“Dad it’s my fault! I’m sorry, please forgive me!”

Park Cheon frowned. “Get up. In your forties and still this reckless. If you had the confidence to do it, you must face the consequences!”

Park Jiyeon crossed her legs as she staggered up, her tears flowing down her face.

“You manipulated my trust over your appointment as CFO, embezzled billions in company funds, and splurged them all on gambling, plastic surgery, and a bunch of useless bootlickers. You were even brazen enough to bribe your way into all the awards and academic achievements that Yeonhee has!

All these things that you did behind my back, I chose not to confront you. But instead, I got Lawyer Kim to list it down case by case, record by record. The one that you’re holding is but a photocopy. The real evidence is secured under Lawyer Kim’s secret team.”

Park Jiyeon wept and wailed. “Dad! I am sorry! It’s all my fault please forgive me one last time. I would never do such treacherous things ever again! But Yeonhee...Yeonhee is also your grandchild. Why can’t you spare some love for her, the way you do to Zhenxiu?!”

“Enough!” Park Cheon roared, his eyes flamed with rage as he fumed. “Each and every single one of my descendants shall not be granted any shortcuts in life. Whatever they want they must earn every last bit of it!

I treasure Zhenxiu, not least her obedience and respect, but also to repay a debt that I owe her! Since it was Yeonhee’s decision to pursue the field of entertainment then she must work her way up to the award stage! Your irresponsible actions will bring our family name to the ruins!”

Park Jiyeon was in a loss of words as she begged and pleaded. 

After several moments, Park Cheon demanded her silence, before he declared, “Rest assured, however, if you mend your ways and keep your path, you will be rewarded with what you deserve. After all you’re my flesh and blood, and I will not mistreat you. Am I making myself clear?”

Park Jiyeon was quick to react as she replied with a grin. “I understand, Dad, Haoming, and I will do our best to support Zhenxiu in the management of Starmoon Group!”

Park Cheon nodded, sighed deeply before he hinted for her to leave. 

Park Jiyeon wiped the cold sweat off her forehead as she obediently made her way out of the study.

The moment she left the room, Park Jiyeon grunted and cursed under her breath. 

Right as she made her way to the ground floor, Park Jonghyun was right at the door, ready to leave. 

Park Jiyeon smirked as she brisk walked towards him. “Jonghyun, wait up.”

Park Jonghyun turned towards her, with a calm smile he initiated the conversation. “You got something to say to me, Auntie?”

“I’ve a question in my mind. You know CEO Lin’s family, from Zhonghai...why exactly are they invited?” Park Jiyeon was straight to her point. 

Park Jonghyun shrugged. “Grandpa was thinking of expressing his gratitude towards the Zhonghai Lin family for hosting and raising my little cousin through her adolescence in China. It’s all good faith.” 

“Is that so?”

Park Jonghyun replied, “Sure it is.”

“Great, keep your secrets but don’t say I am not warning you. Dad might not have much time left on his hands, but his mind is still sharp. If you want to get your fair share of the meat, you better make it clean. Trust me, you don’t want to step on his tail.”

“My apologies, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. Since the day my father adopted me, I have been receiving all the care and nurture from Grandpa himself. All these years I have nothing but gratitude for him.” Park Jonghyun sternly replied to her remark. 

“Enough, we know full well what we both are in the shadows.” Park Jiyeon smirked before her heels started clattering as she made her way to the door.

Watching as she left the scene, Park Jonghyun’s confusion was quickly replaced by cynicism as he mumbled, “Pfft, one month is all I need…”

Back in Zhonghai, Yang Chen had no interest in the Starmoon group’s internal politics and the nauseating family feuds.

For Yang Chen, three days went by in a blink of an eye.

In the last three days, besides coaching his women, he spared some time to accompany An Xin to the prison that An Jaehyun was held in.

Prison personnel made the call to inform that An Jaehyun had been acting out of the usual after he woke up one morning. 

And after a doctor’s diagnosis, it appeared that it was due to constant internal conflict within himself, resulting in his deteriorating mental health.

Watching her own father stare blankly into the abyss, constantly mumbling to himself while completely ignoring his own daughter left An Xin in agony and pain. Despite all the blasphemous things he had done, he was still her biological father.

Yang Chen was nonetheless heartbroken to watch her break down into tears. He then suggested that they break An Jaehyun out of the prison when guards were away. After all, what An Jaehyun committed was treason and he was sentenced for life.

An Xin however decisively rejected his suggestion. “My father did way too many terrible things. If we were to set him free just because he’s ill, that wouldn’t be fair to all the innocent victims out there haunted by his wrongdoings.”

Ultimately, An Xin decided to move An Jaehyun to a prison cell with a relatively better living environment and bribed several guards to watch after him.

While the incident played out, Yang Chen realized that as time went by, the once sneaky and vibrant An Xin from their first meeting has now become more mature and determined. 

Meanwhile, Lin Ruoxi was applying and organizing identity documentation papers for Lanlan before her admission into a nearby preschool that was rather renowned in the area.

Suffice to say that Lanlan was a brilliant child in her own right, but Lin Ruoxi believed it was time for her to mingle in a social circle with people her age.

Lanlan on the other hand clearly had little to be anxious about. It was the rules of society that had her grumbling. Even the idea of wrapping up as colder weather arrived haunted her as it was way too hot for her. But the thought of being with other children of her age for once does entice her. 

Regardless, Lanlan would usually be in much frustration as the other children were comparatively feeble for her liking, and to keep herself from hurting them, she had to constantly retain her strength at its bare minimum.

As for lunch and teatime breaks, Lin Ruoxi had to make blissful reminders for her to avoid snatching other children’s food. If she was left hungry she could only wait until dinnertime for a meal of her own fitting portions. The preschool meals were just too pitiful!

Lin Ruoxi’s original plans were to send her over before work every morning on her own, but now that Minjuan was around, she had to leave some responsibilities to keep her busy. 

Furthermore, Lin Ruoxi knew it was rather distasteful to drive her Bentley over to the preschool every day just to send her daughter to school. The reasoning left her with little choice but to leave the responsibility of Lanlan’s caretaking to Minjuan.

As for Minjuan, she was more than happy to accept the role. Taking care of Lanlan was the only purpose she had. 

Not to mention her conversation with Wang Ma on her upbringing of Lin Ruoxi throughout two decades of service under this household, naturally became an inspiration for Minjuan. She aspired to nurture Lanlan into a model citizen!

Amongst millions living in the city, looking for a servant was hardly an easy task for the wealthy But thanks to Lanlan and the old gentleman’s earnest gestures, they now have a trusting housekeeper of their own. 

Another key highlight of the past days was Xue Zhiqing’s recovery in the UK.

Yang Chen arrived at St Maria Hospital on his own, with the intention to escort Xue Zhiqing back to China.

What he was not anticipating was that upon entry, Jane was right by her bedside, happily chatting.

Noticing the puzzled look on Yang Chen’s face, Jane could instantly guess what was on his mind. “Look who’s here to pick up his lover, but somehow still couldn’t find the time to come over and say hi.”

Xue Zijing blushed at Jane’s description for her, slightly embarrassed but was rather content.

Yang Chen awkwardly chuckled as he replied, “It’s not good to bother you with my business all the time.”

“Well, I’ll thank you instead of for saving me from my boredom, what’s there to be sorry about? Honestly one might think you’ve been avoiding me all this while.” Jane rolled her eyes on him. 

Yang Chen quickly shifted the topic. “So what are you guys talking about? It’s almost like you both were best friends.”

Xue Zhiqing was rather enthusiastic as she replied, “We were talking about calculators and the lot. Turns out Jane is a master in that sense. Not only was her medical prowess top-notch, but her calculator knowledge was also beyond my imagination.”

Yang Chen was rather pleased as he added, “Well of course she is. Jane is a genius! Medicine might be her major, but she has a foot in everything else!”

“Why does that sound more like you praising yourself than me?” Jane was not buying his sweet talk. 

“Well, I’m thick-skinned and proud!” 

“Took you no time to admit to that didn’t it.” Jane was fed up with his demeanor as she lifted her own beige-colored Burberry windbreaker. “Actually I stopped by today to observe Zhiqing's recovery. Her operation was done by me so that naturally makes her my patient. I will take ownership over my patient’s wellbeing. 

It looks like she’s pretty much on the verge of recovery. Just one or two days of rest and she will be good as new, might have something to do with your Chinese martial arts though.”

Yang Chen satisfactorily noted. “Well as long as she’s fine. Right, are you leaving?”

Jane nodded. “I’m going outstation. There’s a challenging surgery coming and my students over in the US are hoping I could finish it up. I was planning to be there earlier, to take a good look at the patient’s condition before I start.”

“I’m sure the pay for that wouldn’t be too shabby ain’t it? Not like your students could make you go if you weren’t already interested.” Yang Chen teased. 

Jane did not object. “First off I applaud a challenge. Second, it pays really well, not gonna lie. And with that money, I could invest in more research. It’s a win-win!”

And once her words dropped she flipped her coat over, bid them farewell along with a goodbye kiss, and left-right out the door. 

Xue Zhiqing enviously watched as Jane left, before she mumbled, “Yang Chen, why didn’t you accept Jane as your lover? Even as a woman myself I thought she was way too mesmerizing. She’s smart, she’s witty, and she’s just a pleasure to be with! Not to mention the fact that she’s gorgeous. Why’d you stop yourself from that?”