Unaffected, Yang Chen scanned his surroundings. Seeing that no one else had dared to look for trouble, a friendly smile appeared on his face. “That’s more like it. Everyone is just here to work. All we need to do is to give each other some respect. About time we stop trying to extort someone to benefit ourselves, okay?” 

The crowd hurriedly nodded along, letting a wry smile peek through. 

But that didn’t sit well with Zhang Kaiwei, who was on the ground and had half of his face swollen. He was badly bruised and bleeding. 

He struggled to remove himself from the ground, hastily wiping off the fluids that had gathered at the corner of his mouth. Zhang Kaiwei was so angry that he started to shake. 

Pointing his finger at Yang Chen, Zhang Kaiwei yelled. “How dare you hit me! Do you even know who backs me up? Just you wait, you’ll be sorry when you get charged at court and sentenced to imprisonment! My millions of fans in the country can drown you with spit!” 

How absurd. A majority of the crowd looked at him as if he was an idiot. 

The man he was threatening had the power to ask the American diva for help. Kaiwei’s background support meant nothing in this context! 

Yang Chen’s smiley expression disappeared. He glared at Zhang Kaiwei’s bodyguards who were already on the floor. Then, he motioned one of the crew members over with a hook of his finger. 

Said crew had already broken out into panicked cold sweat. He lowered his body and asked with a wobbly smile, “Director Yang… What can I help you with?”

Yang Chen flashed him a smile, giving a few pats to his shoulder. “Calm down, I just want to borrow a camera.”

“A camera?”

Yang Chen nodded with an eerie smile.

Half an hour later, a few media reporters and their photographers were engaged in their conversation as they enjoyed their lunchbox outside the set. 

It was the norm to wait in this field of work for that scoop of surprise. 

As they continued to entertain themselves, a few of the employees working in the film’s camera department had appeared with a projector screen. 

The reporters were perplexed as they watched them set things up. 

It didn’t take long for the reporters to finally understand what was going on! 

Director Yu Shuo and his film producers had made their appearance. 

Yu Shuo’s expression was complex as he gestured for everyone to quiet down. He spoke, “Everyone, I’m sure you’re confused about what we’re trying to do here. To be honest, we have some bad news to announce.” 

The reporters quickly scrambled to their positions, lifting their heads eagerly for more. 

There was a slight pause before Yu Shuo announced, “We have decided to switch our male lead!” 


A discussion erupted among the reporters. This was huge for them! A highly anticipated film had decided to switch actors at such short notice?! This was something worthy of the entertainment issue headline!

“Director Yu Shuo, what happened? Was there some conflict within the crew or was there some other factor behind this? What happened with Zhang Kaiwei?”

Yu Shuo clapped his hands to calm the curious hoard. After that, he motioned his employees to play some recorded footage. 

“The following footage will answer your questions...”

The reporters glued their eyes to the screen, effectively falling silent. 

Soon, the screen showed an unrecognizable, swelled and tattered face. 

Through their careful deduction, the reporters were surprised to find it to be the well known pretty boy, Zhang Kaiwei. 

The reporters inhaled deeply, the actor was so badly beaten that his eyelids were sagging! 

The content that followed next could make a hot topic. Zhang Kaiwei began to sob pitifully as he admitted his scandals.

“When I was in a relationship with the second daughter of the Wang family, I had intended to take advantage of her wealth to boost my popularity. The pictures that sparked the scandal between me and Mi Yang were actually deliberately planned. I had asked the paparazzi to take pictures of us together. I’ve used drugs and was nearly caught. I had to bribe people around me to help keep the secret. I’ve also slept with a homosexual tycoon.”

The list went on. The things that he had reported were merely his own matters, no other celebrities were dragged into this mess. 

“I wasn’t forced to admit this. Today, I’ve deliberately taken advantage of my network with the crew to force Miss Hui Lin into a kiss scene. Miss Hui Lin was vehemently against it but I continued to pressure her into it so I got beaten badly by Miss Hui Lin who was well-trained in Wushu.

I’m terribly sorry for all my mistakes. I hope everyone could forgive my foolishness. I’m willing to receive lawful judgment and punishment for my actions.” 

The last of his words were the best indication behind the footage’s authenticity! 

The reporters took in his statements in a daze. The shock was too much, rendering them incapable of muttering a word. 

This was the scoop they had waited for and it was out of this world!

Yu Shuo cleared his throat to bring everyone’s attention back. He continued, “We’re very heartbroken over Zhang Kaiwei’s actions. He had fainted from the shock and we’ve already rushed him off to the hospital.

Miss Hui Lin had protected her rights as an actor. We understand her decision and support it wholeheartedly. We hope that you’d continue to support her and her leading role in this film. The new male lead will be selected by our main investor, Yu Lei Entertainment. More details will be announced in due course. Thank you so much!”

It was only then that great chaos ensued. The reporters fired rapid questions but Yu Shuo had gestured for his employees to stop their pursuit for details. The director quickly left. 

Now that was done, the rest of the process was relatively simple. All they had to do was to ease off some time to organize a press release for Hui Lin, have her showcase some of her Wushu skills to have people believe that Hui Lin was behind Zhang Kaiwei’s swollen face.

This was the end of Zhang Kaiwei’s career. Of course, it would be better to run off quietly with some money rather than struggle to your doom. 
There were reasons why Yang Chen chose not to kill him. Firstly, it would be a hassle to keep the situation under control given the people present. Secondly, such punishment proved to be more of a torment for someone like Zhang Kaiwei than to kill him.

Most importantly, this would help Hui Lin garner some attention and increase her popularity. The publicity would help improve her image as a celebrity. 

Those who knew the truth would prefer to stay silent. Yang Chen was a threat. It would be no different than asking for death if they decided to expose him. 

Now that things were settled, Yang Chen had even stayed to have lunch with the crew. He played his part, took a few customary glimpses of the production’s progress and discussed the details to select a new male lead. 

Fortunately, Zhang Kaiwei’s role wasn’t assigned with much screen time. Looking for another replacement wouldn’t be an issue.

What interested Yang Chen was the position of the film’s ‘Wushu Instructor’. 

Those who had witnessed Yang Chen’s performance would know that he had years of training. Plus, the man had even pointed out Hui Lin’s knowledge in Wushu. 

The current Wushu instructor hired was considerably famous in the industry, but his set of movements were just pointless gimmicks to both Yang Chen and Hui Lin. 

Therefore, under Yang Chen’s request, Hui Lin was given the position instead. 

The female lead also happened to be the Wushu instructor! That would undoubtedly contribute to the film’s selling point. 

Director Yu Shuo seemed incredibly excited. With Hui Lin’s impeccable skills, she would be able to execute difficult moves. That would mean that his limits with the actor’s capability had diminished. He was finally free to utilize his resources! 

They continued to talk for two hours. Soon, it was already getting dark. Yang Chen recalled that Lin Ruoxi had made rib stew with corn and had requested him to be home for dinner. The man announced his departure and left his seat. 

“Brother Yang, let me send you off.” Hui Lin gently halted him. 

Yang Chen stared at her expression. The girl seemed to have something to say so he nodded. 

The two made their way to the main entrance, which was absent of its usual bustle. Hui Lin was still in her costume, looking like an ethereal female warrior on an Autumn stroll. 

“Thank you so much, Brother Yang. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known what to do,” uttered Hui Lin softly. 

Yang Chen smiled. “You offered to send me off just to say this? There’s no need for thank yous between us.”

The corner of Hui Lin’s lips curled up. “Of course I needed to thank you even though there’s nothing between us.”

Yang Chen could tell something was amiss, he awkwardly shrugged in response. 

Hui Lin finally gathered enough courage to ask, “Brother Yang… If a man wishes to kiss me in the future, would you rush to help me like you did today?”

Without giving her words much thought, Yang Chen replied, “Of course. I’d be there to give you a push as you lunge forward to kick him in the ass.”

“But I can’t keep on living like this…”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Yang Chen was puzzled. 

Hui Lin’s glimmering eyes glazed over. “I’m already in my twenties. It’s only a matter of time before I… I…” 

Yang Chen finally understood what she meant.

It made sense. What the hell was he thinking? There was no way he could restrict her from coming into contact with the opposite sex for the rest of her life!