Yang Chen was pissed. What kind of shitty luck was this? 

The pressure the masked man exerted on him was intense. How was he supposed to fight someone with no information? It was suicide! 

If Yang Chen had fully mastered the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning, he’d probably have some advantage. Sadly, the current him hadn’t completely absorbed the powers offered by the Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation. How was he expected to take him on? 

With a heavy expression, he turned around to Xiao Zhiqing and Liu Minyu. “Run as far as you can. Do your best to not get involved in this. I don’t think I can protect you now…”

Liu Mingyu wanted to say something but Xiao Zhiqing quickly understood the weight of the situation. She quickly tugged Liu Mingyu along and began a mad dash towards the savanna behind. 

Their increasing distance provided Yang Chen with some relief.

Though he was aware that his opponent was strong, Yang Chen had no habit of admitting defeat!  

The fact that his opponent had come to Australia all the way from China was a violation of the Treaty of Gods. If Yang Chen chose to create trouble here, perhaps the other gods would rush to his aid. 

Oddly, the masked man seemed to have seen through Yang Chen’s thoughts in a glance. He grinned, “You’re trying to use the laws of space to attract the other gods here?” 

Yang Chen’s pupils contracted. How was this man still so calm? 

“You won’t have a chance for that…” 

As soon as the masked man uttered his last words, a tsunami-like force of icy True Yuan surged around him. It looked like a gigantic skydome. Before long, his powers covered a large radius of about a few hundred square meters. 

Picking up the odd True Yuan properties, Yang Chen could no longer suppress his surprise.

“The Northern Dark Ice Soul?!” 

“Oh? You seem to know your stuff.” Rich laughter rumbled from the masked man. “Within the frozen territory of the Northern Dark Ice Soul technique, your measly space law is useless. No one will come to your aid.” 

Yang Chen gritted his teeth. “Are you from the Yan family? Are you Yan Feiyun’s father?”

Recounting details from his last battle with Yan Feiyun, Yang Chen had learned from them that their family’s unique technique was the Northern Dark Ice Soul. 

He had initially thought the masked man was part of the Luo family. Yang Chen hadn’t expected him to be from the Yan family! Had Yan Sanniang failed to stop her father? 

If this was really the old Yan Wuchen that achieved the Heavenly Realms of Hongmeng, why did he require a mask? Did something happen to his face? 

“Too many questions. I’m going to give you one last chance. Are you going to surrender it to me or not?” 

Yang Chen bared his fists. “Come get it if you can!” 

“Very well, you asked for this!” 

The masked man scoffed. He raised his arms and abruptly dropped them! 

“Magic Ice Star Rain!” 

Countless frost spikes emerged from the ground on the entire frozen surface. The spikes zapped towards Yang Chen within the azure hemisphere dome. 

From a distance, Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing held their breaths as they watched the fight. 

Blue rays of light came crashing down onto Yang Chen’s body. The whole scene looked like a Grim Reaper’s barrage!

As he braced himself through the violent icy rain, Yang Chen was clear that the law of space would allow him to fight unscrupulously against his opponent. The man knew that using only the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy wouldn’t do him good, so he decided to exercise both powers at the same time! 

“Unseal, space barrier!” 

The sudden explosion of energy warped the parallel space around Yang Chen to block the frost spikes! 

Presented with abundant True Yuan, the spikes began feasting on the energy from the parallel space. Soon enough, it started to encase Yang Chen in a frozen barrier! 

Yang Chen could only groan. The masked man’s True Yuan was very deadly. He had used the same Northern Dark Ice Soul technique but the level of mastery was obviously much different from that of Yan Feiyun! 

The masked man was at least at the Weak Waters stage of his Tribulation Passing stage cultivation! Or else it wouldn’t make sense for him to be able to display such a drastic difference to the same technique! 

“It’s probably better to now rely on your law of space. You’re just a half-assed cultivator. Even the previous Hades wouldn’t stand a chance to lay a finger on me.” The masked man’s advice sounded genuine but it was laced with a hefty amount of contempt. 

Enraged, Yang Chen roared. His body abruptly engulfed in Nanming Li Fire! 

The heat from the fiery flames slowly melted away the frost around him. However, the frost spikes continued to attack him from every corner. It was starting to get too much for Yang Chen to handle! 

Yang Chen wasn’t about to give in, opting to unleash all his powers. He was trying to use the law of space to shatter the ice! 

“Space tremor!” 

With Yang Chen in the center, the parallel space around him became turbulent like strong ocean waves. It surged and rolled, blasting away everything it encountered with an increasing radius! 


Receiving the impact, the icy territory only returned an earth-shattering rumble! 

“I’ve told you so. The law of space does nothing within this dome.” The masked man cackled maliciously. “I’m not about to waste my time coaching you. Hurry up and give up already!” 

Abruptly, the masked man zoomed closer to Yang Chen in a flash! They were less than ten meters apart now! 

A weird purplish-black swirling True Yuan manifested on one of his hands. 

Yang Chen could feel the urgency to avoid contact with the odd True Yuan. His instincts were warning of terrible consequences! 

“Hmph, I’ll go easy on you. If I wasn’t for your techniques and the fact that I cannot take your life, I wouldn’t have wasted my Purple Butterfly Fantasy on you!”

Yang Chen didn’t dare for him to come closer. He wasn’t sure of what the Purple Butterfly Fantasy was but it couldn’t have been a good thing! 

Frantically, Yang Chen mustered up all the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy he could and used his newly acquired Kui Water energy to form an impenetrable shield in front of him. He then unleashed the Kui Water violently! 

Combating the ice with freezing abilities, the navy blue Kui Water energy enveloped most of the frozen territory! 

“You’re so full of yourself!” The masked man roared. 

He did not flinch in the face of the approaching solidifying Kui Water layer. Inexplicably, his body made it past the Kui Water barrier with ease.

He was like a human-sized bomb. The man feared none of the incoming waves, destroying off everything coming his way like a breeze!

Everything in Yang Chen’s being was telling him to retreat at once. Unfortunately, his Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy were not strong enough to break through the walls of the frozen dome. As soon as he reached the edge of the barrier, the masked man had already caught up with him. 

In a blink of the eye, his sight was blinded by the swirling Purple Butterfly Fantasy. Yang Chen could feel his body being tied down by its energy! 


Yang Chen let out an agonizing scream before slumping against the ground with a thud. 

His entire body was shrouded in purple mist. 

Yang Chen could feel his dantian being restricted by some sort of weird energy, causing his veins to lose its usual activity. His body functions were starting to cease rapidly. To make matters worse, his brain was no longer heeding to him!

In just a short time, Yang Chen felt as if he was down with some severe illness. His face started to lose its color, the exhaustion was overwhelming!

“Yang Chen!” 

Watching that, Liu Mingyu could no longer hold her cries in. Her tears started flowing down pitifully. All she wanted to do now was to rush over to Yang Chen.

Xiao Zhiqing tried to stop her with all her might. The woman even used her neck to barricade Liu Mingyu from acting rashly. “No! Don’t go over there! It’s suicidal!” 

“Let go!” 

Liu Mingyu flung Xiao Zhiqing away. Xiao Zhiqing fell to the ground like a rag doll.  

Helplessly, she watched Liu Mingyu dashed over to where Yang Chen was. Ignoring her wounded palm, Xiao Zhiqing quickly followed suit with gritted teeth and a face full of tears. 

Noticing the two approaching women, the masked man scoffed. “Your women are really loyal. They still had the heart to come back for you in such circumstances. I’m sure the two will be in despair when they see you.” 

Devoid of any color, Yang Chen was sickeningly pale. He heaved heavily. Uttering a word now was extremely difficult, let alone standing up to continue the fight. 

With his glares towards the masked man, Yang Chen felt like his lungs were about to explode! 

How was he rendered completely useless?! 

Noticing that Liu Mingyu was headed here, Yang Chen frantically called out hoarsely with every ounce of energy that was left. “Go! Go away!” Sadly, it did nothing to halt her footsteps.

The masked man laughed. “Just bid farewell to her. I’ve got no time to waste on killing a regular chick. Come, let me take you elsewhere. I was only after your Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture.”

He then bent down to pick up Yang Chen from the ground. 

Abruptly, the masked man scowled, quickly jumping away from Yang Chen with lightning speed!


A deafening crash was heard. As if it were made of ink, an arrow manifested out of True Yuan landed on where the masked man was! 

Following that, the eerie True Yuan started to dissipate as it let out a whiff of the unpleasant rotting scent. Slowly, it disappeared…