After several twists and turns, Yang Chen managed to pick up a weak frequency, that Xue Zhiqing was still breathing.

And with that, he dashed towards Giggs and held him by the collar, lifting him off the ground!

Giggs, who was previously in a mixture of anxiety and rage, now found himself hovering in the air against his will. His anger quickly turned into panic as he flopped and screamed. 

“You monster! Are you even a doctor?! I WILL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!”

Watching as Yang Chen was closing in on squashing Giggs’ brains with his bare hands, a group of medical personnel frantically shrieked in terror. 

Right at that moment, a woman held onto Yang Chen’s arm!

“Stop it! This is a hospital!” Jane howled in a demanding voice. 

Yang Chen’s blinding rage at this point segregated all rational thought as he roared. “Hospital? So what if this is a hospital! I’m going to slaughter this self-centered, vile son of a bitch and no one can stop me! Let him be the next patient!”

Jane was as determined as ever however, as she used all the strength she could muster, with reddening eyes she tried to persuade him. “This is a hospital whether you like it or not! And I’m a doctor! I cannot watch blindly as you murder someone right before me in a hospital!”

“Move aside Jane!” Yang Chen was nearing his tipping point. His mind was clouded with rage.

Jane nonetheless was persistent. “If you want me to save your lover, you have to stop this madness!”

It was at that remark that he had managed to flush some conscience into Yang Chen’s mind that was lacking thus far. 

Taking a long, deep sigh, Yang Chen then tossed the scared to death doctor straight out the corridor.  

Jane took an equally long sigh of relief as she coordinated. “Listen, I know you’re furious, I want them all dead. I don’t care if you do it outside, but this is a hospital. I will not allow it!”

Yang Chen stared right into her bright, unyielding pupils with utter desolation.

Another long sigh ensued as his tone wallowed down to a soft, discouraged one, “Jane, I’m begging you save her. I cannot let another woman die in my watch.”

Jane seemed to have understood something as she forced a bitter smile. “I get it, I’ll do what I can.”

As soon as her words dropped, she smiled warmly to nurse Grace by her side. “Thank you, come on, the surgery will begin now!”

Jane dragged Grace into the operation hall while she was still left in a daze.

The doors of the operation hall were once again shut tight, as the light beamed within the operating theater.

Yang Chen reached out his hands as he ran his fingers through his hair in agony, then turned as he watched Giggs scrambled and crawled his way to safety.

At that moment, Giggs’s life meant nothing to him. 

Even with Jane’s phenomenal medical prowess, the wounds lashed upon Xue Zhiqing was undeniably fatal, and half an hour was more than enough to take her life!

As such, Yang Chen just could not have laid full confidence in Jane.

Yang Chen even resorted to more desolate outcomes as he mumbled, “I don’t care if she wakes up disabled. I don’t even mind if she’s bed-ridden for the rest of her life, because I can and will always look after her.”

It sometimes takes a major incident to wake a sleeping thought up. For Yang Chen’s case, it was the woman lying unconsciously in the operation hall. 

As mechanical as it seemed, Yang Chen pushed open the door as he strolled into the corridor, which was exactly the one that Grace had been telling him about, where he could watch the surgery happen. 

The corridor was designed for educational and observation purposes for medical personnel that could not be in the operation hall, and yet, at this moment, it was where Yang Chen stood as he watched helplessly.   

Right by the operational bed, Jane was systematically ordering the medical team around as they began a race against time.

Anesthetists, technical professionals and assistants alike frantically hovered around the patient but was ultimately convinced by Jane’s sheer determination that the patient was indeed worth saving.

After taking a good look at Xue Zhiqing’s condition, Jane lifted her hand. “Knife…”

The anesthetist hesitated. “Dr Jane, the patient has already lost consciousness. As it is she has lost too much blood. If you cut her open...”

“I’m aware that her blood pressure will fall, notably from the massive loss of blood from her belly. So if everyone moves at my pace I am sure we can speed up the process. This is a team effort after all, don’t you all agree? So let’s move it, chop-chop.” Jane was sincere but straight to the point. 

The medical roster was inspired by Jane’s pinpoint diagnosis and was instantly convinced that the surgery was worth a try as they hurriedly went into their respective positions. 

“The patient’s right lower quadrant has seen massive blood loss, so to first start off, we must first locate the point of injury before we can cut her open…”

Jane took a long breath, before she lifted her scalpel, seemingly weaving through Xue Zhiqing’s guts, and before long, the next image that was visible to the beholder was blood and flesh en masse!

The medical assistant frowned, “Doctor, there’s just too much blood, I’m not confident that…”

Jane calmly reached out her other hand. “Bring the spreader and set up the cleansing spray, we will find the site of injury…”

The roster emphatically rallied as they carefully assisted Jane to clear a portion of the unwanted waste blood.

In that setting, Jane’s remarkable accuracy and pinpoint precision were in their full display. Under the concentration and awe of the crowd, Jane quickly found the source of her intestinal damage and the sites where the bullet was ravaged. 

“The patient’s liver is ruptured at three points, SR1, S4, and S6.”

“Three points?”

A few medical personnel at the back discouragingly sighed, one for Jane’s impeccable precision, and also the severity of the patient on their hands.

“If this goes on, we won’t even have enough time to sew her up before her blood runs dry!”

At that moment, Yang Chen that was just outside observing hopelessly in the corridor shut his eyes tight, his body trembling from guilt and anguish.

Back in the operation table, Jane’s eyes lid up as she had a sudden flash in her mind. She instantly shifted gears as she decisively proclaimed, “Let’s use the Patent ductus arteriosus to hold her wounds in place!”


“Patent ductus arteriosus?”

The team was caught off guard. The implied Patent ductus arteriosus required meticulous procedures to simultaneously halt complete blood flow of the hepatic artery and the cystic vein from entering the liver while conducting immediate wound sealing, at the same time!

Right before her eyes were three potent points in dire need of quick repair, one spot alone was already too overwhelming a task to control. Three was unheard of! Furthermore, for the procedure to be effective, speed was key, which meant the stitching had to be done at unbelievable speeds!

“We’re running out of time, quick!”

Jane, on the other hand, was still in her calm and collected self as she swiftly made her way to put the Patent ductus arteriosus in place. She then reached out towards her side once again, “Hand me the needle kit, thread forty.”

“Yes ma’am!” the technically assistant would not dare waste a second.

The crowd watched solemnly as Jane started from the center of the liver, her thread weaving in and out at unbelievable speed, so quick the team couldn’t spare a blink!

Jane’s actions seemed so effortless. It was as if she had been working on this one woman her whole life!

‘Four minutes?! Sealing the center took just four minutes?” A medical assistant subconsciously remarked as he took a glimpse of his watch. 

Jane was completely immersed into a world of her own, as she worked her way onto the second injury site with just three minutes.

It was nonetheless all thanks to Yang Chen removing the bullet from within, otherwise, the surgery would not have gone as smoothly as it did. 

“Blood pressure…”

“It’s out, eighty, sixty!” The anesthetist enthusiastically proclaimed. 

“Hold the liver for me will you, and patch up the third spot.” 

Just when the second assistant carefully lifted the liver, the medical team was horrified. 

Blood spurted out from the wound!

“Why...why is there more blood?!” The medical assistant hollered.

Jane’s face instantly curled.

Right then, the anesthetist cried, “Not good, the blood pressure is severely dropping! Forty now!”

Yang Chen, whose emotions were just prepared for the light at the end of the tunnel, was instantly tossed back into the abyss. 

Jane nonetheless was still in her calm and collected self as she ordered. “Increase the pressure, if the wound isn’t sealed there must be an injury somewhere else.”

“Then...what should we do?” little nurse Grace wailed.

Jane commanded. “Allocate the blood funnel, we draw the blood, and I will proceed with recycling!”

“Huh, recycling?!”

The crowd was once again in awe at her drastic measures!

The term recycling in this context was to buy time by locating the site of injury and connecting the right heart ventricle with all major veins to create a temporary blood flow cycle. Nevertheless, it was a highly advanced and sophisticated procedure to locate all major veins in their accurate points!

Jane, however, was even in slight hesitation as she proceeded with overwhelming speed as she retrieved the equipment and began the ‘recycling’ process.

“Inject Norepinephrine, ten ccs into the patient and pass me a pair of scissors.”

“Yes, doctor!”

The entire operation team was greatly inspired by her sheer determination as they were ready to fight along with her, synchronizing perfectly with her operational procedures.

Eventually, under Jane’s impeccable and procrastination-free rescue plan, she quickly located the other two locations of injury, and without delay sealed them back into place.

As time went by, Jane’s hands resembled that of a talented embroiderer with her masterpiece as her needle weave in and out in perfect harmony. 

It was worth mentioning that this was a patient where at multiple points people were in genuine consideration to give up on her rescue. And now, medical personnel watched in awe as her rescue slowly turned into fruition.  

“Doctor! The patient’s blood pressure is now back within normal limits.” It was unclear who made the update announcement, but it struck like a wakeup call.

Everyone lifted their heads, their eyes filled with genuine joy as they pulled down the muffle on their surgical masks, their faces filled with respect and admiration for the doctor.

Everyone present was in one way or another a practitioner of medicine, but it was evident that the surgery they had participated in was a race against time!

At the very least, Giggs who had abandoned the operation has now appeared to be miles apart from his mentor, Jane.

“Well done everyone.” Jane warmly smiled towards her medical team, and only after she addressed them all before she turned towards Yang Chen on the other side of the tempered glass. She raised a thumbs up. 

Yang Chen watched as Jane pulled Xue Zhiqing back from the depths of hell, bit by bit, and could feel his eyes watering up as he nodded towards Jane with all the appreciation he could muster. 

That woman had never once disappointed him.

But it was himself that is once again morally indebted to her. 

The medical personnel were so touched by the outcome of the surgery as tears flowed down their cheeks, mostly from pride for the patient, themselves, and Jane’s purity of heart. 

Jane lightly sighed and faced the staff. “It might be my failure as a mentor, teaching my students the best medical knowledge but not educating them enough on the moral code of being a doctor. 

I hope that this experience can be a lesson to you all. As medical personnel, you should remember that no patient should be justifiable to be left to die. 

If you keep that mentality, then what different are you from killing the person before your eyes?

As long as the patient is here before you, there should never be an excuse for you to not give them your full effort. Because this is a doctor’s job, our job.”