Who did he think he was to her? What right did he have to decide that no man should kiss her? 

Though he hadn’t said it in exact words nor did he have such intention, it was undeniable that he harbored those thoughts. 

Yang Chen never imagined that Hui Lin would eventually find herself a boyfriend and have a family of her own. 

He really hadn’t pictured it! 

The realization had him stunned, not knowing how he should respond to it.

Without knowing it, Yang Chen had started to see Hui Lin as one of his women.

Staring at Hui Lin, who had tears gathering in her eyes, Yang Chen felt guilty. But he did not know what to say. 

All he could see was Lin Ruoxi’s heart-wrenching expression, who resumed to laugh and gossip with the other women while she just couldn’t do anything that would harm them. 

But this was Hui Lin, someone who Lin Ruoxi sees as a younger sister. Yang Chen had even rejected Abbess Yun Miao’s requests. How could he do such a thing?

He pondered in silence. Through gritted teeth, he forced out a smile and replied, “What the hell are you saying? If you really found someone you love, I would give you both my blessing as long as he is a great guy. Zhang Kaiwei was a scumbag, that’s why I didn’t want him anywhere close to you. If you’ve gotten bullied, how would I explain the situation to your sister?” 

Hui Lin’s petite body shivered. She clenched her fists hard. The girl had understood what Yang Chen was trying to say, but the reality was way too painful to accept. 

“I understand. Goodbye, Brother Yang.”

As soon as she left those words, she turned around to leave without waiting for a reply. Her long skirt rustled with the autumn wind. 

Exiting the film set, he got into his car, started the engine, stepped on the oil pedal and proceeded to drive away.

He began driving aimlessly and without noticing it, he was already out of the mountainous area. He entered the town and drove up the highway.

There was some weight in Yang Chen’s heart. It felt as if it was corroding from the inside out. The pain was more excruciating than setting his heart ablaze.

Once his vehicle had made it off the highway and past a downtown area that surrounded a lake, Yang Chen’s sight was awakened by the radiant neon signs around him. 

Yang Chen tried his best to not think of Hui Lin’s face before she bid farewell. Her sad eyes. The man inhaled sharply. Yang Chen decided to play some upbeat music to help recover his composure. 

However, things took a drastic change! 

As Yang Chen extended a hand towards his radio knob, a pink mass suddenly appeared in front of him when the traffic light was still green! 


Yang Chen couldn’t help but scream, slamming down on his brakes. No matter how well his driving was, the pink mass was going to collide with his vehicle. There was essentially no way for him to avoid it. 

Yang Chen had finally understood what it meant to knock on death’s door. What the hell was that person thinking?! Why couldn’t heavens spare him a break from the incident earlier?

The pedestrians and cars around them stopped. A curious crowd was soon formed, some of them were even ready to phone the police and the emergency services. 

Yang Chen quickly turned on his hazard lights and left his car by the road, he rushed over to check on the person. 

As soon as he got out of the car and approached the rolling person, she sprung up from the asphalt immediately! 

How was she unscathed after such a collision?! 

The female was dressed in a pink chiffon top and low-waisted jeans, who so happened to be Luo Xiaoxiao. Her forehead was shielded behind a row of neatly trimmed bangs. Luo Xiaoxiao’s face was blessed with an exceptional faerie-like cuteness. Paired with a rather curvy and pudgy body, the combination was certainly a formula for the male attention.

Typically, one would be half-dead or bleeding with such a collision but Luo Xiaoxiao seemed to only sustain some mess in her outfit and her hair along with her handbag on the gravel. 

Standing up, Luo Xiaoxiao hastily tidied her locks. Her lips were down-turned. If someone had taken a closer look, they would see that tears had started to roll off the girl’s cheek. 

She lifted her head and stared at the stunned Yang Chen. Luo Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes furiously, then proceeded to point at him. “You?!” 

Something crackled in Yang Chen’s heart. How much more unlucky could he get? “Are… you alright?”

Luo Xiaoxiao pouted at the concern. She looked at Yang Chen then averted her gaze to the lake on the left. Out of nowhere, she started to sob. 

Taken by surprise, Yang Chen could only gape at the sobbing girl. The crowd was starting to make assumptions. He couldn’t just ignore her at this point! 

He wrapped an arm around her head and pulled her close. He then proceeded to stroke her back. “Hey, why are you crying if you’re alright? You were the one who came towards my car just now. I didn’t want to hit you and the traffic light was green!” 

Luo Xiaoxiao immediately enveloped her arms around his waist. She smashed her face tightly against this chest. She continued to sob, not forgetting to wipe her tears from time to time. Soon enough, a wet patch was formed in front of Yang Chen’s top. 

“Why didn’t you answer my calls?! The address you gave me was fake too! How could you be so irresponsible!” 

Her exclaims didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd. The gazes the crowd had towards Yang Chen became glares. He had the impression of a loser.

How could he be so cruel to leave behind such a cute and delicate young girl?! 

They took a good look at Yang Chen’s car, which happened to be a BMW x6. Jeez, this guy was the typical good-for-nothing second-gen! 

There was nothing Yang Chen could do about the uncalled for accusations. He didn’t know if tears or laughter were appropriate for such a sticky situation. The crowd continued to point fingers at him.

“Hey, how long are you planning to cry? Say something.”

Luo Xiaoxiao gulped loudly, she lifted her head. “You’re Yang Chen, right…?”

Yang Chen nodded. “You still remember my name?”

“Yeah, I said I wanted to be your girlfriend. Of course, I remember you. Why didn’t you pick up my calls?” Luo Xiaoxiao whined pitifully.

Yang Chen gave her a wry smile. “I already made it clear that I was married but you didn’t want to believe that. You’re still so young. You shouldn’t aim to be someone else’s mistress. Can’t you just live your life properly?”

Luo Xiaoxiao pushed Yang Chen away, wiping her tears with the back of her hand. She pouted, “Are all men this fake?”

“Fake? What do you mean?” Yang Chen was confused. 

Once again, Luo Xiaoxiao looked to the lake. “I just saw a boy from our campus going on a date with one of my female classmates. They kissed each other…”

Yang Chen was even more puzzled. “What does that got to do with you?”

“You don’t understand!” Luo Xiaoxiao fumed. “That boy had made it clear that he had a crush on me since last semester! He even wrote me a hundred love letters!”

As this girl continued to rant, Yang Chen started to feel awkward under the gazes of the general public. He finally pulled the girl towards the side of the lake. 

Thankfully, this road was rather peaceful. No traffic police would appear to give him a ticket for illegal parking. He could now settle the matter peacefully. 

On the other hand, Luo Xiaoxiao stared at her palm that was enveloped within Yang Chen’s grasp. The girl couldn’t help but blush at the sight of it, seemingly embarrassed. 

Slanting against the fence around the lake, Yang Chen exhaled. “So you ran towards my car just because you saw some boy kissing another girl?”

Luo Xiaoxiao nodded violently. “Yeah! It sucks! What’s the point of him expressing his love for me then continue to make advances but choosing to date another girl instead?!” 

“Do you like him?”

Luo Xiaoxiao shook her head. “No, I don’t. That’s why I never asked him to be my boyfriend.”

“Then why are you crying?”

“I’m crying because he’s so ingenuine! If you really liked me, you should offer me your honesty and genuine feelings! It hurts my ego to see him date another girl behind my back!

I even considered giving him a chance if he wrote one thousand love letters!” Luo Xiaoxiao exclaimed loudly. 

A thousand love letters?! Yang Chen felt like he was getting too old for this. 

“Look, Miss Luo. If you wish to cry your heart out, you may continue to do so. You may continue to wallow in your sorrows to your heart’s content. I need to go back for dinner. My wife is waiting for me. Goodbye, I hope to never meet again!” 

With a dismissive wave, Yang Chen planned a quick escape. 

Unfortunately, Luo Xiaoxiao still had a tight grip on his sleeve. “No! You’re not going anywhere! You’re going to leave me and I won’t be able to see you again!” 

“I… I have nothing to do with you! Why are you so adamant about seeing me again?!” 

“You’ve seen my butt before! I have rejected all my suitors because of you! You cannot abandon me!” Luo Xiaoxiao continued to scream. 

Yang Chen quickly turned around to cover her mouth. “Shut it! Are you trying to let the whole world know that your ass was smashed against my face?!” 

Luo Xiaoxiao continued to mumble nothings against this palm. After Yang Chen uncovered her mouth, she stuck out her tongue cheekily. “Well, it won’t be too much of a problem if you married me...”