The scenery around the western suburbs was gorgeous. Along with fresh air, the area was blessed with the luxury of clear stars in the night sky. 

The dark autumn night was chilly. Silence enveloped the front yard leaving only the rustle of the trees made audible by the breeze.

Lin Ruoxi leaned against the railing. She was only wearing a thin white sweater. In the past, she would’ve felt cold from the night breeze. But since she picked up Yang Chen’s unnamed skill and became half a friar, she now had some impressive true Qi.

However, when compared with Rose, Cai Yan and the other women that had a martial arts background, Lin Ruoxi's physical constitution was nothing special. Her strength was equivalent to that of a normal athletic female.

Thankfully, there was still Liu Mingyu, An Xin and a handful of them who shared the same level as her. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t too pressed about being left behind. 

As she continued to ponder about the correct approach to Yang Chen, the corner of Lin Ruoxi’s eye caught something. She noticed a lonely figure sitting on the stairs on the ground floor. 

It was Yang Chen.

At this moment, Yang Chen seemed to be in a daze as he sat on the ice-cold stairs. He sat cross-legged, one hand touching the base of his foot and the other gripping a cigarette.

His eyes were in thin crescents. Yang Chen was trying to figure out how to make his plan involving Xiao Zhiqing more bearable for Lin Ruoxi. 

As he preoccupied with the concern on hand, he didn’t notice Lin Ruoxi standing above him. 

She couldn’t help but think that he was angry at her. 

Yang Chen must be angry now. He must be so frustrated and irritated to be smoking in the cold like that. 

From what she could recall, it had been a while since Yang Chen had smoked. 

Lin Ruoxi mustered up some courage and exclaimed, “Hey, stop smoking. Why are you smoking this late at night?” 

That bought Yang Chen’s attention. He lifted his head to see Lin Ruoxi who was leaning against the balcony railing. He grinned. “Oh, darling, you’re not angry anymore?”

Lin Ruoxi’s heart sank a little. 

Clearly, she was the one who misunderstood him, but he was more concerned about her. 

Her heart swelled with sweetness. She was ashamed of herself, the way she looked at him turned tender. 

“No, I’m not angry anymore. I realized my mistake after listening to what Wang Ma had to say.” 

Yang Chen nodded, seemingly unfazed by the whole ordeal. “Ah, I’m indebted to Wang Ma. It honestly wasn’t anything too severe. The girl was just very mental. But I can assure you that we probably won’t meet in the future, everything is fine.”

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but laugh. “So… That Luo Xiaoxiao’s ass, was it soft?” 

The question flustered Lin Ruoxi. 

Yang Chen sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, the cigarette butt in his hand coming a little too close to his hair. “Uh… It was alright, not as soft as yours though…” 

“Fuck off!” Lin Ruoxi glared daggers at him. She continued, “Stop smoking already. Even if you itch for a smoke, buy high-quality cigarettes. Is there really a need to enjoy these low-quality brands?”  

Yang Chen chuckled. He took one last inhale then tossed the butt on the ground and stepped on it. “I guess I’m just used to that brand. Plus, there isn’t much left in that pack. I was just trying to finish it off to focus on my work better.” 

Lin Ruoxi was finally at ease. She asked, “What are you thinking about? Do you need my help?”

Utilizing that prompt, Yang Chen told her in full detail about his plans to Australia along with how he was bringing Xiao Zhiqing along to look for some herbs there.  

Initially, Lin Ruoxi wasn’t bothered by the news but as soon as she heard that the journey was just going to be him alone with Xiao Zhiqing, she couldn’t help but furrow her brows. 

Xiao Zhiqing was not like any other woman. She was soft and radiated a feminine charisma. It didn’t help that Yang Chen had slept with her before.

“I know you may feel uneasy but this is really something I need to do. The terrain of Arnhem Land is definitely not a place for leisure. I remember chasing after a drug lord to its borders a few years back and I kid you not, that place is most certainly the wilderness.

That place probably won’t pose much threat to me but I’ll be gone for some time.

Ruoxi, please just take it as me bringing Xiao Zhiqing on a trip to hell. Please just grant me permission to go!” 

Lin Ruoxi continued to stare at Yang Chen wordlessly. Her heart was in a state of confusion. 

The best way around this was to tag along with him. But Yang Chen would be gone for god knows how long. She couldn’t bear to leave Lanlan at home and she needed to keep an eye on her company.

Plus, Lanlan’s grandfather might return in October, how could she leave at such a time? 

Hence, she needed to assign someone she could trust to keep Xiao Zhiqing in place. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t keen on opening up an opportunity to let Xiao Zhiqing have her way with her own husband. 

She pondered for a bit before answering, “Yeah, sure you can bring her with you but I need you to bring one more person along.” 

Yang Chen was taken aback. “Another person? One more person shouldn’t be a hassle. Who should I bring along?”


“Huh?” Yang Chen was stunned. “You’re asking me to bring Mingyu with us? Darling, why are you asking me to bring another woman along?”

Lin Ruoxi replied, “Of course your additional companion has to be a woman. At least Mingyu wouldn’t hope for Xiao Zhiqing to be involved with you again.” 

Yang Chen finally understood her intention. Lin Ruoxi had her hands full of responsibilities so she had another woman to keep him in check. True enough, from Mingyu’s perspective, she too would be reluctant to have Xiao Zhiqing associate herself with him again. 

Lin Ruoxi continued with an analysis. “Honestly, judging from physical constitutes, Cai Ning and Rose in Beijing would naturally be the best option. But they’re too accommodating of you, they couldn’t care less about what you do.

Yanyan and Qianni… They grew up with me but had the mind to commit such adultery behind my back. I’m not about to give them more liberty. 

That little devil, Anxin… forget about her. Tang Wan… no way in hell. After much thought, only Mingyu fitted my criteria. She’s lawful and obedient to me. She’s got her own principles too, definitely not someone to mess with.” 

Yang Chen began to sweat buckets. He wasn’t expecting Lin Ruoxi’s mind to be filled with such thoughts. She even devised her ideal choice to decrease her risk factor. 

Though Liu Mingyu had made transcendent choices when it came to relationships, her heart was filled with the utmost respect for Lin Ruoxi. It only made sense for his wife to have Liu Mingyu keep tabs on him. 

“Yeah, I should stop thinking about this before I get too worried.” With a small clap, Lin Ruoxi concluded her decision. “Alright, so it’s decided. I’ll go approve a long leave for Liu Mingyu and have the vice department leader take over her job for the time being. She, on the other hand, will be substituting me to accompany you on your Australian trip and disappoint Xiao Zhiqing!” 

A stiff smile was plastered on Yang Chen’s face. “Ah, my wife is so smart.” 

Lin Ruoxi teased him mercilessly with a knowing stare, “Don’t act like you’ve been wronged. I’m giving you the chance to be sandwiched between two pretty ladies.” 

Yang Chen gave it a thought. Yeah, that was true. He wasn’t there for travel, he was there to work. If she wanted to keep tabs on him then let it be. 

It was getting late. Yang Chen stretched his body, calmed his mind and went upstairs to go to bed. 

Latest by a day after tomorrow, he’d be embarking on a journey to the other hemisphere of the planet along with two females. 

Meanwhile in the North Pole, 

Wen Tao, dressed in a thick white coat, had his fingers against a faint projected button. His eyes were glued to the countless data and complex biochemical formulas that flashed by on the gigantic screen. 

The information before Wen Tao was the pinnacle of science. It even included some of the most futuristic techniques that exceeded the human imagination and current advancements of technology. 

Wen Tao licked his lips, the glimmer in his eye grew increasingly brighter. He started to mumble incoherently. “That’s right… That’s right… Mmm, yes, you don’t say. You may be dead but I must say, you’re a fucking genius!” 

Wen Tao’s legs were spread open. In the middle of it was a kneeling, naked Luo Cuishan. 

The seductive lady had already stripped Wen Tao’s bottom clean of any clothing. Her red hot lips were tight around his stiff erect penis.

Hearing Wen Tao’s excited mumblings had prompted her to blink her eyes open. She released the lewd member and licked her lips. “What is it? A breakthrough discovery?”

“Antimatter energy has uses far beyond anything I could ever imagine.” Wen Tao smirk was malicious, not providing her with further explanation. 

At this moment, the doors to the lab were opened. Ning Guodong, clad in a black windbreaker, entered with a cold unbothered expression. 

Noticing the kneeling Luo Cuishan between Wen Tao’s thighs, Ning Guodong only frowned but said nothing. He announced, “Yang Chen is about to leave Zhonghai.”