly.

The boys watched him anxiously while the other woman typed on her phone secretly as if she was trying to send a message out.
“Shut up!”

Yang Chen was getting impatient and he threw the man down. The man rolled away immediately, not daring to move any nearer.

Yang Chen said flatly, “Stop shouting and tell me, where do the kids come from?”

The plump woman turned docile when she realized Yang Chen was a formidable opponent. She retreated far behind before replying to him, “Sir...don’t misunderstand. We...we are not bad people…” 

“Huh,” Yang Pojun said with an authoritative voice. “Bold of you to call yourselves good guys. Are they really willing to work?”

The back of their hair stood up, feeling intimidated by his attitude. A retired commander was still a commander in the past.

“Sir, we really aren’t bad guys...these kids have parents and they left them in our care. Their parents asked them to work. We’re just taking care of them on their behalf…” Sister Hua sounded wronged.

“How is that possible! No parents would let their children sell expired mooncakes. Also, you abused them, we saw their wounds!” Guo Xuehua widened her eyes out of indignance.

The men and women's faces fell whereas the children shrank by the side, not daring to say anything.

At this moment, the sound of emergency breaks could be heard from outside.

A truck and a minivan stopped outside with the words ‘Law Enforcement’ stuck on it!

Soon, six men ran out of the car dressed in the Law Enforcement uniform. Each of them was holding a stun baton with frowns on their face.

The leading man was a bald one. He glanced over Yang Chen and others before landing his gaze on Lin Ruoxi.

“What’s going on?! I heard that someone trespassed and is wreaking havoc here?!”

“Hubby! Save me!”

The other woman rushed forward and hugged his arm. She pointed at Yang Chen while chiding, “It’s them. They barged in and he even hit Sister Hua and others. They even accused us of child labor!”

The bald officer snickered. “How dare you! Who do you think you are? How dare you accuse others of breaking the law? You’re breaking the law! This is trespassing!” 

Yang Chen finally understood it now. No wonder they dared to do this. They had an officer backing them!

Guo Xuehua exchanged gazes with Yang Pojun and they were both equally furious. Compared to Yang Chen, they were extremely infuriated to see this happen in Beijing.

Even though Lin Ruoxi was furious, she knew she wasn’t of any use so she stood behind Yang Chen and glared at them coldly. 

“Hah, I’m pretty sure you guys are law enforcement officers, not police officers. How dare you sound so bold when they’ve committed child trafficking and child labor? Are you in charge of Beijing?”

“Hehe.” The bald man smirked. “Are you guys from somewhere else? You should not meddle in other people’s business. I, Liu Yue, am the most powerful person here!”

“Oh, you’re Liu Yue. Why aren’t you called Liu Chan? You should have been aborted. Tsk tsk, what a shame that you mom wasted nine months on someone like you.” Yang Chen shook his head.

“You bastard did you just insult me?! Let me tell you something! Don’t think you can talk law with me just because you’re educated. I’ll be honest with you, you can sue me all you want and I won’t even tremble! These children are left in their care by their parents. It has nothing to do with us! The things that they were asked to do, their parents should be held responsible for this, not us! We did nothing wrong!” Liu Yue said cockily.

Yang Chen and the others didn’t believe it when Sister Hua said the children weren’t abducted but when Liu Yue said the same thing, they became puzzled.

Guo Xuehua furrowed her brows. “Are you guys kidding me? The kids look around seven to eight years old, which is the elementary school age. How can their parents leave them to work here!”

“I don’t care if you believe us! You guys should leave this place. We aren’t easy targets if you dare to fight us. No one would dare to say anything if we incapacitate you guys and put you in jail!” Liu Yue said with a vicious gaze. 

“How dare you! I don’t believe it, how can a law enforcement officer be so powerful!”

Yang Pojun was furious. He had been a soldier for years and when fury took over him, he could no longer hold himself back in the face of tyrants.

While growling, Yang Pojun dashed forward and landed a kick on Liu Yue’s chest!

Even though he wasn’t a master and had not participated in hand-to-hand combat in years, he still managed to knock Liu Yue down. 

“Boss! Are you okay?!”

Liu Yue covered his chest and he said in an exasperated manner. “What are you guys doing! Finish him!”

The other officers finally snapped out of it and they raised their stun batons at Yang Pojun!

Yang Pojun seemed to be struggling as the five people surrounded him with their stun batons.

Guo Xuehua was getting anxious and she gripped Yang Chen’s shoulder. “Son, don’t just stare! Help him!”

Yang Chen didn’t expect Yang Pojun to be so righteous, to the point that he would fight the officers for the children. He chuckled at Guo Xuehua’s words and said, “Don’t worry, he won’t get hurt when I’m here. He might think of me as a hindrance if I helped him.”

“You guys are truly father and son! Both of you are equally stubborn!” Guo Xuehua scolded him.

At this time, Yang Pojun’s wounded arm throbbed suddenly! 

Just as Yang Pojun paused because of the pain, the stun batons came close to his head!

Yang Chen’s reflexes were quicker than him and he managed to block the batons with his arm before it hit Yang Pojun’s head!

Naturally, nothing happened to Yang Chen’s arm.

Yang Chen said nothing and he grabbed one of the batons to whip the officers with it!