Even though Yang Chen couldn’t understand how or why they came, he knew that he couldn’t defeat them. With his eyes, he signaled the ladies to not resist them and follow them for now.

Even if he lost his cultivation, it wasn’t the right choice to act rashly. They would have a greater chance of surviving if they remained calm and collected.

“Lead the way then.” Yang Chen showed a faint smile.

Ryan grinned and motioned his subordinates to give them space on their vehicles.

Under the gun nozzle, Yang Chen separated from the ladies and they each sat on different vehicles. 

After a long bumpy ride, they arrived at the Northern beach.

By the highland were seven to eight canvas tents which should be the Grey Mercenary Group’s temporary base camp.

There were guards patrolling around the camp with rifles in their hands and judging from the number of people outside, there should be more than thirty people in the group.

Something struck Yang Chen’s eyes. A transport ship and two escort vessels by the bay which was probably their means of transportation.

Yang Chen could tell that they were doing illegal business seeing how they chose to have their base camp at a place like this.

In other words, they were smugglers.

Yang Chen became slightly hopeful at this because smugglers were usually less experienced than those who fought in wars.

Before he could think much about it, the three of them were already dragged out of the vehicles and forced into the base camp.

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing were trembling with fear, overwhelmed by their greedy stares. They couldn’t think of any way to get out of here and could only stick close to Yang Chen.

Ryan walked to a grey tent and pointed towards the inside with his nozzle.

“Go in, our Chinese friends.” Ryan grinned.

Yang Chen tried his best to remain calm. “What are you going to do to us?”

Ryan put on a fake smile. “I’ve already informed our boss and you'll know soon once he gets here.”

Having said so, he pushed Yang Chen into the tent! The ladies were naturally forced into the tent with him.

Once they were inside, two men stood outside with guns in their hands.

Liu Mingyu was worried. “What does it mean? They aren’t killing us, nor did they give us any reason for locking us here.”

“He said his boss will meet us, which I’m guessing it’s their leader. We will know soon.”

While saying that, Yang Chen glanced around the tent and he furrowed his brows as a response. Wooden boxes with various shapes filled the tent and they were intricately carved as if there were valuable items inside. Most importantly, they were placed individually, as if someone was afraid of damaging the boxes.

“Yang Chen, did you find something?” Xiao Zhiqing asked, being the braver one.

Yang Chen contemplated for a while before walking towards one of the smaller boxes. He opened the cover gently and realized that it was filled with a thick layer of newspapers.

To his surprise, these newspapers were printed in Mandarin. 

This meant that it must be related to China! 

After taking out the newspapers, a layer of soft plastic was revealed which was used for protection and to soften the impact.

Yang Chen’s eyes widened when he found out what was inside the box. No wonder they were being so careful!

“This is…”

Xiao Zhiqing covered her mouth out of disbelief when she saw the item too.

Yang Chen nodded and said with a low voice, “It’s a blue and white porcelain antique patterned with clouds and dragons. Its estimated worth is around ten million dollars.”

Liu Mingyu finally understood what was going on. Even though she wasn’t familiar with antiquities, she has heard about blue and white porcelain before. With a gasp, she exclaimed, “Are they smuggling relics?!”

“It’s not just that. Think about it, they could’ve locked us into an empty tent instead of this one. There’s only one reason behind this. All their tents were filled with relics that are worth billions! No wonder they used a transport ship for this. I’m sure other countries other than China would have ordered the arrest if they found out about the lost relics.”

Right when Yang Chen was still talking, a charming voice was heard from outside.

“You have a keen eye.” He spoke in perfect Mandarin.

Following that, a tall Asian man walked into the tent. He was wearing a tight fitted camouflage T-shirt with his hair right above his shoulders.

Ryan stood behind him while grinning widely.

The man glanced over at Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing before turning his gaze towards Yang Chen. With glinting eyes, he said, “Dude, I heard from Ryan that you guys were trapped in this place because your plane crashed?”

Yang Chen was surprised. “You're Chinese?”

The man was taken aback at first. His gaze was deep when he noticed Yang Chen’s fearless gaze. “You don’t look like a spy since you don’t recognize me. I’m the leader of the Hydralisk Mercenary Group, Jin Zhe. They call me Hydra. Have you heard about me?”

While saying that, Jin Zhe stared at Yang Chen like a cobra, careful not to miss out on any changes in his facial expression and gaze.

Yang Chen shook his head. He was telling the truth. He had never heard of them. They were probably not famous enough or were new to the game.

“It doesn’t matter. I believe you. You guys really have nothing to do with those who are after us.” Jin Zhe said with a grin. He could tell that Yang Chen didn’t know them at all which meant that he didn’t have to worry about being exposed.

Liu Mingyu seemed expectant when she asked him, “Does it mean that you’ll let us go?”

“Go?” Jin Zhe shook his finger, “My beautiful lady, you think too highly of us…”

Yang Chen tightened his fist, thinking to himself that this wouldn’t end well whereas the girls turned pale.

Jin Zhe snorted. “We’ve been having a hard time here staying at this deserted place. It’s so rare for us to have such beauties here. It wouldn’t make sense if I don’t send you guys over to be raped by my brothers, would it?”

“You…you’re shameless!” Liu Mingyu never expected him to be so frank and brazen.

Xiao Zhiqing bit her lip and hugged her chest anxiously.

Jin Zhe sounded sorry for them. “I’m really sorry. Even though we’re all from China, I can’t really be bothered by that when we’re all living such dangerous lives. Don’t worry, my brothers might be willing to take you guys in if you two were to serve them well.”
“Not only did you steal from your own county, but you’re also even doing dirty deeds like this. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself!?” Liu Mingyu reprimanded him.

Yang Chen smiled at her bitterly. She was trying to put on a brave face but was only making things worse.

Not like it could get any worse.

Yang Chen started to glance around, looking for a chance.

Just as he had expected, veins started bulging on Jin Zhe’s forehead!

“Ashamed? Haha! How sanctimonious! What do rich people like you even know!?”

He snickered, “Why would I be embarrassed? My father wouldn’t have died from being framed by corrupt officials! My sister wouldn’t have turned into a retard after being raped and beaten by a group of animals! My mom wouldn’t have gone blind from crying and died by eating sleeping pills! None of it would have happened if I wasn’t born in China! I was a soldier for so many years, thinking about my family every day. When I finally returned home from serving my country, they were all dead! Relics my ass, they would only be left in the museum so that the animals can earn money by selling entrance tickets. I might as well take it and sell them to foreigners for money so that I can take care of my brothers and their families. Why must we be oppressed by villains like them?! To hell with that!”

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing weren’t the only ones who were startled, Yang Chen was moved by his words too.

This man was smiling at them minutes ago yet now he was looking like a ferocious beast!

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing couldn’t utter a single word. Even though they knew he was doing something illegal, they couldn’t stop themselves from feeling sorry for him.