Liuzi was still young and even though he listened to Yang Chen attentively, it was difficult for him to process. 

“Big brother, were you beaten up too last time?”

Yang Chen nodded firmly.

The boys’ eyes glinted as if they had found hope. They were all looking forward to avenging themselves when they grew up!

Lin Ruoxi’s heart warmed at the sight of her husband encouraging the kids. But at the same time, there was a burning hole in her heart.

“Xuehua, what should we do?” Yang Pojun returned to his senses and he started thinking about ways to solve this matter.

Guo Xuehua dried her tears before saying, “We can’t let them go. Capture all of them and interrogate them. They have to be sentenced accordingly.” 

Cold sweat dripped down officers’ foreheads when they heard that. They were so confident a moment ago.
“Big…big sister! Forgive us! We didn’t kill anyone and we can’t be fully blamed for this!” Liu Yue willed and begged.

Guo Xuehua snorted. “Relax, we’ll capture everyone who’s involved with this!”

Having said so, she turned to Lin Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, I remember that your company has some sort of mass media?”

Lin Ruoxi seemed to understand her intentions and she nodded while saying, “Mom, are you planning to let them report about this?”

“That's right,” Guo Xuehua said. “Our clan might be powerful but interfering with the government is a different thing. For them to be punished, we need the government's help so that these children and their parents can be saved. The best way to do it is to let the media report about this. If that wasn’t the case, God knows how long it would take.”

Lin Ruoxi thought it made perfect sense.

This wasn’t a hard thing to do but without the Yang clan’s support, the government would have shut the news out before it was officially released. 

With such strong support, the media could now report the dark underbelly of society without repercussions.

“We might be able to build orphanages and primary schools but we wouldn’t have sufficient manpower. We will still need to rely on greater support.” Guo Xuehua sighed. “Having witnessed so many disheartening things, it’s becoming harder for me to let go of my work.”

The rest listened to her in silence.

Guo Xuehua was the most experienced in taking care of things like this. Officers from various departments were summoned over and they searched through the district. Just as they had suspected, child abuse was a serious matter here.

Since Guo Xuehua and Yang Pojun grew up in Beijing, they were familiar with officials who would try to please them.

Even though the Yang clan’s reputation was slightly affected by Yang Gongming’s bloodline, it didn’t really cause much damage because of their deep-rooted authority. They might look down at the Yang clan behind their backs, but they wouldn’t dare to do anything in front of their faces.

The children were all sent over to the nearest orphanage and the staff from Guo Xuehua’s charity organisation would send them necessities and also contact their parents in regards to their education.

Although Guo Xuehua was used to it, getting it done in a day was still a challenge.

The sky had already darkened by the time they bade goodbye to the children and made their way home.

Yang Gongming wasn’t anxious from their late return since he had already received a call from them earlier on. He motioned the servants to serve dinner when he realized they were home. “Xuehua, you made the right choice. These children really needed your help.” Yang Gongming complimented his daughter-in-law while sipping on alcohol.

Guo Xuehua forced a smile. “Father, it might be solved for now but I just can’t feel at ease.”

“Tell me, is there anything I could do to help you out?”

Guo Xuehua analyzed the situation for him. “I think the biggest problem is the wealth gap. Their parents came to the city to earn some money for their families but they couldn’t even afford to raise their children. These outsiders don’t have residency in Beijing so obviously their children would not have one either. They were raised in Beijing and the kids that they’ve met on the streets are well taken care of. They get to go to school. Their parents own a house and a car. They’ve been feeling inferior to them since young and if they grew up without proper education, proper background or even identity! They are still young now so they wouldn’t think much about it, but by the time they understand the importance of this, it would be too late. There would be no future left for them.”

Yang Gongming sipped his baijiu and nodded along silently.    

“I can give them a place to stay and food to eat. I can also give them an opportunity to study but that’s all I can help with. There are so many cities across the nation and it’s not just Beijing. I’m sure this is happening in Zhonghai too. I just can’t feel at ease at the thought of other children suffering in places that I’ve never been to.” Guo Xuehua put down her chopsticks, having lost her appetite.

Lin Ruoxi bit her chopstick. “Now that Mom mentioned it, I’m reminded of Zhenxiu. She must have felt so hopeless back when she was a street vendor. She’s a good kid. I heard from Yanyan that she used to be a delinquent but she turned over a new leaf afterwards. I’m worried about how society will treat them.”

The atmosphere turned heavy suddenly.

“Dear, have a drumstick. The black-boned chicken smells so good. It’s nutritious for you too!”

Yang Chen placed a drumstick into Lin Ruoxi’s bowl while holding the other piece in his hand.

Lin Ruoxi would have glared at his heartless behavior. Nutritious my ass! How could he still have an appetite in such a gloomy mood?

Well, considering Yang Chen’s words this afternoon, his behavior didn’t seem weird at all.

It was normal. How would he feel anything from their suffering?

Maybe he was able to face it cheerfully because he had been in a much more despairing situation.

“Don’t you have anything to say? Look at you enjoying your food.” Lin Ruoxi asked.

Yang Chen mumbled, “It’s only been less than two years since I got back. I know these things can’t be changed easily. If you come across it, you can help. If you don’t, you would never know. It’s true that they have suffered a lot but there’s plenty of children out there who are in the same situation. How can you help all of them?”

Yang Gongming’s lips twitched. “You're really open-minded huh, are you trying to say that we’re worrying too much?”

“That's not what I meant but I really don’t have anything to say.” Yang Chen turned to Guo Xuehua. “How about this? Mom, if you need money for your charity fund, I can lend some to you. I’ll charge you a lower interest rate than the bank.” 

“Go away, who wants your money?” Guo Xuehua rolled her eyes at him in a joking manner.

When they were almost done with dinner, Yang Chen inched close to Lin Ruoxi and whispered into her ear, “Dear, I’m going out later to take care of something. I might be home late so you can sleep first if you’re tired.”

Lin Ruoxi contemplated for a while before saying, “You are going to find Sister Cai Ning right?”

Yang Chen was startled. “How did you know that?”

“You didn’t want me to know where you were going and this is the only plausible reason,” Lin Ruoxi gave him a side-eye. “Of course I’ll sleep first when I’m sleepy. Who would wait for you?”

Even though she wasn’t willing to accept it, she was also unable to stop him. She could only express her displeasure through her words.

Yang Chen stroked his hair with a silly grin. Cai Ning and Tang Wan probably wouldn’t return to Zhonghai so early so he ought to give them the Bodhi pills tonight. Especially for Cai Ning who was now in the Xiantian phase. Perhaps tonight was going to be her breakthrough.