After dinner, Yang Chen headed straight to the Tang mansion.

Ever since the incident with Yan Buwen, Tang clan members had been terrified of Yang Chen and as a result, welcomed him with smiles on their faces.

Even though Tang Zheshen had passed away, the Tang clan was still the wealthiest of the four major clans. Their business empire was planted throughout the world. The loss of a political leader did not affect international business.

As for the inheritance of the clan, people were surprised to know how peaceful it turned out to be.

Tang Wan volunteered to give up the inheritance to Tang Huang, who had also kept his hands off of her Maple Group.

Well, Yang Chen’s contributions to these changes were very present. As long as Yang Chen remained on Tang Wan’s side, no one dared to oppose her.

Yang Chen ran to Tang Wan’s mansion after dismissing the servants.

She was already waiting for him there since Yang Chen has already notified her of his arrival. 

Once Yang Chen got into the mansion, he immediately noticed Tang Wan sitting on the sofa while looking at a tablet.

From the side, Yang Chen could see her bust under her wide collar. Even though she was wearing a purple lace bra, her breasts weren’t fully covered. Few strands of hair were draped around her slender neck, emitting an alluring vibe.

Yang Chen almost gulped at the spectacles she was wearing. It made her exude an intellectual vibe while maintaining her seductive looks.

“You're here.” Tang Wan looked up and smiled gently when she heard the doorknob turning.

“Why are you wearing glasses?” Yang Chen wondered if she was trying to seduce him.

“Oh, it has no prescription. It helps me stay focused.” Tang Wan took off her spectacles and placed the tablet aside. She leaned on the sofa and smiled at Yang Chen with her head cocked to the side. “Lin Ruoxi didn’t follow you?”

Yang Chen was puzzled at her question. “Why would she follow me?”

“Oh…I thought she would be worried about us being together.”

With a bitter smile, he said to her, “You're exaggerating things. She’s hostile towards you because you keep joking around her.”

“I wasn’t joking. If I was ten years younger. I would have ensured your divorce. I wouldn’t want to be a mistress.” Tang Wan bared her teeth.

Yang Chen walked forward and wrapped his arms around her waist. He lifted her easily and proceeded to throw her onto his shoulders!

“Hey! What are you doing! Aren’t you supposed to help me with my cultivation?!” Tang Wan’s face went scarlet.

Yang Chen spanked her perky butt, causing it to bounce in response.

“Who asked you to babble nonsense? It’s still early now, we can still cultivate after your punishment.”

Having said so, he strode upstairs.

For the following hour, they shared an intense lovemaking session on Tang Wan’s bed.

Tang Wan was lying on the bed panting when Yang Chen patted her perky butt in a smug manner. “Don’t be lazy, sit up and cultivate properly.”

Yang Chen ignored her protests and he took out a Bodhi pill from the Sumeru ring before placing it next to her mouth.

Tang Wan was fascinated by it and she sniffed the pill in a playful manner. “It smells like herbs.”

Yang Chen’s lips twitched. “This was made by mixing all sorts of herbs, it couldn’t possibly smell like butter right?”

Tang Wan swallowed the pill and sat up obediently with crossed legs.

Having trained and cultivated Yang Chen’s scripture for a while now, Tang Wan’s physical condition had improved significantly. 

The Bodhi pill might be a low-quality pill but it was still a perfect tonic for Tang Wan who wasn’t even in the Xiantian stage!

Yang Chen insisted on guarding her, worried that the spiritual energy backlash was too intense for her.

Ten minutes later, Tang Wan’s meridians started to swell as expected.

The spiritual energy bounced around her meridians and Tang Wan frowned at the painful sensation of pricking needles.

“Stay focused. Direct the energy to your dantian by using your acupressure points as guidance.” Yang Chen guided her nervously. 

Compared to Rose, Tang Wan was struggling to follow his directions. Obviously her cultivation would increase greatly if she got through this phase but if something went wrong, she would suffer from a serious internal injury!

Tang Wan’s skin started to turn red as more spiritual energy was used up, Yang Chen knew it was an indication that her capillaries were starting to rupture.

Having left with no choice, Yang Chen had to summon a surge of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to protect and heal her. Even though it was disadvantageous to her cultivation, slower progress was infinitely better than irreversible damage. 

As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for the lack of time and his desperation, Yang Chen wouldn’t have given them the pills now. It would’ve been safer to wait for another year.

Fortunately, Tang Wan forced herself to stay strong and she managed to preserve until her scripture was revolving in her body steadily. 

Yang Chen breathed out in relief. Based on her current speed, she would need around three hours to absorb the pill fully and by then, she should be at the final phase of the Houtian stage.

It wasn’t surprising since this pill was meant for cultivators in the Xiantian stage and the Soul Forming stage. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s protection and scripture, she wouldn’t be able to survive this since her foundation wasn’t solid enough.

Most importantly, a cultivator in the mundane world wouldn’t even have gotten a chance to obtain these pills from Hongmeng.

With this in mind, Yang Chen became more resolute to look for ingredients. Well, he needed to master the Samadhi True Fire before being able to manufacture his own pills.

Now that Tang Wan was already feeling alright, Yang Chen decided to leave after whispering goodbye into her ears.

Tang Wan couldn’t be bothered to react as she was deeply immersed in absorbing the spiritual energy and nourishing her meridians with it.

It felt as if her dead skin cells were being replaced with new ones and she could feel everything around her so clearly.

On the other side, Yang Chen arrived at the Cai clan rather quickly.

The Cai clan was more isolated since it was within the military zone. Yang Chen’s car had a military sign so he didn’t have to waste time at the security checkpoint.

Just when he was about to walk the main gate after parking his car, Cai Ning showed up.

He was startled to see her. “Ning’er, you’ve been waiting for me?”

Cai Ning shushed with her finger and beckoned Yang Chen over. “Follow me, let’s go through the backdoor.”

Yang Chen was puzzled. “What’s wrong? Why should we go through the backdoor?”

Cai Ning closed the door carefully before saying, “We might bump into my mom if we walk through the front door. She will definitely talk to you and she just told my dad to bring me to your place for the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Yang Chen felt awkward but it wasn’t unexpected. She could come if she wished as it wasn’t his choice to decide. But then again, if she really showed up, their Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be a peaceful one.

Yang Chen sighed and gripped her hand. “Thank you for being so thoughtful.”

She was always so meticulous.

Yang Chen knew she was doing this for his sake. She waited for him here because she didn’t want to cause him trouble. She always knew what was best for him without him saying a word.

Cai Ning was abashed by interactions like this. She blushed and pursed her lips, unsure of what to say.

With Cai Ning’s lead, they went into her room through the backdoor.

Yang Chen breathed in the scent in her room. “Ning’er, you’re in the Xiantian stage right?”

He didn’t mean anything from it. He was just asking this since he noticed it from the battle with Yan Buwen. However, Cai Ning completely misunderstood him.

Her face was flushed red and with her head sticking to her chest. Her next words had Yang Chen completely dumbstruck.

“ you want it today?”