Even though the servants were speaking in Korean, Zhenxiu was able to understand as her mother had raised her speaking Korean. 

However, after years of not practicing, her Korean had become rusty and broken. To rectify this, her family hired a private tutor in hopes to amend her enunciation and comprehension, while also providing English classes. 

As the future heir to Starmoon Group, English was a necessity to learn. She was still young which meant that there was still time to groom her. 

That wasn’t all though. With intentions to hasten her succession, the board of directors meticulously arranged senior associates of each and every core department to provide detailed lectures and private tutors to monitor her homework. 

The abrupt change in lifestyle from her previous one left her in agony. 

“Eunjung I’m exhausted, let me rest a little more.” Zhenxiu pleaded as she continued sleeping.

Eunjung warmly chuckled as she advised, “Young Miss, Ms Vivian said that she hasn’t managed to complete yesterday's lecture. If you procrastinate any longer, she will call the CEO.

Miss, I’m sure you’re aware that your return has helped the CEO recover, he even managed to take a few steps on his own yesterday! The doctor said his health was heavily dependent on his emotions. 

If he were to find out about your procrastination, how you slack from school work, and lay around in your bed all day, I’m sure he would be greatly disappointed. You wouldn’t want him to relapse would you?”

Zhenxiu, riddled in guilt, reluctantly dragged herself out of bed and rolled her eyes. 

“Alright alright...now I get why they call you the killer with a smile. If you were going to guilt-trip me off my butt you might as well just drag me off my bed!”

Eunjung kept her hallmark smile as she said, “Oh no no, Young Miss, I’m but a servant I would never dare. But you will still have to get up. You wouldn’t want to keep Ms Vivian waiting. You know her temper.” 

Zhenxiu grumbled at the mention of the name.

Speaking of which, back when she first returned to Korea, she was immediately brought to meet with her grandfather whom she still had a grudge against. 

Regardless, they were still family. Much of her hatred had slowly grown into a sense of belonging within the family.

With deliberate thought, no one would agree for their own daughter to defy the household, and elope with a foreign man against their will!

Notwithstanding an influential Asian entrepreneur like Park Cheon, with the center of the scandal surrounding his favorite daughter!

With these well-contemplated thoughts surrounding her head, a good look at her frail grandfather left her with slight pity for an old man looking to spend his remaining days decently. 

This was what subsequently led to Park Cheon’s employment of a young double-Masters degree holder of Education and Finance, fluent in Chinese, English, and Korean. That young mentor was Vivian. 

Along with her stern and headstrong personality, it further convinced CEO Park that she was the perfect option to support Zhenxiu’s studies. 

Not to mention the fact that she was a Chinese citizen, born and raised, which meant her upbringing would pose less of a barrier between her relationship with her student. 

Initially, Zhenxiu was rather comfortable with Vivian’s presence in her life. But upon the commencement of her lectures, Zhenxiu quickly took to realize the nauseating schedule of learning English, Korean, and Management all at once, notwithstanding Vivian’s stern and strict way of educating. Her name left a bitter taste in Zhenxiu’s house.

Furthermore, CEO Park Cheon made it clear to Vivian that she could have anything upon request, which led the whole family to have a certain degree of respect for Vivian. 

With intention not to disappoint the old man, Zhenxiu dispiritedly dragged herself off the bed and wore a pink round-neck dress that Eunjung had prepared.

After a quick morning wash, she took a huge breath before she tailed Eunjung as they went down the house.

As the main household of the Park family, CEO Park Cheon’s younger children all had their own residences, which left the house mostly for himself, until Zhenxiu’s return. 

Meanwhile, right downstairs was a woman dressed in a black blazer with a pair of white leggings and a ponytail, sipping her coffee while looking through the morning newspapers.

As the footsteps from above grew louder, she gracefully lifted her head. Her exquisite facial features were in full display as she cracked a smile, warm but barely visible. 

“Zhenxiu, since you overslept today we will have to extend our lessons tonight.” Vivian proclaimed in formal Korean. 

Zhenxiu wanted to reply in her first language but quickly noticed Vivian’s stern glance as she gulped, before replying in Korean, “Ms Vivian, can you slow down? I get so worn out every day.”

“You’re not tired, you're slacking,” Vivian coolly replied as she closed the newspaper shut. “Hurry up on your breakfast. We have to complete yesterday’s English lesson and proceed with your homework today.”

Zhenxiu at the same time took a huge mouthful of soup and nearly spat it out upon her remark. 

“Stop that! Use a napkin!” Vivian glared at Zhenxiu. “Why’d you allow your food to slip out of your lips. You should be aware of that from here on out you will have countless events where your etiquette decides if people would respect you.”

Eunjung quietly watched as Zhenxiu frantically looked around for her napkin, before she hinted at a nearby servant to hand one over.

Zhenxiu wiped her lips before she pitifully turned towards Vivian with puppy eyes. “Miss, we're both born and raised in China. You really don’t have to be this stern to me all the time. If you keep your face all gloomy like that your face will wrinkle…”

Vivian kept her cool., “I wasn’t acting stern. All I did was to make sure you learn the right way of doing things. If I go easy on you there might come a time where the entire Park family’s reputation could go south because of how you act. The CEO and my mentors have placed high hopes on me. I will not allow myself to disappoint them. As for my youth, that is out of the scope of things that you need to care about.”

Zhnxiu mumbled under her breath. “The looks of an angel yet acts like the devil…”

“Xu Zhenxiu,” Vivian spoke up. “I can hear you. Also, please for the last time do not use Chinese around me. We need to brush up on your Korean as quickly as we can…”

“Alright alright,” Zhenxiu defeatedly replied and continued to eat her breakfast before her curiosity set in and she blurted, “Ms Vivian, how long have you been staying in America?”

“Hmm...about a year,” Vivian casually answered.

“A year? Wow, you must be really amazing, learning English and even got a Double Masters Honour in just a year!” Zhenxiu was full of admiration, notably due to the fact that she spent a good chunk of her time and energy just to get accepted into a good National University.

Vivian shook her head. “When I was still in the country, I was already taking research courses, and through that got appointed for a foreign exchange program. Besides, I majored in English and minored in Korean which was what led to my rapid improvement.

Not to mention the fact that my life was pretty monotonous in the US, which was why I spent most of my days basically just studying.”

“That’s still pretty impressive if you ask me, and I’m quite sure grandpa agrees,” Zhenxiu replied with a grin.

Vivian rolled her eyes on her. “Don’t think you can get away with all that sweet talk!”

Zhenxiu frowned bitterly as she got called out.

“Ms Vivian, to be honest though,” Zhenxiu added with a serious look on her face. “I always wondered why you agreed to be a tutor. I mean, look at you. You’re so pretty! I’m sure that there are very eligible bachelors out there who would set you for life. Why would you waste your precious youth on being a private tutor for a kid like me when I’m sure there are men in China lining up to get a glimpse of you.”

Vivian grinned half-heartedly, “Xu Zhenxiu you can stop with the tricks now. I know what you’re up to. To be frank with you, educating you is my job and a project entrusted to me by my professors. When I’m done here I have to return to the US for a Ph.D. so you better not mess this up.”

“A Ph.D.? But why?! Ms Vivian, don’t do that to yourself! I heard many female Ph.D. holders stay single for the rest of their lives! What a pity it’d be if your pretty face was wasted with these important years spent studying when you should be working on building a family of your own!”

“Alright.” Vivian gently poked onto her forehead. “You little rascal, what do you even keep in that head of yours? Why would I care to find a man? I would prefer to get a Ph.D. over getting married.”

“Stop poking me on the forehead, I’m not a toddler.” Zhenxiu pouted.

“In the eyes of us educators, every one of our students are still children,” Vivian decisively replied.

Zhenxiu playfully stuck out her tongue, before she couldn’t help but bring alight a familiar question. “Speaking of which...are you really not considering getting married one day, not even a boyfriend?” 

“Absolutely. I’m not looking for a man, or am I fond of a marriage!” Vivian blurted.