Yang Chen was slowly losing his mind. He did not fear fiery women but he was most definitely afraid of whiny girls! 

What was even scarier about the girl in front of him was the fact that she wasn’t acting. It was obvious that she was born this way! 

Other men would definitely find her extremely attractive. The girl was pure and soft. Her face was that of an angel but her body was that of a devil. If he had met her before marriage, he would definitely have taken an interest in her. This wasn’t someone he could handle at this age! 

One Hui Lin was enough to tangle his guts into knots. With one Luo Xiaoxiao added into the mix, perhaps death was the easiest way out. 

“Please stop. I really need to go now. If I don’t get back soon, my wife is going to call me.” Yang Chen pried away Luo Xiaoxiao’s arms. 

Though she had her arms around him like an octopus, Luo Xiaoxiao’s strength was no match for Yang Chen’s. She was unceremoniously removed. 

Seeing that Yang Chen was really about to leave, Luo Xiaoxiao stomped her foot angrily. “Yang Chen! If you abandon me, I… I’ll kill myself!” 

Yang Chen chose to ignore her, retrieving his keys and jogged his way over to his car. 

Before he could even take another step, a loud splash rang out behind him followed by the sounds of people screaming.

Yang Chen quickly looked back, only to find a large circle of ripples and bubbles forming on the surface of the water. Luo Xiaoxiao had actually jumped into the lake! 

First, they cry. Then they scream. Now they take their own lives. That was how the ancient females were rumored to be in the face of conflict. But even in the present day, Luo Xiaoxiao had already decided to jump into the lake as her first solution?!

Amidst the panicked screamings that followed, Yang Chen noticed something was amiss. 

It seems like this Luo Xiaoxiao didn’t know how to swim!

There were some splatters in the beginning but soon, all he could catch was the rumbling sound of sinking. Luo Xiaoxiao’s hand disappeared into the water. 

“Kid! What the hell are you staring at?! That girl is your girlfriend, no?! Go save her! Quick!” An old man screamed. 

There were a few passers-by who noticed her drowning, some were even taking off their outerwear in preparation to save her. 

As soon as they caught word of what the old man said, they all turned to glare at Yang Chen.

A squabble between a couple that managed to drive the girl into jumping into the lake. Whose responsibility was it to save her other than the boyfriend himself?! 

Yang Chen could only scream internally. How could someone so well-versed in internal energy not know how to swim? Though he found the whole thing suspicious, he couldn’t just ignore it, especially under massive pressure from the general public. 

Hence, he dashed forward and sprang off into the lake with a splash.

Luo Xiaoxiao had already sunken deeper. The man could no longer see the girl in shallow waters so he took a dive. He felt around in the dark lake waters, finally finding her raised wrist. 

Thankfully, the lake wasn’t very deep. Without taking too long, Yang Chen had surfaced along with a drenched Luo Xiaoxiao. He made his way towards the shore. 

The crowd could finally sigh in relief. They continued to throw comments at Yang Chen, reprimanding his seemingly disgusting behavior. 

Yang Chen paid no mind to their words. As soon as they left the waters, he noticed something was amiss. 

Luo Xiaoxiao had stomached too much water and was unconscious. That wasn’t the main issue though. The biggest problem here was how her wet chiffon top had stuck to her body, showing off every nook and cranny of her exquisite body. Under the lights of the street lamps, her clothes were close to transparent! 

Yang Chen felt his member spotting an erection. In his defense, it was an involuntary biological response. 

Though this girl had nothing to do with him, he couldn’t just leave her vulnerable to the prying eyes of the public. 

So Yang Chen picked her up and began to walk towards his car. 

He placed her pliant body against his car for support. As he was about to channel energy to remove all water inside of her, he noticed that her moist full lips were slowly puckered.

Was she waiting for a kiss? 

It didn’t take long for Yang Chen to figure out that he had been fooled. Due to the chaos earlier, he hadn’t had much time to access the situation. Annoyed, he extended two fingers to pinch harshly on Luo Xiaoxiao’s puckered lips! 

“Mmph! Ow! That hurts!”

The pain prompted Luo Xiaoxiao to open her eyes. She landed a furious fist against his chest. 

“What are you trying to do? Why did you pinch me?!” 

Yang Chen scoffed. “I should be the one asking questions here. You were drowning and yet you had the energy to pucker your lips?”

Luo Xiaoxiao’s cheeks turned red. “I learned this from a TV program. If someone had swallowed too much water, wouldn’t you need to do CPR on them? I was waiting for you to do that to me…”


Yang Chen’s expression hardened. “You’re too honest for your own good.”

“Of course! I’ve been a very honest kid since young! My dad told me that it was one of my perks. Though, I think this is only one of many other advantages of mine.”

“Enough. You say you’re honest yet you deceived me into thinking you were drowning.”

Yang Chen decided he no longer wanted to deal with this girl. He pushed her away to walk over to the driver seat. 

Something glimmered in Luo Xiaoxiao’s eye. She giggled and opened the door to the passenger seat. She then made herself welcomed without his permission! 

Yang Chen’s BMW was designed to be unlocked via a sensor. As long as the car key was within proximity, all doors could be unlocked through touch. 

That was why Yang Chen hadn’t had time to lock the door! 

Luo Xiaoxiao happily made herself comfortable and even buckled her seatbelt. 

Yang Chen was so angry that he began to shake. He hadn’t met a woman as stubborn as her! 

If this had happened a few years back, he would’ve probably killed her with a slap and a twist to her neck. 

But Yang Chen was no longer the cold-blooded murderer he was. He just couldn’t kill someone under such circumstances. More importantly, he had no urge to do so. 

If some random girl in your neighborhood had decided to mess with you, you wouldn’t have thought about killing her even on the verge of absolute annoyance. 

Yang Chen held the door open. He glared intently at her. “Are you coming out or not?”

Luo Xiaoxiao shook her head. “I want to come with you! I shall follow you wherever you go! Where do you live? I’d like to remember the route to your place!” Yang Chen pinched the bridge between his brow. He glanced at the sky, dinner was probably ready and Lin Ruoxi was most definitely waiting for his return.

Based on the current situation, the ordeal was probably not at its end yet. 

Yang Chen wasn’t keen on having his wife wait and trigger some misunderstanding. He slid out his phone with the intention of calling home. 

But as soon as he tried to unlock his phone, he groaned in annoyance. 

His phone had become a victim of water damage! 

“Fuck! What the fuck is wrong with today?!” 

Yang Chen felt as if he had run out of luck. Staring at his unresponsive phone, he had half the mind to smash onto the ground but decided against it as it was a gift from Lin Ruoxi. 

Luo Xiaoxiao stuck out her pink tongue but pretended as if she hadn’t seen anything. 

Yang Chen shoved his damaged phone back into the pocket violently. He clenched his fist and glared daggers at her. “I’m going to count to three. If you don’t remove yourself from the car, I’m going to throw you back into the lake!” 

Their bodies were still soaking wet but Yang Chen paid no mind to it. The moisture and the cold wind had no effect against the two of them. 

Luo Xiaoxiao observed his terrifying expression. She pouted and put on a pitiful face before she stuck her head out the window to shout whiningly.

“Everyone! Look over here! This man wants to abandon me and he’s trying to hit me! He’s going to toss me into the lake!” 

The crowd that was around the lake earlier was still within earshot. As soon as they heard her screams, they started to gather around the car. 

Yang Chen finally knew what the saying of how ‘only women and simple-minded men were hard to deal with’ meant. He knew he had the power but any thinkable solution to this was like punching a mass of cotton. There was nothing he could do. 

He couldn’t just drag her out of his car in the face of the public. 

She was young and beautiful, it made no sense that she had no suitors and was desperate enough to grab onto a man to accuse him of abandoning her! It was obvious there was something going on between them! 

Yang Chen couldn’t think of the right way to deal with her. He thought for a bit and decided that it would be best for him to call home and explain the situation. He wouldn’t want Lin Ruoxi to get angry at him. 

Yang Chen scanned his surroundings before he decided to approach a young man nearby. He flashed the man a courteous smile. “Mister, could you kindly borrow me your phone?”

The man took a careful glance at Yang Chen. He responded sourly, “Look, bro, I can see that you drive a BMW. It’s probably better to be more of a gentleman and treat the girl well. She’s so pretty, how can you mistreat her like that? Why would you need a phone at a time like this? ”

Yang Chen felt the urge to just take his life right there. What the fuck was with his logic?! 

“No, that’s not what I'm trying to do. I need to give my wife a call, she’s…”

“What?! Do you have a wife?! You’re married and yet you’re out here deflowering young girls?!” 

“I… I… Well... “ “

No matter how hard Yang Chen tried to defend himself, the situation had already spiraled out of control. What a huge misunderstanding it has become!