Lin Ruoxi heard her calls and reactively dried the tears on the verge of overflowing through the edges of her eyes. She then quickly replied, “I’m coming.”

She steeled herself and quickly left her room and straight down the flight of stairs.

In the living room sat Guo Xuehua and Yang Chen in a stern discussion. Guo Xuehua quickly took to notice Lin Ruoxi approaching them from afar as she called, “Ruoxi, come on here, Zhenxiu’s cousin from Korea ringed us up.”

“Zhenxiu’s cousin? Park Jonghyun?” A jolt of adrenaline went through her. “Is Zhenxiu okay?”

“She’s fine, couldn’t be better. She called back just two days ago, didn’t she? Telling us about how hard she’s been studying.” Guo Xuehua chuckled. “Is about an important accessory that she had left in Zhonghai with Yang Chen. Now her cousin’s personally inviting us to go on a trip to Korea. “

Yang Chen unwrapped his palm to present the Moon Ivory pendant he retrieved upstairs just moments ago. “This is the one Jonghyun was talking about. Apparently it was an heirloom to the Starmoon Group. she handed it to me without any clue of what it was.

This time around he’s offering us to go visit as an appreciative gesture for taking care of Zhenxiu while staying over for a couple of days and to pass this over while we’re there.”

The pendant was hardly foreign to Lin Ruoxi as she asked, “Are we handing it back immediately? Is it urgent?”

“It is, which was why you were called down in such a rush,” Guo Xuehua took to reply. “Zhenxiu’s cousin said, by the eleventh November, the Park clan will have an important event. We will have to pass the pendant back by then.

Regardless, I don’t think it’s a great plan for us all to be there. It would be best if the both of you visited her as a couple. Besides, it’s almost the end of the year now, so both of you should take some time off to rewind and relax for once. Not to mention you both missed out on your honeymoon didn’t you?”

Lin Ruoxi turned her gaze to Yang Chen, only to notice his expression filled to the brim with anticipation.

Lin Ruoxi’s face instantly turned red as a tomato, she knew instantly what nasty thoughts Yang Chen had in mind.

Nevertheless, whether it was to meet Zhenxiu, or to visit, Korea, the thought of either fascinated her. After all the Korean dramas that she binge-watched, she was now finally offered an opportunity to visit for a leisure trip. 

Furthermore, since the Xue Zhiqing ‘incident’, Lin Ruoxi was hardly comfortable letting Yang Chen off on his own for long periods of time. Who knew if he would bring back another lover?! 

“Hmm...we’ll leave by the end of the month then. It’s enough time for me to make the appropriate arrangements, and also to finalize on Lanlan’s preschool preparations since we have about a month until then anyway.”

Yang Chen naturally was not keen to oppose. After all, he had plans to wait a day or two until Xue Zhiqing had fully recovered, and to investigate firsthand the cauldron that they had before he could start his pill refining ‘project’.

Even though it was certain that his cultivations had since gone up a notch, it was still not enough.

Park Cheon’s study in the Park family mansion, Seoul, Korea. 

Sunlight seeped through the glass window, exhibiting the regal interior design in all its glory.

Park Cheon resided on a large, comfy couch, dressed in a thick fur-collared sleeping gown. His hair was silvery grey as his eyes gazed around emotionlessly.

Behind the old man were two other people. One dressed in a dapper suit, paired with golden framed glasses, with a light smile on his square-shaped face.  

The other was a young man, with sharp, mesmerizing facial features. He was well built, and dressed in a tight white t-shirt, intentionally magnifying his athletic build. In his hands were three steel balls, each the size of an egg. 

What was rather disheartening was that the young man had no vigor or spirit. He was completely devoid of any emotion. 

Across Park Cheon’s study desk were two men and a woman.

The woman was in her forties, her facial features were slightly off gradient as a result of excessive plastic surgery. Before her voluptuous chest was a pearl necklace. Her eyes were complemented with thick mascara, barely hiding her feminine allure. 

The middle-aged man was bold and steadfast, on the shorter side in terms of height. He was dressed in a suit with his head held low

And the remaining youth was none other than Zhenxiu’s older cousin, Park Jonghyun.

“Dad you look so much better today, the American doctor surely lives up to his name!” the middle-aged lady broke the silence. 

Park Cheon cracked into laughter. “It was all thanks to that sweet child Zhenxiu. She’s a spitting image of her mother. The moment I saw her I thought I was dreaming!”

“Well gosh, I wonder who Dad’s favorite child was all these years.” The woman coyly remarked. “Even after all these years, Big Sis is still first place.”

Park Cheon glared at her. “Jiyeon, your sister spent much of her life watching over the both of you. And with all the love she shared with the both of you I just felt obliged to give her some in return.”

Park Jiyeon chuckled in response. “I get it Dad, I was just kidding. She’s a shy kid though, that Zhenxiu. Made her blush just from calling me Auntie.”

“Is that so, well then I would appreciate it if you take good care of her.” Park Cheon nodded. “Alright, let’s not beat around the bush. I gathered you here today because I have some announcements to make. 

All three paid close attention to what he was set to announce. 

Park Cheon turned towards Park Jonghyun, he then questioned. “Jonghyun, regarding my invitation for the Lin family in Zhonghai, were they informed?”

“Consider it done, Grandpa.” Park Jonghyun reassured. 

“Good work. I knew I could rest well whenever you’re at the helm. Over the course of you in the position of chairman, your performance was clear to me. I have made up my mind, after the eleventh of November, I believe it’s about time you’re given a larger stage to perform.” Park Cheon proclaimed.

Park Jonghyun was glimmering in excitement as he stared unwaveringly at Park Cheon with immense anticipation.

Park Cheon chuckled. “I have decided that you shall leave for Germany a month from now, and officially act as the regional CEO of Starmoon Group in Europe.

The moment his announcement was made, Park Jonghyun’s smile instantly faded. It morphed into confusion before he regained his composure. His fists, however, were two signs of his discontentment he wasn't able to mask. 

Park Jiyeon by the sidelines smirked at the announcement. It was well known to every insider that Europe offered much room for development and expansion. But given their headquarters, it was comparable to being an outlawed king.  

What that also meant, was that he will be forever ‘banished’ to the outer circle that is the European region!

Park Cheon's decision might seem like a reward for Park Jonghyun, but it was obvious that it was nothing more than a testimony of where he stood within the clan. 

“I see...thank you, Grandpa.” Park Jonghyun took an earnest bow.

The old man couldn’t care less about Park Jonghyun’s reaction as he unwaveringly moved on to the middle-aged man, “Haoming, you’ve been at the position of Vice Chairman for a long time now haven’t you. My thoughts are that once Jonghyun cozies up in his new position, you will replace him as chairman. I need you to be a mentor towards Zhenxiu once she steps up as CEO.

As Park Cheon’s son-in-law, he was more than happy for the position. He was happy to receive any form of recognition at all.

Liu Haoming was so overwhelmed by emotions that he got on fours as he kowtowed. “I will not mistreat your goodwill, Father!”

Park Jiyeon watched disturbingly as her husband went down on his hands and knees, but was quickly taken over by her own anticipation. 

“Jiyeon…” Park Cheon turned towards his youngest daughter. “You will continue to serve your post as CFO. That’s not all. From here on out, I need you to assist Haoming as Vice Chairman, to share his burden.”

Park Jiyeon respectfully nodded.

After he was done, Park Cheon lifted his hand. “Jonghyun and Haoming, you both can leave now. Jiyeon, you shall stay, I have some things to talk to you about.”

Park Jonghyun and Liu Haoming wouldn’t dare to stall any time as they quickly made their way out of Park Cheon’s room, leaving Park Jiyeon staring at her father with high hopes. 

“Dad, I knew you were wise enough to see through the little brat’s schemes. It was the right idea to send him to Europe.” Park Jiyeon confidently proclaimed. 

Park Cheon sighed. “Jonghyun is a brilliant child. Since your brother’s adoption of Jonghyun as his son, he had always been assigned to our US regional management, which was why I felt the need to reward him by offering him the European regional CEO position.”

Park Jiyeon was riddled with jealousy but was not in opposition. 

“I made you stay, mainly because I want to show you something,” Park Cheon said while pointing at the document envelope on his desk. 

Park Jiyeon carefully reached for the envelope, gulped as she opened it. 

The moment the printed documents were exposed to where her eyes could see, her face was shocked pale as she hyperventilated, before ultimately collapsing on the ground!