They had reached the hill after conversing for a little while.

Rose furrowed her brows. “In that case, how would you know where or what they are? Going at it blind is not efficient.”

Yang Chen sighed. “I was thinking about this too, but you’ve tried the pill and you know that even though it’s risky, it’s worth the risk. I know someone who might be able to help me.”

Yang Chen naturally meant Xiao Zhiqing. He had been meaning to find her but he couldn’t do so since he had just come back from Beijing.

As for Lin Ruoxi’s feelings, Yang Chen couldn’t care less.

Rose didn’t probe further. 

The autumn wind was strong and chilly on the hill.

Rose stood onto a stone and her hair was blown with the wind.

“Hubby, how am I supposed to demonstrate it?” Rose asked.

Yang Chen pointed at his chest. “Try to attack me with your Xiantian True Qi. Do it however you feel comfortable.”

“Wouldn’t you get hurt?” Rose furrowed her brows.

Yang Chen chuckled. “Relax, it wouldn’t have any effect on me.”

Rose no longer hesitated when she heard that. While holding her breath, she started to summon her Xiantian True Qi from her body.

Suddenly, a blue cone made out of air fell on top of Yang Chen’s head!

Yang Chen stayed still and waved his hands upwards, causing the True Qi to disperse!

Rose’s True Qi belonged to the water element and it vanished from the air in the form of splashes.

“Is that it?” Yang Chen asked.

Rose seemed disappointed. “You're making me look weak. I used seventy percent of my True Qi to make that and you just waved it off.”

Yang Chen rubbed his chin. “The ‘dao’ which you have grasped is useful. Your attack was so sudden and it looked like it appeared from nowhere. Besides, it also has a strong impulsive force. You might have an advantage if you meet an opponent who’s at the same level as you since. But, if they were any smarter, they would’ve seen through it and dodged it easily.”
“If I trained more, I’m sure I can come up with more techniques,” Rose said confidently.

Yang Chen contemplated for a while before saying, “Babe, I can't really tell you how to use your own ‘dao’ but I think you can’t stray too far from the roots. Remember the first feeling you had? Try to advance it in that direction and use it with your True Qi. Perhaps you might achieve something different.”
Rose thought about it for a moment before closing her eyes.

Yang Chen smiled. It looked like she understood him rather well.

He wasn’t in a hurry so he sat on the ground and waited silently, curious to know if she managed to learn something.

Somehow ten minutes passed and Rose was still in the same position but her face was peaceful and relaxed.

Yang Chen’s mind was about to wander off when something changed on the hilltop!

He jolted and sensed that countless of needle-like True Qi had appeared midair!

Before he could think any further, it started to fall down in the form of rain!


Deafening sounds filled the hill and it felt as though a thunderstorm had happened!

The blue True Qi was turning the hill into a blue ocean!

However, it wasn’t an ordinary rain. It was a murder-filled one!

Even though it only covered a small area, the attack was so densely packed that it could defeat a group of opponents in a matter of seconds!

The hair on the back of Yang Chen’s neck stood up and he had to open up a barrier to prevent his clothes from being destroyed.

Fortunately, it was only made out of True Qi. If this was True Yuan, he would’ve had to run to avoid it!

The rain only lasted for five seconds but the hill was already partially destroyed.

Rose opened her eyes with a pale face which was obvious much of her True Qi was consumed by the rain. However, judging from the smile on her face, she must have learned something new.

“I get it now! I finally know what I learned that day! Rain! It's the power of the rain!! Even though it’s so fragile and weak, it can still exert a strong force when it falls off the sky!”

Rose ran up to Yang Chen excitedly, jumping up to hug his neck.

Yang Chen patted her buttocks. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. If you really grasped the concept, you wouldn’t be able to explain it in words. Also, you exhausted yourself from a simple move. You’re still behind on your cultivation base. Even though the thunderstorm attack works, it’s too simple. But I have faith that you will improve.”

Rose knew it too but she was delighted to have such a result as a beginner.

Yang Chen was satisfied with her result but he couldn’t rush things since the others weren’t progressing as fast as Rose. 

He only helped her a little, not really planning to restrict her. 

They made their way down the hill and Yang Chen drove to Xiao Zhiqing’s place after informing his family.

Xiao Zhiqing was staying at home and she was delighted to hear of Yang Chen’s arrival.

As a matter of fact, she hadn’t really felt any warmth from others since she grew up in Hongmeng. Yang Chen was the closest friend she had ever had.

Yang Chen got into the apartment and was about to sit down on the sofa when he saw computer science-themed magazines on the table. “You really like computer science huh? I thought you’d be more interested in the classics.”

Xiao Zhiqing walked over with a cup of hot tea. “I’ve learned enough about the classics. The professors in Zhonghai University aren’t good and I’m just looking at the hardware aspect. If I want to increase my skills, I still need to learn from professional hackers.”

“You don’t look like one.” Yang Chen eyed her up and down.

“Why? Do I look like a con artist?” Xiao Zhiqing puffed her cheeks.

Yang Chen smiled and scratched his head and he was suddenly reminded of the time when he met Luo Xiaoxiao downstairs. “Have you been doing well on campus?”

Xiao Zhiqing was startled, looking down with a dejected expression. “I…quit school. I’m not going to university anymore.”

“Why? You don’t see the need to study? But why did you enroll in the first place?”

Xiao Zhiqing shook her head. “It’s not because of that. I…I just don’t want to go to university anymore. Luckily I can still earn money with my computing skills so you don’t have to worry about me. I can still afford to pay my rent.”

Yang Chen felt bitter at heart when he saw her forced smile but he knew better than to comfort her.

They already shared a physical relationship and if it became an emotional one, it would’ve been hard to end.

He feigned a few coughs before saying, “I’m here to ask you about pill concocting.”

“Pill concocting? You want to concoct pills?” Xiao Zhiqing’s eyes widened in shock.

Yang Chen touched his nose. “Why do you sound so surprised? The pills do aid in cultivation. I gave them to my women and it worked so I wanted to make some.”

“I know it works for those who have a lower cultivation base but you don’t seem to be familiar with the requirements,” Xiao Zhiqing said with a bitter smile.

“That’s why I came to you. What should I do to make something like the Bodhi pills or better?” Yang Chen asked with high expectations.