The success in the operation hall that night would leave a memorable mark in all of them.

After her emphatic speech, Jane walked towards the nurse Grace who was bawling by a corner. She held onto her little hands, with a soothing smile she asked, “Hey there, what’s your name?”

“I...I’m Grace.” The shy little nurse blushed as she stared at Jane blurry-eyed. 

“That’s a pretty name. I would like to thank you for your bravery today.” Jane proclaimed with a smile. 

Grace reactively shook her head. “No doctor, you saved the patient, I am just a nurse…”

“If you’d like, I could be your mentor. I would be honored to have you as my student.” Jane earnestly offered, with anticipation. 

The sudden gratuitous offer dropped like a bombshell on everyone in the operation hall, Grace included! 

They were left envious that Jane recruited a mere nurse as her student!

Even though Jane and Grace might be of similar ages, Jane, however, to be Grace’s mentor was completely within comprehension.

After all, her medical capabilities speak for itself!

What was more admirable for everyone present, was that Jane’s term for ‘student’ was not just to attend classes, it was to follow her guidance and footsteps, with her as a mentor!

Regardless of the medical outcome, just the namesake would leave the entire medical sector turning to you!

Little Grace, however, was rather perplexed as she dried her tears. She contemplated a little and before everyone’s anxious gaze, she murmured, “If...if I became your student, will I still get to come work at the hospital?”

The question caught Jane off guard as she attentively asked, “Why would you need to come back?”

“It’s because...I’ll miss working here with everyone, and I love it here.” Grace shyly replied as her head sunk lower.

The medical team watching was touched by her reply, an older nurse even started tearing up. 

Jane wholeheartedly nodded. “Of course you can, well then it’s settled, I will be your mentor from her on out. You can still come to the hospital to work as usual, but on your off days I will offer personal courses to you, or you can just stop by my research center or my house when you need me.”

“Really?” Grace lifted her head in excitement as she replied.  

“Sure.” Jane chuckled. “But my students always have to be ready to do their best. If you won’t put your whole heart into this, I will get angry.”

Grace awkwardly replied, “I...but I am not smart…”

“If you were a genius, this mentorship wouldn’t make much sense, would it? Your selfless personality for putting patients before anything caught my attention. Besides, you’re still young. If you trust me and put in the effort, I am confident that you’ll have a bright future ahead of you.” Jane reassured.

Grace convincingly nodded. “Yes Dr Jane, I will do my best!”

“Hmm, what did you call me?” 

“Uhh…” Grace blanked out for a moment, before she sweetly called out, ‘Mentor!’

The operation hall incident had ultimately come to an end in all smiles.

The entire event happened like a dream for most, not only did Jane make a surprise and an awe-inspiring appearance, she recruited a new disciple along the way. 

Everyone present was left with not only admiration for Grace but also heartfelt praise and best wishes since she was the only one who rose above the rest.

Naturally, not much was left in speculation on whether Giggs’ medical career had come to an abrupt halt. 

Without Jane herself to file a report, if anyone were to recall tonight’s event to the news, the hospital authority would instantly dismiss Giggs for his shameful doings. 

Several medical personnel were seen pushing a portable bed towards them, but at that moment, Xue Zhiqing was already breathing on her own. 

Yang Chen stood right outside the operation hall, with immense gratitude for Jane. “I will save you from the sappy appreciation lines. I don’t think I could ever re[ay you for this.”

Jane sarcastically sighed, before she replied in Chinese. “Well, it’s part of my destiny I guess. Ever since I was rescued by you, I became forever in your debt.”

“You just made me feel worse from saying that.” Yang Chen chuckled bitterly 

“Pfft.” Jane turned towards Xue Zhiqing, with a tinge of jealousy. “When I thought about the patient I was about to save, I wished in that moment that I wasn’t a doctor and I did not have to save your lover.”

“Hehe,” Yang Chen replied. “Nah, you’re always the best doctor I know. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed on you to consult her.”

Jane rolled her eyes on his remark. ”Just how thick-skinned can you be, you knew exactly what I was talking about, yet you just change the topic every single time.”

Yang Chen awkwardly ruffled his hair. “Well anyway, I’m eternally grateful to you. Congrats on the new student you got even though she looks kinda dumb.”

“You’re dumb! Grace is kind and innocent. She has the makings of a great doctor. She might yet be in full occupational status, but if she were to learn from the best, I’m sure in a few years she’s gonna be a genius surgeon in her own right!” Jane proudly proclaimed. 

“Child? You’re not that much older than her.” Yang Chen teased. 

Jane clenched her teeth. “Geez, talking to you gets on my nerves. I’m going to bed. This patient is still in early recovery status. It’ll be another two days before she can move. Also, you can reassure her that my wound sealing skills are the best in the world, it wouldn’t leave a scar!”

Once she was done, she waved and walked out in unified bows and applause.

Yang Chen was rather overwhelmed by emotions as he stood where he was for a long while, before he let out a sigh of relief, but was quickly reminded of Liu Mingyu in Australia.

“I once again would like to sincerely ask for all of you to watch after my lady. Rest assured, I have more money than I spend, so please watch her with the highest level of service. I’ll have to leave now.” Yang Chen turned towards the entire medical personnel team present. 

Xue Zhiqing, who had zero cultivation to speak of, would sacrifice herself for himself to such extents without a single word of dismay was not ordinary. He would be damned if he still chose to ignore her intentions!

As for a proper apology he still owed Lin Ruoxi, it was not a win-win situation. He could only rely on his intuition. 

And it was what led him to admit that she was his woman. 

At that moment, no one would dare nitpick on the fees, notably from a punk who could get Jane to come over for surgery in the wee hours of the night.

Yang Chen then rushed out of the hospital, teleported for a little more than three minutes, and has now returned to the beaches of Northern Australia.

Three hours had passed, and the sky had turned to dusk. 

Noticing from afar, a dispirited Liu Mingyu was sitting on a larger washed up coral, hands placed before her chest in a praying stance. 

“Hey.” Yang Chen sneaked up behind her before he cracked a smile. “Mingyu baby, since when were you religious?”

Liu Mingyu heard his voice and quickly reacted as she hurled herself up before she grabbed onto his hand anxiously. “Zhiqing? Is she okay?!”

Yang Chen saw the sincerity in her eyes before he nodded. ‘She’s fine, I managed to get Jane to do an emergency rescue surgery on her. She’ll be staying in the hospital for the next few days to recuperate, and will be discharged after that.”

“Oh my god, that’s great...that’s so great. If something were to happen to her I would never forgive myself for the rest of my life.”

Yang Chen pulled her into his embrace, complemented by the tranquil sounds of waves as he comforted her. “It’s been hard on you, the past few days, and it’s all my fault that you both have been in so much pain and suffering. I promise I will try my absolute best for nothing like this to happen again…” 

“Alright!” Liu Mingyu readily agreed, her bushing cheeks visible with her head lifted. “Then what do we do now, do we bring the herbs back?”

Yang Chen glanced towards the tent on higher ground, and before he was about to reply, he felt a supernatural presence.


Yang Chen frowned however but was quickly replaced by enthusiasm and excitement.

“Mingyu, come with me!”

And with that, Yang Chen leaped into mid-air, alongside Liu Mingyu close to his heart he landed right before the centermost tent. 

They flipped open the curtains and made their way in. 

Liu Mingyu was rather perplexed by Yang Chen’s confusing reaction but instantly noticed that Yang Chen had already made way to the center of the tent. 

And right there, was a relatively big oakwood crate, slightly more than a meter in height and width, and was undisputedly the largest item in the tent. 

“Hubby, are you trying to look inside the crate?” Liu Mingyu asked from curiosity.

Yang Chen cracked a grin. “If my guess is right, this is what we've been searching for this whole time!”

“Huh?” Liu Mingyu was even more confused.

At that moment, Yang Chen single-handedly popped the lock off the crate, pried open the lid, and revealed its contents.  

Under the layers of the cushion was the smuggled antique!

Before them was a Bronze cauldron!

On the cauldron were refined carvings of symbols alike, thin as a silk thread, resembling dragons dancing in mid-air.

The bronze cauldron withstood the tests of time, albeit with concerted green rust, but surprisingly without a single dent. Exposed upon the eyes of the beholder, it was stern yet majestic.

“Because I had lost my cultivations, I wasn’t able to detect this artifact amongst the others. Judging by its robust chi from within, this surely isn’t just any antique!” Yang Chen explained.
“If my predictions are correct, this should be the thing that Zhiqing had mentioned before. A cauldron that could withstand the heat of the Samadhi True Fire.”