There were three Mercedes Benz S600 parked in front of their villa which meant that their unexpected guest wasn’t an ordinary person.

Well-built bodyguards with black suits and sunglasses stood next to the cars, bowing to them respectfully upon their arrival.

Yang Chen examined their faces and thought they didn’t look Chinese. He tested his suspicions by asking in Korean, “Korean?”

One of the bodyguards nodded and said, “Mr. Yang, long time no see.”

Yang Chen remembered who it was. Weren’t they the same guys from the Starmoon Group, the ones who came to find Zhenxiu last time?

Just as he had suspected, the man he was looking for walked out the door.

Park Jonghyun was still as elegant as ever, wearing a casual black suit with a white shirt. He even had a black bowtie on with his hair combed back.

“Mr. Yang, President Lin, I heard you two will be coming back this morning.”

Yang Chen shook hands with the ‘pretty boy’, whereas Lin Ruoxi nodded to him.

“Mr. Park, are you here for Zhenxiu?” Yang Chen raised one of his eyebrows and asked.

Park Jonghyun nodded with a bitter smile. “Grandfather can’t last any longer and I’ve come here to persuade my cousin to return to Korea. It is his wish to see her before he dies.”

“President Park Cheon...he isn’t getting better?” Lin Ruoxi sounded sorry.

As a businesswoman, Lin Ruoxi was well aware of Park Cheon’s influence in Asia as the founder of the Starmoon Group. He was a respectable person, who so happened to be one of the top ten billionaires in Asia. 

Park Jonghyun sighed. “Grandfather was diagnosed with liver cancer and it’s already the terminal stage. The cancer cells have spread throughout his body and if we hadn’t spent a ton of money on life support, he would’ve passed away months ago.” 

Guo Xuehua said, “Let’s talk about it inside.”

Having been reminded by her, only then they make their way into the living hall. 

Wang Ma and Zhenxiu were seated on the sofa. Zhenxiu’s face was pale and when she noticed their entrance, she forced a smile. “Brother Yang, Sister Ruoxi, Aunt Guo, you guys are back.”

“Zhenxiu, my dear, are you okay?” Guo Xuehua asked nervously.

Zhenxiu smiled while shaking her head. “I’m fine.”

Wang Ma smiled bitterly. “You can’t lie with a pale face.”

Lin Ruoxi stroked her head and looked around before asking, “Wang Ma, where’s Lanlan and Minjuan?”

Wang Ma replied to her, “I didn’t want her to listen to this so I asked Minjuan to bring Lanlan out.”

Lin Ruoxi nodded. Anything was fine as long as she wasn’t taken away by her grandfather.

After everyone had sat down, Park Jonghyun faced Zhenxiu. “Zhenxiu, I know you might not be happy about it but I really hope that you can return to Korea with me. Starmoon Group and our clan need you. But our grandfather needs you the most. I’m sure grandfather will grant all your wishes if you’re willing to return.”
Zhenxiu stayed silent. She was still a mere university student and it was impossible for her to make a decision between her parents’ grudge and her relatives’ beckoning.

Park Jonghyun sounded helpless. “I know I can’t persuade you with this. Grandfather might have made mistakes that you might not have forgiven him for. But this was his final request. Before my departure, Grandfather recorded a video of when he was still conscious. I brought it here so that you can look at it.”
Having said so, Park Jonghyun got up to retrieve a CD from his subordinates before walking to the television to play it with the CD player.

The rest of them stay silent as they wait for the CD to play.

Soon enough, a frail old man appeared on the screen. Although he was lying on a hospital bed, they could see recognize the man who used to dominate the corporate world.

The dying man’s voice was trembling as he spoke but it was still audible.

“My dear, Zhenxiu...I’m your grandfather, Park Cheon. I know I’ve let you down, I’ve let your father and mother down. But please, believe me, the loss of my dearest daughter haunts me day and night. I’ve been living in regret for the past twenty years, over the misjudgments that I’ve made. Perhaps this is my punishment. But I can’t stop feeling remorseful towards you. I know you have been having a hard time in China but please, I beg of you, please come back to meet me for one last time. Starmoon Group belongs to your mother and I want to give it to you.”
He was already in tears at the end of the sentence.

Even though he spoke in Korean, Zhenxiu was still able to understand it due to her mother’s influence in her childhood.

Her eyes were red from the pain in her heart but tears wouldn’t fall and she could only choke with sobs.

Lin Ruoxi gripped Yang Chen’s arms and whispered to him. “Aren’t you able to heal something quickly? Can’t you save Mr. Park Cheon?”

Yang Chen gave a bitter smile. “I could if it were poison or something else. The cancer cells have spread throughout his body and they have damaged his organs. I could remove the cells but I can’t remove his organs just to get rid of the cancer cells, right?” 

Lin Ruoxi didn’t really understand it. Her heart wrenched at the sight of Zhenxiu breaking down. “Then...what should we do? Wait, what about Miss Jane?! She’s so smart, she must be a surgical expert, right?!” 

Yang Chen sighed. “Jane is skilled but she’s not a god. If it was an early or middle stage cancer, she might be able to do it. But there’s no one in the world right now who can cure terminal stage cancer. If Jane could save him, she would’ve publicized the procedures to benefit the people. If that was really the case, no one would ever die from cancer, am I right?” 

“I know...but...Zhenxiu…” Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened and she looked at Zhenxiu with a pained gaze.

Yang Chen took a deep breath and sat next to Zhenxiu, wrapping his arm around her trembling shoulders.

Zhenxiu couldn’t hold it in anymore and she burst into tears with her face buried in Yang Chen’s chest.

The living hall fell silent. Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua were wiping their tears.

Yang Chen waited for her to calm down before stroking her back. “If you feel so strongly about this, go back to Korea. What the future holds can wait but you must at least meet him one last time. 

Zhenxiu looked up with watery eyes. “I’m sorry...Brother Yang.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“You and Sister Ruoxi helped me so much, you sent me to school and I got into university but I have to leave so soon…”

Yang Chen chuckled. “Silly girl, fate brought us together and we did all this for your sake. Being the heir of Starmoon Group is much better than studying in university.” 

Park Jonghyun was thrilled to hear this. “Sis! You...are you really willing to go back?! That’s great! Grandfather can finally feel at ease now!”

Zhenxiu showed him a faint smile. “That’s all that I can do, as for the Starmoon Group, I definitely can’t inherit it…”

“You don’t have to worry about this, as long as you’re willing to return to Korea, we will hire people to groom you. I’m sure with your intelligence and our bloodline, you will definitely be able to take over the group!” Park Jonghyun said excitedly. 

Zhenxiu shrank at his glowing eyes.

Yang Chen clicked his tongue and glared at Park Jonghyun. “Why are you getting excited about it? I won’t let her follow you back if you scare her.”

Park Jonghyun scratched his head out of embarrassment. “I’m truly sorry, it’s just that she means so much to us…”

Yang Chen thought it sounded weird but he couldn’t quite point a finger at it so he said, “If you bully her, I will hunt you to the ends of the earth. Do you understand?”

Park Jonghyun was startled. Even though he knew it was a threat, he still smiled at Yang Chen. “Don’t worry, Mr Yang. We will never mistreat her. She’s the heir to our clan.”