Yang Chen let go of Liu Mingyu before running to the other side. He carried up Xiao Zhiqing gently and checked her condition.

With furrowed brows, he realized she was barely breathing from the bullet wounds and the explosion!

The huge amount of blood loss was turning her pale and cold.

Even so, Yang Chen believed that once he injected enough Heaven and Earth energy to heal her wounds and remove the bullets, she should be able to stay alive.

Yang Chen immediately began summoning the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to heal her wounds.

However, an unexpected occurrence took him by surprise!

Even though her external wounds were being cured, her internal wounds and organs were being locked by some stubborn energy. No matter how he tried to heal it, it was being pushed away!

He could barely look into it, let alone heal it. Probably because of the internal bleeding, chilly energy was obstructing the path of his divine sense.

Yang Chen was startled for a minute and he muttered, “Could it be…the Nine Yin Meridian?!”

Yang Chen immediately connected the dots. He once suppressed the toxin with the same energy and healed the wound on her calf before, but it had nothing to do with her meridians. He only got rid of the invading toxins and protected her dantian at the same time.

He couldn’t heal her organs because of the Nine Yin Meridian!

This was why Yang Chen was able to protect Xiao Zhiqing but failed to remove her Nine Yin Meridian.

“It…it’s useless…”

Xiao Zhiqing struggled to open her eyes which were filled with tears.

“The Nine Yin Meridian… you can suppress the chill…but it’s impossible to repair or change it with your True Yuan.”

Yang Chen could hear her energy slip with every word.

The hemorrhage was caused by the ruptured arteries. This was it for most people! 

Liu Mingyu ran towards their direction. Even though she couldn’t understand why Yang Chen wasn’t trying to save her, she knew that Xiao Zhiqing was in a critical condition. 

But when Yang Chen remained frozen with Xiao Zhiqing in his arms, she yelled at him anxiously. “What are you doing! Save her! Find someone else if you can’t!”

Yang Chen jolted awake!

Yeah! Find someone else!

If someone could perform surgery to repair her arteries and transfuse blood in time, she could actually be saved!

Yang Chen immediately thought of Jane. She studied medicine because of him. It didn’t sound right to call her a doctor when her intelligence had surpassed most of the greatest doctors!

Normally, she wouldn’t be in the hospital unless it was a new type of surgery, but ordinary doctors wouldn’t be able to help him.

Xiao Zhiqing might be able to make it if Jane performed the surgery herself!

He stood up with Xiao Zhiqing in her arms and told Liu Mingyu, “Wait for me here, I’m bringing her to Jane now!”

Liu Mingyu nodded and ushered him to move.

Yang Chen knew Xiao Zhiqing wouldn’t be able to withstand teleportation so he formed a protective barrier around her before moving as steadily as possible towards the northeast!

Ever since the engagement between the Rothschild family and the wolverine was called off, Jane returned to Great Britain too. Even though her time in China was interesting, she still couldn’t get used to it.

Most of her acquaintances and research were located at a research center in London. She couldn’t possibly leave everything behind for too long.

Well, obviously she had already completed the project with Yu Lei ages ago so there was nothing else that she needed to do.

Yang Chen knew the location of her research center but she must be sleeping in her mansion since it was already well past midnight in London. 

Having left with no choice, Yang Chen arrived at the emergency department at the St Mary's Hospital within five minutes. 

It was a well-known hospital relatively close to Jane. 

Yang Chen never needed to seek any medical treatments so he wasn’t familiar with hospitals but going to a renowned one shouldn’t be too bad.

Before calling Jane over, Yang Chen decided to let the medical staff perform an emergency treatment on Xiao Zhiqing, not wanting to waste any more time.

It was completely silent in the hospital at midnight. No one noticed when Yang Chen landed outside the doors while carrying a woman who was covered with bloodstains.

Yang Chen kicked the doors and yelled for help in English which alerted the staff.

They were shocked to see an Asian man and woman showing up at their hospital but they immediately realized they were here to seek help!

However, as highly trained medical professionals, the moment they understood the situation, someone had pushed a hospital bed out and motioned Yang Chen to place her down.

“Sir, what happened to her?” One of the nurses asked.

Yang Chen quickly replied, “She was shot and now she’s suffering from internal injury because of a grenade.”

The nurses were startled when they heard that she was shot and bombed by a grenade. Fear flashed across their eyes as they pushed Xiao Zhiqing into the operating room.

“Sir, may I ask if you’re a tourist or citizen?” One of the older nurses asked.

Yang Chen was feeling anxious and he raised his voice at her question. “We’re from China! Why are you asking so many things! Hurry and prepare for the surgery! Call the doctors!”

The old nurse gave a weird look at Yang Chen but she didn’t dare to say anything else. While pushing the bed, she asked the younger nurse next to her, “Grace! Is Doctor Giggs here yet?!”

“We called him and he’s on his way now!” Another nurse answered her.

The old nurse blocked him by the entrance,.“Sir, please stay here. Doctor Giggs is one of our best surgeons. We will definitely do our best!”

Yang Chen nodded, knowing that he couldn’t break-in. He would only cause them trouble instead. 

Grace closed the door. “Sir, if you’re really worried, you can watch over the operation by walking through the right corridor. Please be prepared if anything goes wrong!”

She couldn't stop herself from saying that when she could tell that Xiao Zhiqing was close to dying.

Yang Chen didn’t have time to watch the operation. He dashed towards the exit, bringing Jane here was much more important!

Even though the nurse said Doctor Giggs was one of the best surgeons, it didn’t alleviate his concerns!

Yang Chen’s heart wrenched whenever he was reminded of Xiao Zhiqing’s condition. It felt as if blood was oozing out of his heart!

Just when he was about to run out, a doctor dressed in green scrubs and a facial mask was walking towards his direction with the company of a few medical staff.

The doctor was weirded out by Yang Chen’s presence and he raised his eyebrows before leading the group into the operating room.

Yang Chen couldn’t be bothered by the doctor. The moment he got out of the door, he teleported to Jane’s place.

The assistants and the anaesthetist were getting ready in the operating room.

Doctor Giggs already had his gloves on. He glanced at Xiao Zhiqing who was lying on the operating table while asking, “What’s her condition?”

“There are gun wounds on her back. She was knocked out by a grenade which caused the internal organ damage but her external wounds are fine. We couldn’t detect her blood pressure!” The old nurse furrowed her brows.

Giggs raised his voice. “What?! You can’t detect her blood pressure?!”

“Yes, Doctor Giggs…” His assistants seemed troubled. They had just realized that things were more complex than what they had imagined!