Northwest to St. Mary Hospital was a tranquil residential area with buildings that had a classical architecture style.

Jane’s villa was surrounded by greenery. No one dared to question her choice of housing since she was royalty.

She acted like a normal girl from a rich clan, carrying out her research during the day while enjoying the night alone. Sometimes she would spend a few nights at the Palace if she felt like it.

As a matter of fact, no one would be worried about her safety. Other than the fact that she was skilled at combat, no one dared to harm her because of Yang Chen.

However, tonight wasn’t such a night.

Yang Chen landed on her balcony seconds after he left the hospital.

He knocked on the door a few times but to no avail.

Yang Chen didn’t want to continue waiting so he pushed the door open, breaking the antique lock in the process. 

“Who’s there?!”

A silhouette jumped out of the fluffy bed and the moment she turned on the lights, she was already holding a handgun!

Even though she had fallen asleep, she still had a strong awareness of self-protection. 

Her face became puzzled when she saw Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen? Why are you here?”

Jane put down her handgun, surprised and delighted at the same time. She was weirded out when she saw how disheveled he looked.

Yang Chen panted and gulped hard before he could open his mouth, pressured by the heavy feeling in his heart. 

“Jane, follow me to St. Mary Hospital! I need you to save someone!”

Save someone?

Jane was still puzzled but she nodded instinctively when she met his frantic gaze.

She rushed down the bed to put on a long Burberry coat and when she looked up against her facial expression had changed.

It was filled with seriousness, displaying her professionalism towards a patient.

“Bring me there now!”
Back in the operating room, Doctor Giggs was gritting his teeth while staring at Xiao Zhiqing’s pale face.
“Damn it! Is she a foreigner?!” Giggs asked.

The old nurse nodded. “He said they’re from China. They came so sudden and that’s all the information we got from him.”

Giggs snorted. “Things can’t be that simple. We don’t know her background and she’s wounded by gunshots and a grenade.”

“Doctor…her breathing is getting weak…” Grace reminded him meekly.

Giggs’s eyes flashed as he said, “We can’t even detect her blood pressure and it must be because of the hemorrhage. We shouldn’t take the risk when she’s a foreigner. Besides, the man ran off on his own. If we perform the surgery, we will be blamed if she dies.”

The medical staffs’ facial expressions differed between each person. They understood where he was coming from.

Hospitals kept track of records and it wouldn’t leave a good mark if someone died on the operating table. Besides, the patient’s identity and injuries were too big of a risk to take. Who knew what could go wrong if they performed the surgery on her.

“I bet they don’t have enough money to pay for the hospital fees and I doubt they have any medical insurance. If she dies, we have to take care of the hospital bills and it’s not like our department has been doing well. It’ll be hard to explain ourselves to our director if we wasted money on two Chinese…”

Giggs cursed while talking his gloves off.

Grace couldn’t watch any longer. She shouted at him, “Doctor Giggs! You can’t do this! She’s still alive and we should do our best to save her!”

“Grace!” The old nurse was worried.

Giggs took off his mask to reveal a charming yet skinny face. With a weird smile, he asked, “You're the new nurse?”

The old nurse apologized on her behalf. “Doctor Giggs, please don’t be offended. Grace’s only eighteen years old and she has only been here for half a year. She’s an excellent nurse but inexperienced in the field.”

“Hmph.” Giggs sneered. “I have my reasons for doing this. It’s a waste of time to perform the surgery on her. Save her by yourself if you can! Don’t act so arrogantly. This is a hospital, not a welfare agency! Hospitals aren’t charity organizations! Hospitals need to pay their staff and run their businesses! We can only save more people with good management! What do you even know about running a hospital?!”

Grace disagreed with him but she didn’t dare to raise her head.

Her eyes were brimmed with tears as she looked at Xiao Zhiqing who was losing her breath.

Giggs sounded sorry when he noticed their gloomy faces. “I know you guys can’t accept it but we should look at it rationally. The patient’s hemorrhaging and we won’t be able to make it. We shouldn’t waste time and energy on her, judging by her conditions and background. Tell the Chinese man we did our best but she passed away before we could do anything.”
His assistants nodded at his words.

They knew that her chances of survival were too low.

Giggs glanced at Grace who was biting on her lips. He sneered and strode towards the exit.

However, when the doors were opened, Giggs stood frozen by the door.

Others followed his line of sight and were shocked to see a female doctor running towards them with the Chinese man next to her.

Her beauty seemed ethereal and her blue eyes were so mesmerizing.

Her face was so familiar but they couldn’t remember who she was or perhaps they didn’t dare to guess.

They were sure that she wasn’t a doctor at their hospital.

That female doctor was obviously Jane.
Jane was familiar with most of the major hospitals in London, so she found the changing room quickly and changed into green scrubs before rushing to the operating room.

Yang Chen had explained to her Xiao Zhiqing’s condition on their way here and Jane absorbed it all.

Her brows were furrowed when the door flew open. “Giggs, are you done with the surgery?”

Giggs jolted awake when Jane called his name!

“Teacher Jane?!”

The word teacher made the medical staff realize who she was!

Princess Jane, the leading icon in the medical field of England, wait no, the whole world?!

Giggs was one of her students and she couldn’t have remembered him since she had a huge group of students. Jane was able to memorize everyone’s names because of her eidetic memory. 

As a matter of fact, Jane was like a goddess to them. She was a princess but she was also the top researcher in London, best in the medical field and also a military adviser.

She had so many titles that no one dared to compare their accomplishments with her!

They could hardly believe that Jane was standing so close to them since she hardly appeared in the public!

Jane wasn’t pleased by Giggs’ reaction. “Answer me! What is the patient’s condition and what happened during surgery!”

“Uh…teacher…” Giggs smiled stiffly. “We did our best but the patient breathing stopped and it’s too late to perform surgery because of the severe hemorrhage.”

“What?!” Yang Chen’s face darkened. He froze on the spot as if his heart was beaten into pieces by a hammer!

Jane’s eyes widened out of shock.

The medical staff didn’t dare to talk as they lowered their heads silently. They couldn’t even talk to Jane, let alone explain the situation to her.

At this time, Grace rushed forwards and yelled, “Doctor Jane! The patient is still alive! They didn’t perform the surgery! Doctor Giggs was worried that they didn’t have insurance to pay for the fee and he didn’t want to take the risk so he gave up on the patient!”

It felt as if her words had struck the hospital like a thunder!

Giggs’ face paled immediately. “You…that’s slander!”

Grace’s face was red and she pulled Jane’s arms. She was almost crying when she said, “Miss Jane, I’ve heard about your accomplishments. Please save her! She’s already at death’s door!”

The rest of the medical staff exchanged looks with one another. They never expected Grace to be so bold.