Zhenxiu’s return to Korea was finalized. She had to leave immediately because no one knew how long President Park could last.

Fortunately, Zhenxiu didn’t have to pack much. Anything she couldn’t pack, the Starmoon Group would be able to provide over there.

The only thing left for her to do was hug them goodbye.

When it was Yang Chen’s turn, Zhenxiu tiptoed and pecked his cheek which made him blush slightly.

“Why are you crying? It’s just Korea and it's not that far,” Yang Chen said with a smile.

Zhenxiu’s eyes glinted with hope. “Really? Then you have to come and find me with Sister Ruoxi.”

“You’d better not ignore us when you’ve become the heir to Starmoon Group.” Yang Chen joked.

Zhenxiu pouted and said, “I won’t do that. Who knows if you’ll remember me over the many lovers that you have. You don’t even go back home. I doubt you’ll visit me in Korea.”

Lin Ruoxi glared at Yang Chen at the mention of this and he smiled bitterly as a reply.

This girl, still trying to cause him trouble even when she was about to leave.

Anyhow, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have the mood to do anything to him. She walked up to Zhenxiu and hugged her while saying, “I can’t believe we’re separating so soon. Always remember that this is your home. Remember to study well in Korea.”

Zhenxiu nodded with a serious expression. She was choking with sobs, barely able to say anything. No words could truly describe the gratitude she felt towards them.

The things that touched her the most weren’t money. It was the love and warmth that she felt staying there.

However, President Park Cheon didn’t have a lot of time left, so Zhenxiu got in the car and left the Xijiao Villas with Park Jonghyun right after their farewell.

The atmosphere was kind of blue as they watched her leave. 

Right at that moment, a white Land Rover stopped at the door and a crisp voice rang out from inside as the door opened up.


Lin Ruoxi was still feeling down but her face brightened at Lanlan’s voice.

Lanlan jumped into Lin Ruoxi’s arms from four meters away!

Lin Ruoxi had just opened her arms when Lanlan jumped onto her. If it wasn’t for her training, she would have fallen flat onto the ground!

“Lanlan, did you miss me?”

“Yes! Lanlan wanted to go to Beijing to find you, but Granny Wang said no!” Lanlan felt wronged.

Yang Chen sulked at the side. <i> Fine, she only missed her mom and not her dad. But then again, she still doesn’t like me. </i> 

“You naughty girl. Didn’t I tell you to listen to Granny Wang? Also, be careful next time, didn’t Mommy tell you not to play like this?” Lin Ruoxi pinched her cheeks.

Lanlan hugged Lin Ruoxi’s neck and pouted. “But Aunt Rose said I could play however I like.”

“Aunt Rose?” Lin Ruoxi snapped out of it immediately. Right, Minjuan couldn’t be the one who drove the car.

Just as she had expected, Rose got out of the driver’s seat while chatting with Minjuan.

She was wearing a plain white T-shirt with skinny jeans. Her hair was tied up which made her look less amorous and more youthful. She was obviously dressed to play with Lanlan.

Yang Chen’s eyes brightened when he saw her. Rose had reached a breakthrough?!

He could immediately sense it! Rose had reached the Xiantian stage in a matter of days! 

With the effect of the Bodhi pills and her perception, her cultivation base did improve greatly!

Yang Chen was overjoyed to sense that her aura had surpassed the ordinary form of Xiantian stage, having a rather mystical one!

Obviously, her realm had surpassed the Xiantian True Qi’s strength and with sufficient spiritual energy and time, she would be reaching the Full Cycle and entering the Soul Forming stage soon.

Rose caught Yang Chen’s gaze and she winked at him cheerfully, aware that he had seen through her breakthrough.

Lin Ruoxi witnessed their interaction which obviously made her feel bitter about it. 

“Miss Lin, you're back with Mr Yang. Lanlan has been playing with Miss Rose for the past few days. We just returned from the park.” Minjuan grinned.

Lin Ruoxi nodded and gave a cold stare to Rose. “Thank you for bringing my daughter out to play.”

Rose knew she didn’t like it but she wasn’t afraid of her. “Lanlan’s very cute and it’s been quite fun to bring her around since I’ve got nothing better to do. You’re always busy with work and you don’t have time to take care of her so I did it on your behalf.”
Yang Chen hissed. That was really daring of her.

Cold aura seeped out of Lin Ruoxi’s body and it felt as if their mansion was going to freeze over.

Yang Chen palmed his face. He couldn’t help anyone since they would be spending a long time together and he couldn’t possibly help them all the time. The least he could do was to pretend he heard nothing and console whoever had lost the fight.

Lanlan ignored all of it and giggled. “Mummy, Aunt Rose is so strong. She can throw me up into the air and jump up to catch me!”

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and stared at her daughter. “You did that with her?”

Lanlan could sense her displeasure and she played with her fingers while saying, “Can’t I do that…”

“Of course you can’t! What if you got hurt!” Lin Ruoxi almost coughed at her own words. It was technically impossible for Lanlan to get hurt!

Even so, Lanlan wasn’t allowed to play with Rose, let alone play games that she wasn’t able to do with her!

“You’re a girl and you should play with girls’ toys. Mommy will bring you out today to buy toys, dolls for the playhouse and giant plushies like your panda. You can’t play with other people!” Lin Ruoxi tried to persuade her.

Lanlan looked at her with dewy eyes. “Mommy…Lanlan wants to play with big cars…remote-controlled cars.”

“Yeah, I don’t think Lanlan likes to play house,” Rose interjected. “Lanlan, do you want me to buy you a train set?”

Lanlan nodded with a look of anticipation.

Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth. She could no longer be bothered with gender differences. “Fine, Mommy will buy whatever you want, but you can’t play with your other aunts without Mommy’s permission!”

Lanlan nodded even harder and pecked Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks. “Mommy is the best!”

Lin Ruoxi seemed to have sighed in relief and she cast a proud glance before going inside the villa with Lanlan in her arms.

Rose covered her mother and chuckled. She knew she couldn’t turn Lanlan into her daughter. But teasing Lin Ruoxi was too fun to pass up.

Yang Chen didn’t follow her and waited for the others to leave before walking to Rose.

He grabbed her hands and swung it while saying, “Not bad, Babe. You didn’t slack off when I was not around. How does it feel to be in the Xiantian stage?”

Rose contemplated before saying, “How should I say this, everything feels new but I can’t help but feel like there is a limiter on my abilities. I know I can do better but I can’t seem to materialize it.”

“It’s because of your realm. I thought I was the only genius at cultivation but it turns out that my woman is the same as me. Tsk tsk, we’re really the perfect match.” Yang Chen sounded pleased.

Rose smiled at his words and said, “Aren’t you afraid that your wife will punish you for standing with me?”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “Can’t you see that she only has eyes for Lanlan? I bet she wouldn’t even remember me until it’s time for dinner. Let’s go somewhere quiet. I want to look at your cultivation progress.”

Rose was confused. “Do you really need to look at it? Is there anything else that I would need to keep in mind moving forward?”

They chatted as they made their way towards the hill where they usually trained.

“I don’t mean it that way but there are differences between theory and practical applications. I have to guide you so that you can improve faster. I’ll be going somewhere far soon and although there are guards and I can protect you by teleporting back, you would still need to be able to defend yourself.”

Rose was surprised at his future trip. “Didn’t you just return from Beijing, why are you leaving again?”

Yang Chen didn’t have anything to hide from her so he told her everything. He began with the incident in Beijing, the fact that he was trying to master the Samadhi True Fire and that he was trying to look for the ingredients for pill concocting.