Xiao Zhiqing sat down with a stern expression on her face. “There are three challenges to pill concocting. The first one is obtaining the medicinal herbs used in the pill. They are becoming increasingly rare and most of the ingredients needed to concoct high-class pills have gone extinct. As far as I know, in Hongmeng or even my clan, the ones who are skilled in pill concocting have not been able to concoct high-class pills, let alone the best of the best. It’s all because of the scarcity of the ingredients. As for the normal ingredients, people don’t really get enough of it. As for the herbs in the Sumeru ring, those are far from concocting a low-class pill.”
Yang Chen nodded. “I heard about this, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to other countries. After all, they don’t have cultivators that concoct pills.”

“Other countries?” Xiao Zhiqing contemplated for a while. “It’s possible but I haven’t met anyone who traveled abroad to find ingredients for the pills. It might have something to do with the Treaty of Gods. There are all sorts of theories in Hongmeng, some say that we’re afraid of the western Gods and some say that we’re just holding on to the treaty.”

Yang Chen avoided the topic. “I will send people out to search for places that might have medicinal herbs. Where do you think it could be?”

“A good place to start would be going to places with ancient civilizations because it means that there is some sort of spirituality over there.”

Yang Chen took note of it before asking, “What about the second challenge?”

“That’s even harder.” Xiao Zhiqing sighed. “You would need a high-quality cauldron and it must be able to withstand the Samadhi True Fire. Cauldrons like this are mainly made out of a special metal that originates from the Great Ancient times. The Northern Sea iron, Polar iron, and Taiyi gold are good examples of these. These are mainly used to make mystical artifacts but the amount used is nothing compared to a cauldron. As far as I’m aware, the cauldrons that Hongmeng possess were passed down from the Great Ancient times and there are only five of them. The Xiao clan has two, the Luo and Ning clans have one each. Even if the other clans have it, it must be out of use. Up to this point, I’m sure you could guess the third challenge, the Samadhi True Fire. This is the second heavenly fire from the Three Yang Fire tribulation. To acquire this heavenly fire, a huge array of ingredients are needed. Therefore when it comes to concocting middle class and low-class pills, the fuel would be more valuable than the actual ingredients.”

Xiao Zhiqing smiled when she noticed his silence. “Do you understand why I didn’t want you to think about this? You can’t do this on your own.”

Yang Chen chuckled. “The Samadhi True Fire isn’t a problem but I’m thinking where should I look for the cauldron?”

Xiao Zhiqing was puzzled. “Why is that so?”

Yang Chen could only tell her that he was near to mastering the Samadhi True Fire which made her completely dumbfounded.

“What scripture are you even using? That’s crazy, I’ve never heard of this. But, if that’s the case, you might be able to do it, I doubt the cauldron would be more troublesome than the fire.”

Yang Chen threw the question back at her. “Why didn’t you mention the scripture for pill concocting? Unless it is supposed to be a well-kept secret.”

Xiao Zhiqing shook her head while smiling. “The scriptures are almost the same. The Xiao clan is experienced in pill concocting and the key point would be the heat control. But if you can control the heavenly fire, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.” 

Yang Chen was glad to hear some good news. “I’ll be cultivating while searching for the ingredients once the location has been determined. Why don’t you follow me? I’m not sure what the herbs look like.”

“Me? Together?” Xiao Zhiqing was shocked.

“I know it’s troublesome but I don’t have a choice since I don’t recognize any of it. I doubt the herbs are easy to describe in words.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “You don’t have to worry. I’m skilled at outdoor survival so you will not be in danger nor will you be troubled during the search.”

Xiao Zhiqing waved her hands and said, “I…I’m not afraid of that. I’m just surprised that you’re willing to bring me along…”

Her face became flushed at the end of the sentence.

Yang Chen felt awkward too. Even if he told Lin Ruoxi about it beforehand, she still wouldn’t feel good about it. After all, he was going to spend a long time with Xiao Zhiqing.

On the other hand, he couldn't do it without Xiao Zhiqing. She was his only source of information on this

After their conversation, Yang Chen notified Sauron to send people out in search of places that fit Xiao Zhiqing’s criteria.

After all, they had to look for a desolate area that was part of the ancient civilisation. On top of that, it couldn’t be damaged by humans so this increased the difficulty of the search.

In the meantime, Yang Chen had other things to do.

The most critical point was mastering the Samadhi True Fire. As for his lover’s cultivation, he would have to go with the flow.

Yang Chen felt discouraged at the fact that Rose and Cai Ning were the only ones who were making significant signs of progress. The rest were all stuck at the Houtian stage.

Well, compared to normal cultivators, the speed of their progression was shocking, being able to reach this level within a few months with no prior knowledge.

However, in Yang Chen’s opinion, it wasn’t good enough!

The ladies were extremely excited at their new abilities, especially when performing feats not available to mundane people, such as jumping a few meters high, running a hundred meters within seconds or throwing strong punches.

Obviously, internal energy wouldn’t be sufficient to defend themselves so Yang Chen sent out members of the Sea Eagles to teach them about combat. Even if they wouldn’t stand a chance against a cultivator, at least they wouldn’t be harmed by normal people.

Ever since Lin Ruoxi entered the Houtian stage, she was glad that she wouldn’t be knocked down by Lanlan easily.

In the past, she would have worked overtime often, but with Lanlan around, she would rush back home after work to accompany her daughter. They would go to the mall together and Lin Ruoxi started to learn how to cook so that she could feed Lanlan with her dishes.

During night-time, she would sleep with Lanlan, forcing Yang Chen to sleep alone in his own room.

Fortunately, he managed to release his sexual tension with his other lovers while he was ‘guiding’ them. Lin Ruoxi let him do as he pleased, feeling guilty for ignoring him in favor of Lanlan.

As for Yu Lei Entertainment, even though Yang Chen was still the director, most of his work had been entrusted to Hannya.

Hannya seemed to have gained interest in her job and she started to become close to her colleagues. The cold-blooded ninja was looking forward to having a normal life. 

Well, Yang Chen would still attend important meetings, especially when it involved Hui Lin.

Director Yu Shuo’s movie was named Sword Spirit. He was aiming to break into Hollywood with his fantasy movie.

Yu Lei had gone all out on this movie, investing one billion in it as the investor!

Naturally, Yu Lei wouldn’t be making losses because of Hui Lin and Director Yu Shuo’s reputation but it still shocked the world.

Lin Ruoxi was pretty chill about it. She didn’t mind spending money on her only sister and even if she ended up losing all of it, it wasn’t anything she couldn’t earn back. 

Time flew by and it was already near the end of September.

Zhenxiu video called them from Korea and it was relieving to know that she was doing well.

Apparently, she had reconciled with her grandfather who was starting to feel better because of her.

Hui Lin’s movie had started shooting for a week and Lin Ruoxi was worried whether Hui Lin was feeling comfortable at the set but she couldn’t make out time to visit her since she had work to do and Lanlan to take care of. In her stead, she asked Yang Chen to go and check up on her

Yang Chen was rather free since he hadn’t received any reports from Sauron, so he agreed to visit Hui Lin.

Prior to his departure, Lin Ruoxi reminded him. “Remember to come back for dinner, I just learned how to make pork stew with corn yesterday.”

Yang Chen curled his lips. “You’re making it for Lanlan aren’t you? I should just eat out today.”

Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes at him. “Why would you be jealous of a kid? No wonder Lanlan still refuses to call you Daddy.”

Yang Chen covered his chest from her comment before running out of the door in defeat.