However, Yang Chen knew they were prepared for them to come out. They were prepared to fire at the sight of their faces!

Hence, they could never walk out through the main exit!

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing could hardly open their eyes from breathing in the toxic gas. They could only nod hard as a reply.

Yang Chen dashed to the other side of the tent and shot it continuously!

The bullets pierced through the tent to form holes on it while striking two mercenaries in the process!

“Run out!”

Yang Chen rolled forward to break the tent. While he was rolling, he spotted three men in front of them!

His bullets went straight to their heads, leaving no room for error!

They were about to pull the trigger when their blood splattered out of their heads! 

They couldn’t believe that Yang Chen was able to shoot them so accurately when he had just gotten out of the tent!

Within a split second, Yang Chen had gotten rid of five people which boosted his confidence. 

There was still hope!

Liu Mingyu and Xiao Zhiqing ran out while coughing, feeling completely helpless!

“Run to the beach now! Mingyu, pull her along by using your internal energy! I’ll cover!” Yang Chen shouted.

Liu Mingyu snapped out of it finally. She grabbed Xiao Zhiqing’s hand and was about to run with her when she heard Jin Zhe’s voice!

“Trying to run?! Never!”

Growls were heard from both sides as Jin Zhe brought his remaining men towards them. He couldn’t be bothered to be careful anymore, driving the off-road vehicles and using the machine guns to shoot them!  

“Get down!”

Yang Chen jumped onto the ladies to push them down! In the next second, bullets flew past their heads!

Yang Chen turned around and aimed towards the nearest vehicle’s oil tank!


The car exploded as flames danced in the sky. All four mercenaries were blasted off from the vehicle!

Jin Zhe was shocked by the groans. He never expected Yang Chen to have such good marksmanship, being able to aim at a moving vehicle!

However, he no longer had the time to think about it. His only option was to kill the trio and he had to do it at all costs!

“Jump off the vehicles and back off!”

Jin Zhe was worried about Yang Chen’s marksmanship. He wouldn’t want his subordinates to die because of an oil tank explosion! 

The remaining mercenaries were devastated and shocked to witness their brothers’ death!

At the same time, they were fueled with hatred, determined to kill the three at all costs!

Within a split second, everyone looked for cover, whether it was a rock or tent. They did everything they could to keep themselves covered but the rain of bullets did not stop!

The bullets were forming a death net!

It was originally a good chance, knowing that they were actually shooting at random. He could’ve killed more people with high accuracy but much to his annoyance, Yang Chen ran out of bullets!

“Fuck! Mingyu, take cover and don’t run out!”

Yang Chen shouted towards them. He wouldn’t want them to get hurt now.

Following that, Yang Chen tossed his gun towards the mercenaries before running towards a dead body to get another rifle!

Liu Mingyu got up from the ground and was about to pull Xiao Zhiqing behind a rock but her face turned pale, having seen something from the corner of her eye!

“Be careful!”

She shrieked but it was already too late!

One of the mercenaries who was bombed out of the vehicle wasn’t dead yet. He had thrown a grenade towards Yang Chen’s direction!

Yang Chen lost his cultivation so it was impossible for him to watch his surroundings. The hair at the back of his neck stood up when he heard Liu Mingyu’s voice and he jumped away instinctively!


The grenade exploded and Yang Chen stumbled across the ground from the impact!

“Nice one!”

Jin Zhe was overjoyed. “He ran out of bullets! Go get him!”

Yang Chen was covered with dust, having rolled around the ground. He was feeling dizzy and it felt as if his internal organs were being twisted around!

However, Yang Chen knew he couldn’t stay still. With the flying dust as his cover, Yang Chen rolled over and grabbed the nearest rifle!

The mercenaries shot him continuously, bullets forming a trail behind him!
Fire shots were heard continuously and even though most of the bullets hit the rocks and the ground, some got him!

Yang Chen gritted his teeth, realizing that his stomach and calves were shot!

Even though his body was still strong, it was no longer protected by the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. In addition to that, with the Purple Butterfly Fantasy’s effect, he could barely suppress the pain!

Yang Chen could feel that bullets piercing through his flesh. The gun wound on his stomach especially made him cough out of blood!

He rolled again but he was staggering from the pain!

Fortunately, he could cover his body with the rock in front of him but with the intensive shooting and grenades, it wouldn’t offer much protection!

Liu Mingyu couldn’t even breath when she saw that Yang Chen was shot. Tears flowed out of her eyes and she ran out of the rock which she was hiding behind!

“Mingyu!” Xiao Zhiqing shrieked but Liu Mingyu had no plans of turning around.

Xiao Zhiqing gritted her teeth and joined her.

The thought of death could no longer stop them!

Yang Chen realized they were coming to save him and with a heavy heart, he yelled at them, “Go back! It’s too dangerous!”

Liu Mingyu ignored him completely and ran over to him!

However, as of now, Yang Chen could barely move because of the bullets. If she didn’t save him, he would definitely die!

Liu Mingyu could only bet on her internal energy to be strong enough to pull Yang Chen along. Even if they had to jump into the sea, they would still have higher chances of survival!

Liu Mingyu ran to Yang Chen and pulled him up. She wrapped his arm around her shoulders and yelled at him, “Stop forcing yourself to stand! We wouldn’t stand a chance if we keep fighting! I’ll use my internal energy to speed up and run to the sea. This is our only hope, we shall die together if that’s our ending!!”

Yang Chen was baffled by her resilience. His heart twisted at her impossible confidence and optimism.

Honestly, with her internal energy, she would have had a higher chance of survival if she chose to leave him behind. But she chose the dumbest option.

Xiao Zhiqing ran over to him too and tried her best to support him. Even though her face was covered with dust, it was obvious that she was worried about him.

No matter how slow he was, it was impossible for him to ignore their feelings.

How could he let them die with him here because of his uselessness?!

Yang Chen couldn’t say anything else. They couldn’t delay things any further at such a life and death situation!

It all happened within a few seconds and Liu Mingyu was already running with Yang Chen after that.

Jin Zhe dashed after them with his mercenaries. They were fearless, now that Yang Chen was weaponless.

Xiao Zhiqing turned around and her gaze turned firm when she saw the shower of bullets. All of a sudden, she changed her direction and ran behind them!

It all happened so quickly as bullets pierced her back!

Her shirt was stained red and she coughed out blood which landed on Yang Chen and Liu Mingyu’s necks!

The two of them had just realized her movement but it was already too late!


Yang Chen roared whereas Liu Mingyu was dumbfounded.

However, what happened next threw them off their feet!

Jin Zhe suddenly took out a grenade and threw at them with a menacing laugh!

“Hubby run!”

Liu Mingyu heard the laughter and she summoned all her energy to push Yang Chen forward by using her internal energy!

She knew that if they were to run together, they wouldn’t be able to dodge the explosion together!

All Yang Chen could feel was a force pushing him forward and he rolled across the ground!

It was right at that moment when he heard the crushing sound of an explosion!