Even though there was only one snake, it was better than nothing. Yang Chen ran back to their base camp cheerily but just when he was about to arrive, he heard Liu Mingyu’s scream!

His heart dropped and he quickened his pace.

Yang Chen’s face darkened at the sight.

A snake was hissing at them, signaling that it was about to attack. Their motions might have alerted it, causing it to feel uneasy and annoyed.

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing cowered by the fire, trying to move back as much as possible.

“Stay away from it. This is an Australian coastal taipan. It’s one of the most venomous snakes in the world. If it attacks, we won’t be able to dodge it.” Yang Chen said with a stern voice.

Having heard that, they moved backward instinctively but their backs bumped into the rock. They had no way out!

Yang Chen didn’t hesitate any further. He tossed the water snake aside and tried to move closer to the coastal taipan.

“Yang Chen, what are you doing!?” Xiao Zhiqing yelled.

Yang Chen grinned at them, trying to tell them it was fine. He picked up a branch from the ground and tried to move it to the snake’s head.

Right when Yang Chen was about to press the snake’s head onto the ground with the branch, the snake moved first!
The snake flew up and attacked Yang Chen’s arm!

Yang Chen couldn’t even react in time and his arm was already bitten by the snake!


Yang Chen cursed. Even though he was prepared to face this, it still annoyed him. 

If this had happened in the past, he would’ve been able to get away from it with his divinity and space laws.

Not only had he lost his cultivation, but his brain was also too weak to activate the space laws!

However, Yang Chen had no plans of letting it go. He extended his hand and caught its neck. With the other hand on its head, Yang Chen bit the part under its head!
The sound of meat tearing up rang out and with its head detached from the body, the venomous reptile was finally dead!

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing were completely dumbfounded. Seconds later they snapped out of it and ran towards Yang Chen while shrieking!

They couldn't understand how the snake attacked him since its motions were too fast. It might look as if the snake had only bitten once but it could’ve actually done it three to four times!

Even though they were frightened and disgusted to see Yang Chen biting a snake’s head off, they were mostly appalled by Yang Chen’s wound!

“Hubby, how are you feeling!?”

Liu Mingyu held Yang Chen when his legs gave out.

“Don’t worry…I won’t die…”

Yang Chen tossed the coastal taipan snake next to the fire before saying with a bitter smile, “Even though I’ve lost all of my cultivation, my body and blood are still resistant against the venom. I should be fine after some rest.”

He made it sound so simple but Yang Chen hid the fact that this snake could cause hundreds of deaths with one bite. More than two hundred thousand rats were killed by it, let alone humans! 

If anyone was bitten by it, they would surely die!

Liu Mingyu sobbed when she saw Yang Chen’s face had turned gray again. “Why must you catch the snake! Can’t you just chase it away!? Why would you force yourself when you’re already in this state!?”

She was already blaming Yang Chen for not taking care of himself.

Yang Chen struggles to point at the snakes. “One snake isn’t enough for both of you. It’s getting dark now, I couldn’t let it go when it came to us on its own…”

Liu Mingyu held her breath. Xiao Zhiqing was baffled too, they never would’ve expected Yang Chen to do this for them.

He was willing to be poisoned so that they would get enough food to replenish their energy?

It was a ‘dumb’ move but how could they not feel touched!?

Xiao Zhiqing felt touched the most. Liu Mingyu was Yang Chen’s lover so it made sense for him to do it for her but she was just relying on him like a burden.

Not only did he not abandon her, but he was also mindful of her and tried his best to take care of her. Xiao Zhiqing’s heart melted at his gesture, she had never experienced this before in her life.

Unknowingly, her gaze became more tender when she looked at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didn’t have the time to think about their feelings, he was just trying to bring them home safely.

“Mingyu darling, if you don’t mind, can you bury the taipan’s head? Don’t touch it with your hand, it's still venomous even when it's dead. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Xiao Zhiqing interjected, “Let me do it. Mingyu, you can just take care of Yang Chen.”

Having said so, Xiao Zhiqing picked up a branch to take care of it. She could only help out in small matters like this.

Yang Chen breathed out. “I don’t have any energy now. Let me rest for a while and I’ll cook the snake for you two.”

Liu Mingyu shook her head and wiped her tears. “I’ll do it, you should just rest. How should I do it? 

Yang Chen chuckled. “Well if I was alone, I would’ve just thrown it into the fire and eaten it when it was cooked. But I’m sure you guys can’t stand the organs and the skin. Tear off the skin and scrape out the organs. Pierce it with a branch then cook it. You have to make sure it's fully cooked, snakes usually have a lot of parasites and if you ate it by accident, you might vomit and get sick.”

Liu Mingyu was humored by Yang Chen’s nagging. He was running out of energy and he still tried to say it as detailed as possible so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

Even though Yang Chen was always a scatterbrain in the city, he was very meticulous when it came to situations like this. 

Liu Mingyu shuddered internally when she was reminded of the scene where Yang Chen bit the snake. What kind of surroundings did he grow up in to be able to do such terrifying things?!

At the thought of this, Liu Mingyu’s heart wrenched. She made him lie onto the tree barks and proceeded to cook the snakes according to his direction.

Yang Chen rested around one hour until the snake’s venom was completely cleared off.

Sadly, he still couldn’t do anything against the Purple Butterfly Fantasy.

When the snakes were fully cooked, it was ready to be consumed. No matter how disgusting it felt, the ladies were too hungry to be bothered by it anymore.

Right when Yang Chen got up, they quickly passed the snake meat to him.

Yang Chen waved his hands. “I don’t need it. I can last pretty long without eating. You guys haven’t eaten in a long time so dig in and I’ll find some food tomorrow.”

“But…” Liu Mingyu furrowed her brows.“Eat some, you were poisoned again earlier, it’s not good for your body.”

Yang Chen smiled and ate one bite. “Enough? You guys can eat it, I’ll walk around and maybe I’ll find something to eat.”

Having said so, Yang Chen got up and walked towards the dark field.

Yang Chen was hungry too. Due to the loss of his cultivation, his body became weaker and he started to become dependent on food.

However, they needed food more than him. Therefore, instead of staying by the fire and watching them eat, he’d rather look around for more food.

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing exchanged glances with each other, being able to read the helplessness in their eyes.

“It looks like he’s determined to let us eat it.” Liu Mingyu forced a smile. “Then let's eat then.”

Xiao Zhiqing nodded and took a bite of the snake meat. It wasn’t tasty and it tasted rough, but the snake was still food.

“Has he always…been this good to you guys?” Xiao Zhiqing threw the question at Liu Mingyu randomly.

Liu Mingyu was trying to bite the meat and was taken aback by her question. With a faint smile, she said, “I didn’t know he had this side of him but he has always been protective of us. Even though this gave me the chance to learn more about him, I’d rather not.”
Xiao Zhiqing pursed her lips and didn't ask any further. She chewed the meat while silently pondering to herself. If any man had treated her the way he has, she wouldn’t mind dying with him out here.

Snake meat wasn’t a pleasant meal to have. They chewed on it for forty minutes and could barely tear the meat off the bones. Their masseters were sore from all the chewing and they were only eighty percent full.

At this time, they saw Yang Chen running back to them excitedly.

He seemed to have caught something weird in his hand and the ladies were astonished to see him half-naked!