Once he got closer, the ladies realized he was holding something covered with soil.

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing stood up subconsciously but they didn’t dare to move closer to him.

“Hubby, what are you carrying?”

Yang Chen dumped it onto the floor and a bunch of insects crawled out of it!


They shrieked and hugged each other!

With a closer look, they realized that a lump of soil was an insect’s nest!

Yang Chen chuckled at their reaction. “It’s fine, this is just part of a termite’s nest. It’s not harmful, it’s actually a good thing!”

“Termite’s nest?!”

They looked closer and realized that the crawling insects were actually termites. This was their first time witnessing the real deal!

Liu Mingyu got anxious. “Why did you bring this here? Are you trying to scare us to death?!”

Yang Chen scratched his head and sat down. He grabbed a bunch of termites and swallowed them!


The ladies widened their eyes out of shock, unable to believe their eyes.

Xiao Zhiqing felt disgusted, covering her mouth to prevent her from gagging.

Yang Chen chewed onto the termites and swallowed them while frowning. At the same time, he looked around to grab more termites.

He explained while eating, “Termite has twice the calories of beef so it’s worth eating it. I know you guys can’t stand it so I’ll just eat it myself.”

Even though it made sense in this situation, they still found it disgusting!

“Then you should have eaten it before coming back! Why would you carry the nest here!” Liu Mingyu grumbled.

Yang Chen shrugged. “The nest is made out of their saliva and different kinds of soil. Indigenous people would burn the nest to release a smell that could act as a mosquito repellant. I know you guys were bitten by mosquitoes so I brought it back.”

It finally dawned on them after hearing his explanation. Even though his gesture warmed their heart, it was difficult watching him chew live termites.
Yang Chen didn’t mind it. Although he was doing something which he was used to, he knew it looked crazy in their eyes.

At the same time, he was aware that he had to do this in order to bring them out of here alive. 

No matter how disgusting or dirty it was, he had to do it to survive!

When the next day arrived, they departed once again.

Having gotten used to Yang Chen’s ‘weird’ behaviors, they weren’t surprised by him anymore when Yang Chen used all sorts of methods to catch a Papuan python, Australian tortoise, including scorpions and spiders.

They almost passed out when Yang Chen bit a Huntsman spider’s head off and swallowed it whole.

Fortunately, Yang Chen didn’t force them to eat the valuable ‘proteins’, instead, he cooked and served them cooked meat.

On the fourth day, they had finally reached the Northern sea.

While they were resting by a river, Yang Chen tore a prick from the Pandanus tree and used it as a fishhook.

He pulled a thread from his bag and turned it into a piece of fishing equipment. Following that, Yang Chen dug out worms from a rotten bark, eating half of it before sticking it onto the hook. 

Even though it was crudely made, Yang Chen still managed to catch two catfishes which weren’t surprising since freshwater fishes like this were common all around the world.

They roasted the catfishes to eat and once they had replenished their energy, they continued their journey.

Xiao Zhiqing was relieved to hear that they could leave Arnhem by tomorrow, but at that same time, a feeling of regret washed over her. “We’ve been focused on getting out of here and we couldn’t even search for the herbs. How unfortunate.”

Yang Chen chuckled. “There’s no point in doing that. I haven’t even thought of a way to recover my cultivation, let alone master the Samadhi True Fire.”

Xiao Zhiqing sounded helpless. “You can’t force it. The Samadhi True Fire is much harder than the Li Fire. For someone at your age, your cultivation is already extraordinary enough.”

Yang Chen knew she was just trying to comfort him but he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. He knew he was close but he did not know what he was lacking.

However, it was meaningless to think about it now when he had lost all of his cultivation.

After walking for a half a day, their surroundings were becoming colder and the plants around them were starting to look like coastal trees.

Even though there were still no signs of humans, they knew they were almost there.

At this time, Yang Chen noticed three off-road vehicles driving towards them at a high speed!

Something felt extremely odd!

These were military vehicles!

He was certain that there weren’t any armies here. This meant that they were illegal armies!

Just as he had expected, as the vehicles got closer, Yang Chen saw their faces. They tied headbands around their head and their faces were sinister with machine guns on their arms!

Liu Mingyu gripped onto Yang Chen’s arm anxiously, knowing that they couldn’t get away from them. “Hubby, are they targeting us?!”

Yang Chen’s heart was heavy too. He wouldn’t be afraid of them if he still had his cultivation, but as of now, he was no different from a normal man. How was he supposed to protect them from guns when all he had was hand to hand combat?

Liu Mingyu might have Houtian internal energy, but she was inexperienced in terms of real combat.

It was obvious that these hunks were experienced mercenaries!

Even if Liu Mingyu was experienced, she couldn’t get away safely with all the guns around them!

“Keep quiet, we’ll see what they want.” Yang Chen held onto her hand tightly.

Xiao Zhiqing cowered behind Yang Chen, not daring to say anything.

The vehicles drove closer and surrounded the trio. A bearded caucasian raised his G36C rifle whilst looking at them with a teasing gaze. “Yellow skinned, Chinese? Japanese? North Korean?” he asked with a bad English accent.

Yang Chen couldn’t tell which mercenary group he belonged to but even if he did recognize him, Yang Chen would never confess his identity. What if he was Yang Chen’s enemy? It would be a suicide attempt to reveal himself when he had no cultivation!

Thus, Yang Chen knew he could never let them know of his identity.

“We’re Chinese, our plane crashed so we landed here. What’s the matter?” Yang Chen tried to ask him calmly.

The hunk nodded in realization but he kept sneaking glances at the ladies with a greedy gaze.

“Friends from China. You guys must be tired, right? How about I get you a drink? Besides, I never would’ve expected to meet such beauty here. My name is Ryan, it would be my pleasure to invite the ladies to our base.”

Ryan cackled, showing his yellow teeth.

The other mercenaries whistled while locking their eyes at the two ladies.

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing were stupefied by their reactions, holding onto Yang Chen tightly.

“Hubby, what should we do?” Even though Liu Mingyu had been cultivating for a while, she had never fought before.

Yang Chen’s heart dropped. They really bumped into the Grey Mercenary Group. A completely immoral and vile group of people!

However, now that Yang Chen had lost his cultivation, they couldn’t get away at all!