Well, despicable people had pitiful pasts too.

Yang Chen took a deep breath. People like him were quite common. After all, who would become a mercenary if they had a loving family? 

“You look so sad. Don’t you think you are being childish?” Yang Chen sighed.

“What did you say?!” Jin Zhe was furious. “Shut your trap!”

Yang Chen couldn’t care less about it, not like he would let them go if he really shut up.

“You think the whole world mistreated you, but have you ever thought about it? The people whom you hate did not even spread as much pain as you are now. Those who have harmed your family deserved to be hated. They deserve to die but you didn’t seek revenge. Instead, you took advantage of your country and the innocent lives of others…” 
Jin Zhe’s facial muscles twitched. His eyes were blazing as if he was about to eat Yang Chen up.

Yang Chen said with a nonchalant tone, “Do you think your parents would still acknowledge you as their son if they ever caught wind of the sins you have committed? Are you any different from your enemies? If you’re really capable, you could make them pay the price and live a good life on your family’s behalf. Look at you, half dead and half alive. You think you’re taking revenge on your country. I can only say that you’re all a bunch of losers and weak cowards! You’re only ruining your family’s lives. You can choose not to believe my words but I’m telling the truth.”
Yang Chen felt it too after he was done talking. He has done things he was not proud of in the name of his tragic past…

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing seemed to have understood something, looking at Yang Chen with bright eyes.

It felt as if they were no longer in danger, feeling Yang Chen’s calm and collected attitude.

Jin Zhe’s face darkened. His eyes glinted as he contemplated it but he snorted in the end.

“Say whatever you want. I’ve come too far to change my mind! So what if you’re good with words? Men talk with their fists!”

Ryan couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Boss, should I send the ladies to your tent?”

Jin Zhe waved his hand. “No need, relieve the patrols from their shifts and let them go first!”

Ryan nodded, motioning the two guards outside to bring the ladies out.

“Boss, what should we do about him?” Ryan asked again.

Jin Zhe sneered. “We have brothers who like to go the other way right? He looks young and tender, give him to them!”

Ryan showed a nasty smile and strode toward Yang Chen. “You have to serve our brothers well…hehe, I’ll send you there myself!”

The ladies hid behind Yang Chen instinctively when Ryan and the other two men were coming towards them.

Their faces were flushed from listening to their dirty words.

Time had never passed so slowly and they didn’t dare to breathe. Liu Mingyu tightened her firsts, ready to attack them if they really tried to pull her out.

Yang Chen remained calm and waited for Ryan to get even closer.

All of a sudden, Yang Chen moved!

Even though he had lost his cultivation, he was still skilled at close quarter combat!

With an overhead, Yang Chen struck Ryan’s arm joint unexpectedly!


Ryan groaned as his arm went limp!

Right at that moment, Yang Chen grabbed Ryan’s rifle with his other hand!

Yang Chen pointed the rifle at Ryan’s chest and fired directly into him!

Blood splattered everywhere as Ryan collapsed onto the ground, his eyes wide opened in disbelief!

No one expected Yang Chen to resist with such skill that it shocked Jin Zhe and the other two men!

Without any hesitation, Yang Chen raised the rifle and shot the two men!

They were so close to him that it was impossible to react in time. With a loud thud, the two men collapsed too!

It was all within Yang Chen’s calculations. He knew that this mercenary group wasn’t well trained. His skills could overpower them even if he had lost his cultivation!

However, due to the commotion, Jin Zhe snapped out of it quickly. He dashed out of the tent and yelled at his subordinates to come over!

Yang Chen squatted down immediately to pick up the bullets. He could only rely on guns and it’d better not run out of bullets at such an important moment!

At the thought of that, he hadn’t been using a gun in fights like this for a long time. Fortunately, it was something he couldn’t forget!

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing were panicking, looking at Yang Chen nervously.

“Hubby, what should we do?” Liu Mingyu asked frantically. She could hear the sounds of footsteps but she couldn’t see what was going on outside. 

Yang Chen said with a low voice, “They aren’t going to fire recklessly. This tent is filled with valuable goods here and if they were to break it, they would be losing millions of dollars.”

Yang Chen was relying on this. Thank goodness there were valuable relics here, or else they would have simply thrown grenades to kill them!

Just as he had expected, Jin Zhe growled from outside. “Damn you! I didn’t expect you to be skilled! Do you think you can get away like this?! You killed three of my brothers and you’ll pay for it!”
Xiao Zhiqing whispered to Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, why don’t we each grab a gun and shoot them! We can attack first since they don’t dare to attack. They’re all surrounding the tent, we might be able to knock out a bunch of them by shooting aimlessly!”

“No.” Yang Chen furrowed his brows. “We’re pushing them to kill us if we attack first. They’re definitely equipped with machine guns and grenades. They might bomb us before we even kill anyone.”

“Then what should we do?! Are we just going to wait here and die!?”

Yang Chen pondered but he couldn’t think of a good idea.

Yang Chen had never felt so helpless as a normal human!

He couldn’t even protect his woman! Yang Chen felt so insulted that he could barely breathe from the suffocating feeling on his chest!

At this moment, it was completely silent outside of the tent!

Yang Chen had a hunch. They must be doing something dangerous!

Before he could think about it, a few metal cans were tossed into the tent!
Hissing sounds were heard as white smoke filled the tent!

“Toxic tear-gas grenade?!” Yang Chen yelled out. 

He hadn't experienced combat like this. It had completely caught him off guard!

Not only would it cause them to tear up uncontrollably, they would experience breathing difficulties and eventually die from poisoning!

It could kill them yet leave the relics intact!

“We don’t have any choice now. Let’s rush out, stand behind me and hold your breath!”

Yang Chen no longer hesitated. This was his only option! He could only rely on Liu Mingyu’s internal energy, hoping that she could help him hold off ten people. With his marksmanship and footwork, there was a very slim chance that they could make it out alive!