Noticing Ning Guodong’s presence, Luo Cuishan had the decency to pick up the discarded clothes and began dressing. 

Wen Tao’s eyes remained glued to the screen. He only responded nonchalantly, “Is that so? Where’s he going?”

Ning Guodong answered, “His plane ride will land in Singapore but his final destination is in Brisbane, Australia. Our source notified me that Yang Chen had arranged for a civil aircraft. He’s probably headed to somewhere else from there.”

“He’s using a plane?” That bought Wen Tao’s attention. 

Ning Guodong continued, “Yeah, he’s bringing two women with him. One of them is named Xiao Zhiqing but we don’t know much about her. The other is one of his lovers, Liu Mingyu. She’s the daughter of Liu Qingshan, head of the Green Dragon Society in Beijing. He’s probably using the plane due to considerations for his companions.” 

Wen Tao squinted at him. “My, my, he’s quite the gentleman. As long as he’s not coming to the North Pole, I say we let him be.” 

“Are you not curious as to what he is there for?”

“I’m certain it has nothing to do with us.”

Now fully clothed, Luo Cuishan turned around to exclaim. “Dumbass! Are you really not going to take this opportunity?! Shouldn’t we go capture all of his women and threaten him with them?”

Wen Tao turned to stare at her in disdain. “That’s stupid. If you really think that just kidnapping all of his women will get the job done, you’ve clearly underestimated him.

When Yan Buwen sent a team to assassinate Tang Xin back then, the mission failed miserably. Intel told them that Yang Chen was far away in Europe. But he returned to Beijing in the blink of an eye!”

“We’ll go there ourselves instead of those dumb cyborgs. I believe that we would be able to capture at least two of them!” 

Wen Tao shook his head disapprovingly. “We don’t know what tricks Yang Chen has up his sleeves. If we really went ahead with the plan and failed to kill Yang Chen but took the lives of his women instead, it’ll be no different than asking for death!” 

“But… Are we really going to do nothing?” Luo Cuishan wasn’t pleased. 

“Of course we definitely have to come up with something but now is not the time.” Something sinister glimmered in Wen Tao’s eye. “Yan Buwen failed because of his confidence. He trusted himself too much. Though he left room for escape, it was already too late as the matter had garnered sufficient attention from Yang Chen. 

Our best advantage now is Yang Chen’s lack of understanding of our abilities. He probably isn’t aware of our existence too. As soon as we take action, it’ll be the same as exposing ourselves. We’ll be losing one layer of security.” 

Finishing his sentence, Wen Tao turned around to look at the screen. The image on it was only comprehensible by him. The man grinned maliciously. “Yang Chen… It’s best to not leave him alive. Or else it’d be difficult for us to do anything in the future. Now that we’ve got bad blood with him, he’d definitely not go easy on us the next time we meet.

We stay immobile for now, or else we’ll make ourselves extremely vulnerable to what comes next. When the right time comes, we’ll destroy and wipe him out clean!”

Ning Guodong hummed quietly. “There are plenty of people around the world that want Yang Chen dead. Yan Buwen had outstanding strategy yet we don’t know why he had failed so miserably. Are you sure we’ll eventually be able to get rid of him?” 

Wen Tao scoffed. “Yan Buwen is nothing. In the end, he died in my hands! There is no room for failure. Only those who had thought a few steps ahead will receive the final victory.

I’ve already extracted information about his undisclosed information on the maximum utilization of God’s Stone from his memories. I’ll be able to take control of that unprecedented power and have Yang Chen beg for my mercy!” 

The hatred Luo Cuishan had towards Yang Chen was deep, listening to Wen Tao’s maddened statements brought joy to her. “So… Does this mean we can expect bigger things?”

Wen Tao cackled. “We’ll let him enjoy life for a little and observe in the dark. I’ll make sure that the next time he sees me, it’ll be the day of his death!”

“I hope so too,” muttered Ning Guodong calmly, turning around to leave.

Noticing that, Luo Cuishan called after him. “Guodong, are you really going to leave?”

The man halted his footsteps to turn around and ask, “Is there anything else?”

Those words stunned Luo Cuishan, sorrow gripped her heart. 

Ever since she had asked him to take Lin Ruoxi forcefully, yet decided to leave out the detail on how they shared the same father, things were different. Though they had successfully rescued Ning Guodong, he had his genetics altered.  

Sadly, Ning Guodong no longer sees himself in the same light as he did before the ordeal. 

To be fair, he was a man who had died once. How was he expected to still be the same old Ning Guodong? 

The driving force behind his will to live was to see all his enemies die. 

As her thoughts reached that point, a sudden smile appeared on Luo Cuishan’s lips. “No, you can leave now.”

Ning Guodong returned her a nod and left. 

Wen Tao tossed her an unreadable look behind her. Nonchalantly, he uttered, “To him and Yang Lie, learning how to control the antimatter energy is an urgent matter. It’s best for you to not get involved in this. Luo Cuishan is long dead.” 

Luo Cuishan turned around to face him with a deliberately raised brow. She cast him a seductive grin. “I thought you were going to call me a bitch.” 

“Haha.” Wen Tao faked a laugh. “In fact, you are my favorite bitch…” 

No words were said and suddenly Wen Tao’s palms were tightly around Luo Cuishan’s neck. Gripping her neck firm, he proceeded to squeeze it and pressed his weight on her.

Soon enough, the laboratory under the ice sheet was filled with lewd moans and groans. 

Australia, in the hinterland of Arnhem. 

Though it wasn’t October yet, its weather condition was very different from the other coastal regions of Australia. 

Covering a vast area of eighty thousand square kilometers, Arnhem’s climate was that of a savanna. The temperature in the day hit ungodly levels, the place was suffocatingly hot. 
This was one of the world’s most ancient prehistoric continents, which so happened to be a very famous uninhabited territory. 

The aboriginal tribes of Australia had left behind pieces of evidence of a civilization that could date back to fifty thousand years ago. Their descendants had remained in this piece of land. 

However, that didn’t mean that this place was suitable for long term inhibition. The aboriginal people were no idiots. Naturally, they wouldn’t have chosen to reside in the wilderness portion of Arnhem. 

With the booming development of Australia’s tourism industry, there were more people who had invested and developed the areas surrounding Arnhem. With that, the aboriginals became more willing to stay behind in their hometown to earn some profit off tourists. 

The whites had forcefully remodeled the lives of the aboriginals. Their actions had drastically reduced the population of authentic Australian aboriginals, which thinned out their willingness to stay behind in a hellish place like this. 

Truthfully, in the depths of Arnhem, anyone would be subjected to the threats of brutal animals and unforgiving weather. There was no guarantee of a sustainable lifestyle here. 

That was why the hinterlands of Arnhem were completely devoid of human presence. 

However, in the sky above the piece of a forgotten land, a civil aircraft made its presence known. 

“We’ve now entered the hinterlands, highland grassland, two hundred and seventy meters above sea level. The temperature on the ground is ninety-three Fahrenheit. The plane will now begin its descend.”

After he was done with his routine report, the pilot waited for Yang Chen’s instructions. 

At this very moment, Liu Mingyu had her arms wound tight around Yang Chen. Her body was mashed against Yang Chen’s. She looked like the world had wronged her. On the other hand, Xiao Zhiqing seemed to be very excited. She bounced around and scanned her surroundings restlessly. 

The three of them were dressed in camo attire that had long sleeves and long pants made of the most durable materials. On their bags were parachutes.

“Darling Mingyu, didn’t I say that I’ll jump with you? There’s nothing to be afraid of.” Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile helplessly. 

He had mentioned to the two women that they’ll be jumping off the plane. He had to give them a heads up knowing that this was a first for both of them.

Liu Mingyu had found the idea interesting at first, agreeing to it. But now it was her turn to jump, fear had overwhelmed her to the point of freezing on spot. 

“C-can’t we just… ask the pilot to land the plane?” Though Liu Mingyu had found it humiliating to be such a coward in front of Xiao Zhiqing, it was just too difficult to calm the terror in her heart. 

Parachuting was exciting to look at but when it came to the real thing, the adrenaline rush definitely wasn’t for everyone. 

Yang Chen was at a loss. “The terrain is too uneven to land a plane. The savanna is not suitable for landing too, the plane won’t be able to dodge any boulders or trees. Parachuting is the best choice now. Plus, I’ve already prepared everything for this! It’ll all go to waste if you refuse to jump!” 

“God… If I knew earlier I wouldn’t have come! No wonder CEO Lin didn’t want to come herself! She’s obviously against me!” 

“Haha. I already made it clear that you’re not here on holiday. You’re here to suffer with me.” Yang Chen noticed that the woman was close to tears, but he continued to laugh happily. 

“Pilot, open the hatch!” 

Ignoring Liu Mingyu’s shrill screams, Yang Chen was ready for the fall. It had been years since he last did this for fun. 


The strong wind abruptly blew into the cabin as the hatch opened. 

“Safe trip, Your Majesty Pluto!” 

Yang Chen let out a breathy laugh and motioned for Xiao Zhiqing to go ahead. 

Xiao Zhiqing was fearless. Parachuting seemed like an interesting opportunity for her. 

With a deep breath, Xiao Zhiqing leapt off the plane! 

“Look at her, she’s really into it!” Yang Chen gave Liu Mingyu’s back a comforting pat. Then, he placed his arms securely around her waist. With a loud cheer, he leapt out of the plane with her in his arms! 

Far beneath the aircraft, two colorful flowers bloomed mid-air, one higher and the other lower. 

The fancy flowers then slowly fell to the ground below.