The glares from the crowd were ugly, especially those coming from the women. They were looking at Yang Chen as if he had wronged them personally. 

An old lady immediately reprimanded him. “What is wrong with the world these days?! How can a man be so bold to admit that he has a mistress? You really think you’re some hotshot just because you got some money?!”

Yang Chen was stuck between laughing and crying. Yes, it was true that he had mistresses but Luo Xiaoxiao wasn’t one of them! 

A few younger males immediately took advantage of the situation, deeming it a perfect time to rescue a damsel in distress. 

“Miss, though I’m evidently less wealthy than he is, I’ve got great ambition and boundless loyalty to offer! Trust me, within three years, I could definitely make it within the world’s top five hundred strongest entrepreneurs, or at least secure a job as a security guard! How about you come with me…”

“Pretty lady, are you cold? How about I treat you to some warm steamed cakes?”

The young males continued to cast her hopeful glances. 

Yang Chen decided that he had enough of this. Fine! Looks like he wasn’t going to be able to borrow a phone. Staring back at the girl who had her eyes filled with crocodile tears, Yang Chen could only sigh and muster out a wobbly smile. 

He shook his head disappointedly, choosing to ignore the others. Yang Chen returned to his car, started the engine and drove away. 

The crowd watched the BMW x6 as is left a cloud of dust behind. The young men started to cuss at its retreating behind.

“Fuck you! I can’t believe she chose his BMW! I knew love is no longer to be trusted! Let’s just leave this fucking place!”

At the same time, as soon as she felt the car move, the teary-eyed girl suddenly dropped the act and reverted into delight. She was so happy that she started to hum to an upbeat pop song.

“We walked in the rain, if you’re a diamond you should be radiant, everyone should be dreamers…”

Yang Chen spared a brief glance at the joyous Luo Xiaoxiao. Admittedly, the girl could sing better than Lin Ruoxi. 
Come to think of it, there weren’t many girls who could sing worse than Lin Ruoxi.

He sighed. “Enough. I accept my defeat.” 

That stopped Luo Xiaoxiao from singing. “Oh, you’re finally admitting defeat? Hehe, I’m glad you understand that I’m someone to not mess with! I’m honest but I’m no idiot!

Serves you right for lying to me back then. You have no idea how much I cried myself to sleep. You bullied me and even lied to me. I’m sure you’ve noticed the boys trying to win me over. I’ve got no interest in boys like that!” 

“Then why are you interested in me?”

“I had this inexplicable feeling!” 


“It’s true! It’s the same with guys and their sports teams! No matter how bad or how good they perform, you would still be their fan. There’s no good explanation behind the fondness!” 

Yang Chen stared at Luo Xiaoxiao who had adorned a serious expression. “Is it not because you had your ass against my face?” 


Luo Xiaoxiao held her finger beneath her chin. She gave it a thought before answering, “Maybe, but that just serves as a trigger. The best way I can explain it is a form of hormonal attraction.”

Yang Chen was about to lose his mind. This girl sure had her way with words! 

Finding an empty parking spot, he parked the vehicle. Yang Chen took a good look at the time. He would definitely be late by the time he got home. Might as well settle this once and for all. 

“Miss Luo, I think we should talk this out seriously. Since you mentioned that you’re not stupid, it’s about time to understand that I’m not joking.” Yang Chen’s tone was stern. 

Luo Xiaoxiao pouted. “I’m not joking too. I’m still a virgin…”

A bulged vein appeared on Yang Chen’s face. What the hell had this conversation to do with her virginity?! He was a virgin too ten years ago! It was nothing special! 

“My point is, I’m married and I have a family. We’re not cut out for each other. Before any hatred takes place between us, how about we forget about what happened earlier and be friends?”

Yang Chen was not expecting to get rid of her within a day, but he had to resolve it somehow. 

Luo Xiaoxiao mumbled, “Didn’t you mentioned that you have other mistresses too?”

Yang Chen was in disbelief. “Are you asking me to make you one of my mistresses?”

“No! That’s not it!” Luo Xiaoxiao continued, “Since you’re not a dedicated lover, how about you make me your wife and make your wife your mistress instead?”

“I…” Yang Chen was about to roar at her but Luo Xiaoxiao immediately stopped him.

“I’m not trying to bully your wife. If I become a mistress, my daddy will definitely beat the shit out of you!”

Taking a long hard look at Luo Xiaoxiao’s face, it was obvious that she meant her words. Yang Chen was starting to feel dizzy from all the rage. After breaking down the situation, he roared, “I’m not even trying to get involved in a relationship with you! Why are you so stubborn?! What do you not understand?!” 

The sudden increment in volume had intensified the echo in his car. 

Luo Xiaoxiao’s glittering round hazel eyes stared blankly back at Yang Chen, who was on the verge of insanity. 

Slowly, Luo Xiaoxiao’s eye socket began to turn red, tears started to roll in her eyes.

“I’m sorry.” Yang Chen wiped her face with his hand. “I'm not trying to scold you nor was I lashing out at you, I’m just…”

“I know!” Luo Xiaoxiao frowned. “I know you don’t like me…”

Yang Chen gaped but decided to stay silent. He didn’t know what to say. 

Luo Xiaoxiao sniffled and said, “This is the first time in my life I’m serious about a boy. I just wanted you to like me. Please don’t hate me. Why is it so difficult to make you feel the same?”

Yang Chen’s heart clenched at the pitiful sight.

No matter what, she was just a young girl who knew nothing much about the world. Perhaps her actions and bold words meant nothing but a figment of her own fantasy. She probably had no intention of making it a reality. 

 Yang Chen hesitated for a moment before he extended an arm to caress the top of her head. 

Luo Xiaoxiao begrudgingly lifted her head. Suddenly, she noticed that water droplets were leaving her hair and her top. Soon enough, she was all dry! 

Yang Chen was using the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to remove the water molecules from their clothes. 

Regular water was exceptionally easy to manipulate for Yang Chenas he had mastered the basics of Kui Water. 

“Ah, that’s amazing!” Luo Xiaoxiao slowly blinked. “How are you able to control the yuan energy of water with such impressive precision? Have you undergone your Tribulation Passing stage already?”

Yang Chen was surprised. “You… Who exactly are you?”

Luo Xiaoxiao finally noticed that she slipped. She quickly covered her mouth, opened the door and unbuckled herself from the seat. She then proceeded to exit the car! 

Before Yang Chen could say anything else, Luo Xiaoxiao had already thrown the door shut. She was already running out of the parking lot with astonishing speed.

Just like that, Yang Chen was left behind. He stared at the retreating back of the girl who disappeared into the dark and scoffed. “If only I knew it would be this easy to get rid of you.”

Yang Chen started his car again to rush home. His nose and mouth could still catch the whiff of her remaining fragrance. The scent was faint but pleasant, it felt warm and youthful. 

Luo Xiaoxiao’s identity remained a mystery. He was curious but he wasn’t willing to probe into it. He had his own problems to take care of. 

Soon, Yang Chen remembered something about his home. With his delayed return, Lin Ruoxi was probably fuming with no way to contact him whatsoever. Today was such a crazy mess! 

Half an hour later, Yang Chen finally made it home. The lights in the mansion were lit and the entrance to it was tightly shut. 

Yang Chen parked his car and made his way over to the door cautiously. He took out his keys, took a deep breath and then turned his door open. 

He could already smell the strong scent of corn stew from where he was. Yang Chen took the liberty to suck in a large gulp of air to enjoy it.

In the dining room, all the women in the family were already gathered around the table.

Guo Xuehua, Wang Ma and Min Juan were seated at their spots while Lin Ruoxi sat together with Lanlan. Lin Ruoxi was busy picking out ribs for the little girl. 

Lanlan had a napkin around her neck as she enjoyed her feast of ribs. From the pile of bones before her, it was evident that she had ingested at least half of the stew. But of course, Lin Ruoxi had prepared more than one pot of it. 

“Oh my, it smells so good. It looks like my lovely wife has improved a lot in her cooking. Having a kid sure served as good encouragement, haha…” 

Noticing that no one had bothered to respond to him, Yang Chen tried his best to make sure his expression was natural. He quickly sat down at his spot.

However, it wasn’t hard to miss that there wasn’t a set of cutleries laid out for him.

She assumed he wasn’t coming home today. 

Lin Ruoxi had completely ignored him, treating him like air. It wasn’t difficult to guess that his wife was furious with his late arrival. She had reminded him to come home early for dinner but not only had the man arrived an hour late, he hadn’t bothered to call home! 

In the end, mothers would always have a soft spot for their child. Guo Xuehua sighed deeply before turning to ask, “Yang Chen, where were you? We waited long for you and none of our calls made it through. Couldn’t you notify us earlier? The dishes were turning cold.”

“Bad uncle! Lanlan almost starved to death!” Lanlan continued to chew on the rib, not forgetting to add salt to his wound. 

Lin Ruoxi spared a glare towards Yang Chen. Her expression was cold but she remained silent as if it wasn’t worth the effort to even question his whereabouts.

Wang Ma was genuinely concerned. Though Yang Chen’s actions had made her angry, she still felt like he deserved a chance to tell his side of the story. 

There was nothing much Yang Chen could do but to tell the entire ordeal of how he bumped into Luo Xiaoxiao and the misfortune that unfolded next. He even made it a point to display his water damaged phone on the table. 

“Look, I really wasn’t ignoring your calls on purpose. My phone was damaged when I jumped into the lake…”

Guo Xuehua took the phone over and pressed its buttons. She turned to face Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, Yang Chen is telling the truth, his phone is really not working at all.”

Wang Ma suddenly remembered the incident when they were out shopping for shoes. She nodded and added, “Miss, Sir is telling the truth. I’ve seen the girl before. I could only say that today was just a mere coincidence.”

Lin Ruoxi placed her chopsticks down. She muttered calmly, “I believe that you’re telling the truth but there’s something else I’d like to know. Why is it that she had already made it clear that she liked you when you first met?”

Admittedly, that was a very good question that rendered Yang Chen speechless. 

The question was spot on. 

How should Yang Chen answer her? He couldn’t just say that it was because he had his face pressed against the girl’s butt before. That would be suicide. 

“I… Because..”

Yang Chen looked at Wang Ma pitifully, pleading for help. Sadly, Wang Ma couldn’t offer a better explanation for she was equally embarrassed. 

“I understand now.” Li Ruoxi continued nonchalantly, “It seems like there’s a mac daddy in the house. The first time a girl meets you, she’s suddenly all over you and seemingly in love with you. I wasn’t aware that you had such charisma. Also, even if your phone was damaged, couldn’t you borrow one from someone else?”

Yang Chen quickly defended himself, “I did try to borrow one but they had collectively misunderstood my intentions! They didn’t want to borrow me one no matter how hard I begged!”

“That’s enough!” Lin Ruoxi angrily stood up from her seat. Her supporting forearm that was against the table shook with fury. “Since you’ve already admitted it, there’s no need to feign your innocence!”