Hui Lin’s movie site wasn’t far from the city but they had to choose a valley for scenes that required a natural landscape.

Renting that place took up millions of dollars and it took Yang Chen by surprise. No wonder the films were always from famous directors. How would a normal person be able to afford the costs?

At the same time, Yang Chen couldn’t help but be impressed by the Japanese. They had an efficient way of obtaining high viewership while balancing out their costs! 

As he mindlessly drove, he soon arrived at the base and there was a paper stuck to the entrance which said ‘The set of Spirit of the Sword’.

Yang Chen stopped his car in the parking lot before walking inside holding a bag of fresh apples.

He bought the apples from a farmer who was selling it by the road. After all, he was here on a visit. It wouldn’t be good to come empty-handed, right?

Surrounded by the mountains was a huge vacant land. Multiple houses were built on it as a backdrop.

The entrance was a greyish white building and Yang Chen could see a lot of reporters by the door.

The production team forbade any form of recordings, in fear of revealing any important information so they could only wait outside.

Yang Chen was a changed man. He was no longer the rash person which he once was. He had his employee, Zhao Teng, prepare a staff’s pass for him beforehand.

Yang Chen walked to the guard and waved his pass at him. The reporters looked at him with eyes filled with envy as he strolled inside.

Having entered the set, Yang Chen asked for Hui Lin’s whereabouts before running over excitedly.

He hadn’t seen her for a long time and he wondered how she was doing since she hadn’t been home ever since the shooting started. 

It took him some time to find Hui Lin’s temporary dressing room where she was resting on her own.

Yang Chen froze once he saw her.

Hui Lin was sitting on a chair with part of her hair rolled up in a bun and the rest of it flowing down her back.

From the side, her face seemed especially elegant and refined. Yang Chen looked down her slender neck and saw that she was wearing a traditional dress with white and silver linings.

Her waist was tied with a jade belt which had a delicate and traditional design on it.

It looked as if she was born on Mount Emei, like an immortal fairy!

Yang Chen had read the script since he was in charge of this project.

Hui Lin was the female protagonist, a talented swordsman who disobeyed her master’s orders and decided to fight against the demons with the male protagonist from the devil realm.

No wonder Director Yu Shuo insisted on casting Hui Lin. Judging by her aura, she was the perfect candidate for this character.

However, when he took a few steps closer to her, Yang Chen realized Hui Lin didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

She looked as if she was in deep thought. It was a rare sight, seeing that she didn’t even sense his arrival!

“What are you thinking of?” Yang Chen said softly before standing beside her.

Hui Lin looked up abruptly and relaxed her brows before standing up with a smile. “Brother Yang, why are you here?”

“Here, I got you some fruits.” Yang Chen placed the apples onto the table.

Hui Lin chuckled when she saw the bag of apples. “That is so you, I’ve never received such an old-fashioned gift before.”

Yang Chen scratched his head. “It’s nothing, your sister asked me to visit you. I couldn’t possibly come empty-handed. Oh yeah, what were you thinking about earlier?”

Hui Lin’s shoulders drooped. “No…nothing much. it’s about the film.”

Yang Chen sensed that she didn’t really want to talk about it so he asked, “Did you receive any mistreatment?”

“It’s not that. It’s just something to do with my acting,” Hui Lin forced a smile, “Brother Yang, did you say my sister sent you over? You weren’t thinking of paying me a visit?”

Yang Chen still found it weird and he couldn’t stop himself from having a weird feeling.

Back at the Yuan clan, he had already expressed his standing, hoping that Hui Lin wouldn’t fall too deep for him. It might be cruel but it was the best option.

But it didn’t seem like she had given up on him.

It wasn’t a bad feeling to be liked by a beauty like her. But whenever he was reminded of her identity as Lin Ruoxi’s sister and his lovers, he couldn’t bring himself to accept her.

“We’re a couple so if your sister wants me to visit you, it’s the same for me,” Yang Chen answered.

Disappointment flashed across her eyes but she still nodded with a smile.

“Oh yeah, is this your look in the movie? It’s quite pretty. I doubt we will suffer any losses since you’re starring in the movie.” Yang Chen chuckled.

Hui Lin’s eyes brightened up at his compliment. “I like it too, but it’s so troublesome to put on and remove it after. I didn’t know filming a movie would be so tiring. If it wasn’t for my internal energy, I wouldn’t have been able to get used to a high-intensity work like this.”

While they were chatting away, a middle-aged woman ran into the room with her phone by her ear.

She was surprised to see Yang Chen, ending the call quickly to greet him. “Director Yang, you’re here.”

Yang Chen remembered this woman. The company appointed her as Hui Lin’s new manager after Hui Lim sent her team back to Europe. If his memory didn’t fail him, her name should be Yu Min.

“I’m here to check on the progress and President Lin cares about Lin Hui a lot. She’s afraid that Lin Hui would be mistreated so I came on her behalf.” Yang Chen tried to sound more serious in front of his employee.

Yu Min knew he was Lin Ruoxi’s husband. She didn’t dare to brush him off, aware of his mysterious background.

“Director Yang, it’s so great to have you here. I have something…”

Yu Min was about to say something but she caught Hui Lin’s gaze behind Yang Chen, causing her to end the sentence abruptly 

Yang Chen sensed it and he glanced at Hui Lin. “Why? What is it that you can’t tell me?”

Hui Lin bit her lip in defeat. She knew it was impossible to hide it from him.

“Director Yang, here’s the thing.” Yu Min took the initiative and spoke up. “We had a minor dispute with the directors on the script. They hoped that Miss Lin would act according to the script where she will be doing a kiss scene with the male protagonist.”

“Kiss scene?” Yang Chen furrowed his brows. “Why didn’t I hear about this before?” 

Yu Min smiled bitterly. “It has been on the script the whole time, but they agreed that we would use a body double. After all, there are only two intimate scenes, one in the middle and another one in the end. But the other directors advised Director Yu Shuo to not use a substitute to be respectful towards the other actor. The male lead refuses to act with a substitute. He thinks it’s disrespectful. His manager quarreled with me over this.”
Yang Chen understood it immediately and he sneered. “Hmph, he refused? If he refused to do so, why did he accept the offer? Did they not read the script before this? Did they not read our conditions?”

“Yeah!” Yu Min felt indignant. “I was thinking about that too, but he’s one of the top actors in China and he has so many supporters so I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I discussed it with Miss Lin earlier. But Miss Lin was worried about troubling you and President Lin. She didn’t let me consult you.”

Yang Chen looked at Hui Lin in disappointment. “You didn’t notify me because you were thinking about that? Your sister and I have told you many times to not keep it to yourself. If Ruoxi knew you were being forced by the team to do a kiss scene, what do you think will run in her mind?! Did you know that she funded ninety percent of the film? She didn’t spend billions of dollars for you to get bullied!”