Aligned closely to Yan Sanniang’s methodologies, alongside Xue Zhiqing’s recognition, this was indeed a Great Ancient clan pill refining technique. He channelled the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and infused it with the true yuan of his surroundings, gradually engulfing the bronze coloured ethereal hyacinth gold. 

As mentioned the technique was just a theory. The success of the refining process lies mostly on the divine sense of the holder and their ability to wield the Samadhi True Fire as it dissolves the herbs within the cauldron. 

Throughout the process, the most crucial of steps was to utilise the Samadhi True Fire to draw impurities from within the herbs, retaining true purity of the divine qi. The greater the extraction, the more potent and higher grade the resulting pills were.

As for how the impurities were extracted, was where the technique came into play. It was key to differentiate between effective methods or otherwise. 

Next, only a cultivator of the Tribulation Passing stage and above could proceed with pill refining, notably due to the sheer intensity of the Samadhi True Fire. It wasn’t something anyone could handle.

However, that point to note meant nothing to Yang Chen, given that the Samadhi True Fire resonated from within him. Not only did the weaving divine sense not undermine his body, but it also strengthened his qi like fuel to a flame. 

And this sole difference meant Yang Chen pill refining process would be of huge difference to that of cultivators throughout time. 

While other cultivators would be wary while wielding their divine sense to navigate the Samadhi True Fire, Yang Chen’s divine sense blended into the Samadhi True Fire and became one with it. 

Others mustered all their strength just to control the Samadhi True Fire, while precariously directing it to their favour when Yang Chen effortlessly charged through it. 

And with that, after Yang Chen researched Yan Sanniang’s technique, with hardly any concern in mind, he was confident. 

Xue Zhiqing meanwhile patiently supported him on the sidelines, as she observed the cauldron closely. 

Gradually, the ethereal hyacinth gold cauldron started levitating in the air under complete manipulation by Yang Chen’s restoration energy of Heaven and earth. 

Yang Chen popped his eyes open. They were burning with the golden flames while simultaneously blazing Samadhi True Fire engulfed the cauldron on all sides.

Upon the emergence of the Samadhi True Fire, the cauldron gleamed in blinding white light!

And what was more puzzling was that the peculiar beast carving that was seen on its exterior, seemingly came to life as it started spiralling through rings of pitch black. 

Theoretically, black should not be seen as rings of light, but it was visibly present as the rings orbited the cauldron. 

“Huh? That’s…” Yang Chen broke the silence, seemingly picking on something. 

But before he could wrap his head around it, he was washed over by the wrath of a typhoon as it came over him with a symphony of black and white, eventually evolving into a grey, impotent energy, formulating in his head. 

And within the gush of this ominous energy, Yang Chen could feel the wrath and exasperation of a certain ferocity, keen on consuming everything in its path. 

What followed was the silhouette of a humongous beast materializing within thin air. 

This enormous beast was blurry at best, with its face shrouded in darkness. It occasionally revealed the outline of his powerful wings and his gargantuan body complete with three pairs of sturdy feet and covered with raging flames. 

Before Yang Chen could comprehend the situation he was in, the massive beast amassed into an intimidating shadow. Eclipsing the sky, it appeared to be ready to completely consume Yang Chen’s divine awareness.

The abrupt presence of immense danger made Yang Chen involuntarily attempt to break the divine awareness link but to no avail.

And just when the ferocious silhouette beast was about to swallow him whole, an instant gush of the limitless Heaven and earth energy rushed into his defence!

Within Yang Chen’s veins were filled with countless impenetrable barriers courtesy of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy leaving the translucent beast with no chance of attack.

The beast, on the other hand, was seen to be in extreme apprehension of the energy flow, which led to it promptly scouring into the abyss.

After a long while, Yang Chen forced his eyes open. He was in a daze while he sat drenched in a cold sweat.

Still positioned within the underground chamber of the aged castle, what left him terrified, was that the Ethereal hyacinth gold cauldron has vanished!


Yang Chen was subsequently reminded that he was accompanied, as he quickly turned to his back, only to notice Xue Zhiqing completely zoned out. Her pupils constricted and her face pale, like she just witnessed an exorcism!

“Phew...thank god you’re okay.” Yang Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He then frowned. “What did you see? Where’s the cauldron?”

Xue Zhiqing gulped then took a couple of long deep breaths. She tried to keep her cool but her lips were trembling, noticeably horrified.

“That cauldron...I’m afraid, isn’t an Ethereal hyacinth gold cauldron.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“The cauldron, after being exposed to the Samadhi True Fire, revealed it’s true identity. I guess I was misguided because it wasn’t Ethereal hyacinth gold!”

“As to what the cauldron was actually made of, I have absolutely no idea. But from my knowledge, there isn’t a rare metal that could be completely devoid of colour. I got a feeling this is much rarer than Ethereal hyacinth gold. If my estimate is correct, this should be a great ancient immortal item that was unknown to the world…”

“Immortal..?” Yang Chen stuttered at the presumption that it might just be the highest grade of all treasures! He quickly added. “How’d you know?”

Xue Zhiqing’s voice was still trembling as she replied, “Do you know what the greatest difference between an immortal item and everything else is?”

“How am I supposed to know that?”

Xue Zhiqing nodded, before she explained, “The immortal items are special only because of the beasts sealed within them or the ones from the great ancient era that could be refined into treasures. The greater the beast, the harder it is for it to undergo refining. Henceforth, once it succeeds, the kickback would be explosive. 

The legend has it that even within beasts they were differentiated into carnivorous and mythical beasts, but that’s too far off. After all, it is understood that these ancient beasts might have gone extinct when the Gods descended upon this planet tens of thousands of years ago. It could very well have been a myth passed down by the early immortals. 

Yang Chen went deep into his mind frame as he recalled the divine awareness of the ancient monstrosity and subsequently clicked as he was visibly boosted with confidence. 

Xue Zhiqing then added, “There’s one more thing though. The immortal weapon can choose to merge with its owner, obviously subject to its chosen allegiance over the beholder. And once the owner is chosen, it would be fiercely loyal to the holder. As long as the owner is still alive, the item shall only obey its owner and no one else will be able to wield it.

Once the owner is chosen and deemed worthy, the item fuses into the cerebrum of the owner and cultivates as one. As the owner improves, so does the immortal item. Should the owner remain dormant, so would the item.”

Yang Chen's eyes glowed in revelation as he instantly searched within his sea of qi.

“No surprise here.”

Yang Chen was amazed to find a miniature version of the cauldron within the sea of qi, glimmering in the everchanging radiance of grey light, seemingly encapsulated in a layer of mist. 

Yang Chen tweaked his thoughts and the cauldron instantly revealed itself by his side, back to its original size. 

“Turns out this immortal item sure is something. A while ago when you seemed like you were possessed, surrounded by an ambience of beast-like ferocity. I knew the cauldron had something sealed within.

And after when the cauldron subsequently disappeared, my two cents were that you managed to tame the beast and that the immortal item has chosen its owner. 

This is a huge compliment to you. The fact that existing immortal items in the entire Hongmeng is less than these five fingers on my hand, and the fact that I have not witnessed anyone wield them, I would imagine that the Great Ancient clans would only have one or two wielders at most. Since divine treasures have rarity levels, I’m pretty sure the cauldron you have has sealed the soul of a powerful beast, the underlying possibilities are literally endless.” Xue Zhiqing pleasingly clarified. 

Yang Chen meanwhile was rather snarky as he felt like it was handed to him on a plate. He cheekily scratched his head while he chuckled, “So this is the calm after storm I suppose. Next time if I meet that masked man, I wonder if I could toss that guy into the cauldron and melt him down to his bones.”

Xue Zhiqing was dumbfounded by his remark but was less concerned about his torturous ways. Death was inevitable. 

The bloodlust and absolute absence of mercy among cultivators were far more treacherous than the usual generosity and warmth amongst mortals. Her own father used her as a lab rat for pill advancement which left Xue Zhiqing with little faith in humanity at a disappointingly young age. 

Now that she finally has a support system, Yang Chen, she was worried about his soft nature in this unforgiving world. 

“Uh, Baby Qing, so what should I name this cauldron? I don’t know this little fellow, and his face is all blurred,” Yan Chen deliberately asked, while caressing it. 

Xue Zhiqing rolled her eyes on him. “Whatever you’d like, these beasts aren’t humans. They don’t possess enough intelligence to care.”

Yang Chen duly contemplated. “What about...Ultimate divine champion overlord psychic cauldron, conqueror of the Hongmeng? Oh wait... it doesn’t rhyme does it?"

Xue Zhiqing nearly fainted at his remark. “Stop blabbering nonsense. Pay attention to your refining, besides, even with divine weaponry, the wielder must still have adept cultivations too. Otherwise, it’s no different from handing over your bride to your worst enemy.”

Yang Chen chuckled at her description. “You really do sound like a mentor to my cultivations, don’t you? Alright, stay slightly further away for now, in case you get terrified again”

Alas, Yang Chen still had no idea on how to address the ‘Beast’ within him, so he just went ahead to proceed with the pill refining batch.