The grenade exploded behind him, stirring up dust that obstructed his vision! 

Yang Chen crawled up with a dazzled expression. His mouth was wide open and his nostrils flared as he trembled.

The wounds on his abdomen and legs were quickly forgotten.

Yang Chen couldn’t hear over the ringing in his ears. All he could see were his women lying flat on the ground.

Waves crashed against the reefs while the sea breeze blew away the smoke.
His face was moist but he couldn't tell if it came from his tears or blood.

It was as if the world had fallen dead silent.

Right at that moment, the shooting stopped.

Jin Zhe strode towards him with his mercenaries behind him.

The fight had ended, thus there was no need of wasting firearms on an injured man and the two women whose survival was unknown.

“Shit, that was bloody unlucky. Check if they’re still alive and break the bastard’s legs!” Jin Zhe commanded.

“Yes! Boss!”

“I shall chop their limbs off and feed them to sharks!”

His subordinates were fueled with anger, dashing towards Yang Chen immediately!

Yang Chen kept his head lowered at the same spot.

His mind was filled with the ladies’ faces and their smiles.
He still remembered the time when they first shared a handshake in an unfamiliar office. She scratched his palm lightly and even winked at him playfully.

The time when she looked dejected and resentful after being provoked.

The night when they ran under the moonlight…

The night at the bar where she vented at him; the night at the hotel where they shared a passionate night together…

“I belong to you tonight but when tomorrow comes, we’ll go our separate ways, okay?”
Yang Chen’s memories flashed past and he remembered the time when she stalked him in Los Angeles. 

Her frightened expression when her plans were exposed...

The night where she confessed her background with a resentful expression…

She was always alone but she could still smile so brightly…

The feeling of humiliation, resentment, anger, pain, despair, and grief took over his body. It felt as if his meridians were about to explode!

Blood kept pulsing through his arteries and the frantic feelings kept crushing him, causing the repressed pain to resurface!

His bones were actually cracking because of the expanding muscles!

His dantian was eager to break out from the shackles of the Purple Butterfly Fantasy. The fire in him was finally going to explode!

Yang Chen’s head bobbed up and down as he looked up slowly.

The mercenaries were about to catch Yang Chen when they felt a strong murderous intent being emitted out of his body!

This evoked a fear more oppressing than anything they have felt before in their heart!

It was as if a layer of black fog was spreading around him!

The sand and rocks around him flew away!

Streams of air started to swirl around Yang Chen!

Jin Zhe finally realized something was off. He then looked toward the source of the commotion and stared in shock. Yang Chen’s eyes had gone completely red!

They were more frightened by the flame in his eyes!

They couldn’t believe their eyes. Flames were actually dancing in Yang Chen’s eyes!!

No matter how hard they tried to force themselves to be brave, this wasn’t something any mundane person could face!

They felt like a bunch of insects in front of a giant, their sizes were incomparable!

Yang Chen wasn’t really conscious of his actions.

However, his invisible illness that was once suppressed by his Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was overcome by his fury, causing his brain to fall into another state of bloodlust!

Because he hadn’t felt such fury for a long time, it seemed to have ignited his dantian!

When the thin thread was ignited, the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy in his dantian burst through like a volcano!

The surge of energy repaired his meridians and it also expanded them further! 

His cultivation that was once shackled had become the fuel to the fire in his heart.

Why fire!

Wood, rock, and thunder could be used to ignite a fire!

The human heart could do the same thing!

His heart was the King’s Fire, his kidney was the King’s Subject’s Fire whereas his bladder was the Citizen’s Fire!

And thus he had completed the trifecta of the Samādhi True Fire!

Yang Chen never would have imagined that the only missing thing from the Samādhi True Fire was the fire in his heart!

He failed to master this because it wasn’t something so easily understood!

However, his fury had taken over him and while he broke through the Purple Butterfly Fantasy, the Samādhi True Fire ignited in his body! The Samādhi True Fire was a heavenly fire that could devour anything in the world. The Purple Butterfly Fantasy was no exception and evaporated from his body!

Without the hindrance of the venom, Yang Chen recovered his cultivation and his cultivation base increased once again from the explosion!

Even though he was still far from the second stage of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation, it was still a big step for him!

However, Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered by it now.

His mind was filled with two words as he looked toward the mercenaries with blazing eyes. 

Kill them!

It was as if he couldn't stand looking at them for another second.

Yang Chen summoned Heaven and Earth Energy instinctively and transformed it into the newly mastered Samādhi True Fire to form a fire dragon.

Compared to the fiery red of the Nanming Li Fire, the Samādhi True Fire was gold like sunlight. However, its power was much more formidable than the Li Fire!

The mercenaries screamed as the fire dragon roared and flew through their bodies!

Within a split second, their bodies shattered and dissipated from the ground!

It all happened so naturally and easily once his cultivation was recovered.

Yang Chen regained his consciousness once his sight had cleared up.

The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture started to suppress his invisible illness once again.

He always thought he had eradicated it but it was actually being suppressed all this while. It was completely unexpected but Yang Chen realized that he could never get rid of it. After being shone on by the divine light, it would remain imprinted on his body forever.

However, he didn’t hate it anymore. 

His gun wounds had healed once he recovered his cultivation. The bullets melted in his body and the rest of his injuries were healed too.

In a flash, Yang Chen appeared next to Liu Mingyu. He carried her up and checked her condition immediately.

Yang Chen was relieved to know that even though she was affected by the grenade, she only suffered slight injuries.

After injecting a surge of Heaven and Earth energy into her body to heal her wounds. Liu Mingyu’s True Qi started to revolve in her body, causing her to regain consciousness.

She opened her eyes and she blinked when she saw Yang Chen’s joyful expression.


“Don’t talk. Rest first while I check on Zhiqing!”

Yang Chen didn’t dare to drag things further, he was still uncertain of her survival.

Yang Chen couldn’t care less about his attitude towards her when he faced the silly woman who took the bullets for them. He only wanted to save her life!