Ever since the divine cauldron accepted Yang Chen as its owner, it had been smooth sailing for both of them as the Samadhi True Fire disintegrated dirt and impurities with ease!

What was first assumed to be an arduous task for a first-timer had gone on without complications. What he did manage to grasp upon was his manipulation of the intensity of the Samadhi True Fire. 

After a simple adjustment, not only did he manage to better refine the pill, he was able to increase efficiency up to three times!

Naturally, it was a technique specially customized for himself and was not fit for everyone. 

Watching from afar was Xue Zhiqing, as she once again was left in awe by his ordeal. 

She first expected Yang Chen to adequately complete a batch in four hours. But she did not expect Yang Chen to complete his first batch in just shy of forty minutes!

Two dozen shimmering jade green spiritual pills propelled itself out of the cauldron! With their refined exterior, Xue Zhiqing could already guarantee their excellence amongst Spiritual pills!

Promptly after, Yang Chen was seemingly addicted to pill refining. He quickly inserted the second batch of herbs once again to create red dewdrop pills.

This time around, his speed went up a notch, manipulating the Samadhi True Fire with little effort. With slight tweaks in his mind, every step went as if they were pre-planned. Within half an hour, the bright colors of two dozen Red dewdrop pills were now in the pill sack ready to be used.

After the second batch ended, Yang Chen checked up on Xue Zhiqing. “Hey Qing, baby, if you’re hungry we can always give Ron a call and ask for some food! I’ll work on two more batches of Dragon cloud pill.”

He had already started with mid-tier pills?!

Xue Zhiqing’s mind was in a daze from his progress and was now immune to his random surprises. Nonetheless, all was well. It was the man she fell in love with anyway.

Just like that, it had been a little more than two hours and Yang Chen had already filled his mustard pill sack with over a couple of dozens of low to mid-tier pills. If all the ingredients were used as scheduled, there might just be close to two hundred of these magical pills!

Yang Chen had no intention to refine them all in one sitting. Like Xue Zhiqing explained, there are many recipes to create magical pills. If they were to use it all to create the same pills, there might be none left for an emergency if it was ever presented. 

Meanwhile, Yang Chen was committed to fully utilizing his time with Xue Zhiqing to venture into different uninhabited regions across the planet, in hopes of finding rare top tier ingredients for elusive magical pills. 

This time around, with his cultivations rapidly improving, Yang Chen was now looking forward to a rematch with the masked assassin. Even if he could not come out on top, at least it would not be as one-sided as it was. 

As to why he had to hasten his plans. It was because Yang Chen had in mind to complete this project before his visit to Korea in November. As such, he would appreciate it if his plans weren’t bogged down by his couple's visit to Korea. 

Xue Zhiqing did not object to it. Even though Yang Chen was in assistance, it was nonetheless a journey for them both, in search of the finest medicinal herbs. 

At the end of the day, Xue Zhiqing was left in slight regret that she entered Yang Chen’s life much later than others, which was why she valued this opportunity of alone time with him. 

At that moment as they stepped out of the castle, overlooking from the cliffside, the sun had already been replaced by a starry night. 

Breathing in the fresh air, Yang Chen retrieved some of the Spiritual and Red dewdrop pills and handed it to Xue Zhiqing. “I know you’re cursed by the Nine Yin Meridian within you, and cannot proceed with cultivation. But these divine pills must have beautifying and health benefits, plus the fact that you just recently survived a fatal injury. Have some.”

Xue Zhiqing was dumbfounded by his offer, but she gradually cracked a half-smile before quickly holding it back. “Nah it’ll go to waste. Keep them for the others. It takes a lot of refined pills to go from Houtian to Xiantian, and from Xiantian to Soul Forming stage as quickly as possible.

I’m still young and full of vigor. When I’m forty years old, and in need of those pills, I know who to go to.”

Yang Chen chuckled. “Until then, you wouldn’t need the pills to retain your beauty. I’m sure I will find a way to cure your Nine Yin Meridian! And then you can continue cultivating again. If I can repress this toxin, I am certain there’s a way to make you cultivate again.”

“Alright, I’ll take your word for it!” Xue Zhiqing retained her bright smile despite having no hope for a cure. “If by then I get all old and scruffy you better not toss me aside!”

Yang Chen reached out and affectionately pinched her supple cheeks. “I wouldn’t mind growing old with you. Let the rest of them stay young!”

“Pfft hah!” Xue Zhiqing could not repress her emotions anymore as tears of pure joy formed in her eyes. 

Since the decision had been made, Yang Chen had decided to delay his return to China once again. He then made a call back home to inform Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi that he had to stay on the road in search of more valuable ingredients. 

Guo Xuehua, while worried about his quest, did manage to remind him to return before the Chongyang Festival.

There was still around five days until the Chongyang Festival after all. 

Yang Chen and Xue Zhiqing were planning to search through the Amazon rainforest in South America, and the ancient jungles of Vietnam. Despite being extensively threatened by human endeavors in recent years, much of it was still left unspoiled. Yang Chen had high hopes for the search. 

Days quickly went by, and it has been four days since Yang Chen went over to London to pick Xue Zhiqing, before instantly revising his plans to continue with herb searching.

It was noon, over at the Board meeting room, Yu Lei International Tower.

Across the huge table were the heads of each operational department, paying close attention, and taking notes of the Quality Assurance department’s report.

“...after our verification last month, the estimated costs and profits for the BMW history museum construction is as projected. That’s all I have.”

The Head of Department of Quality Assurance took his seat, and the focus of attention promptly went towards Lin Ruoxi at the far corner. 

The stoic and distant CEO was her usual cold and unexpressive self.

If it was in their usual standard protocol, after announcing Lin Ruoxi would express her thoughts and they would proceed to vote. 

According to most corporations, these decisions would fall into the hands of the Board of Directors. But due to the fact that Yu Lei was practically a one-woman empire of Lin Ruoxi’s, there were no major shareholders. The responsibility of decision making fell upon the departmental managers, leaving them with relatively more power than others of their position. 

Even though fair amounts of the company shares went to these people, Lin Ruoxi was never stingy in terms of bonuses and stipends whenever required. Because of this, the higher-ups favored a high fixed salary.  

Not to mention Lin Ruoxi as a person was hard to approach due to her cold appearance, but was known by all as a fair and open-minded boss. 

Nonetheless, Lin Ruoxi today had not been her usual work persona. 

After the report was presented, Lin Ruoxi was just seen scribbling on the papers before her, seemingly uninterested with the presentation.

Yet everyone present remained dead silent, unsure if the young CEO was actually in contemplation or really just daydreaming.

Mo Qianni sat by her side. As someone who had known her for more than a decade, she was quickly aware that Lin Ruoxi was absolutely not in the present. 

Mo Qianni sighed, cleared her throat before she murmured. “CEO Lin, is there anything you’re dissatisfied about?”

The words were phrased in such a way that it played as a proclamation that Lin Ruoxi was in contemplation. 

Lin Ruoxi looked up with a tinge of awkwardness but hid it well enough that her underlings could not definitively pinpoint her actions. “Nothing much, I am aware that the profits of this project are viable, but it involves venturing into uncharted territory. 

Since our core focus at the moment is within the fashion industry, this project which involves a major holder of the automobile industry in the building of this museum might be a huge leap without assurance. In my opinion, I believe we need time to observe the situation. 

This is just my point of view. Since the profit-loss margin is nominal, I would leave it out to the table to decide.

I hereby announce, to those in favor of our collaboration with the Li enterprise and BMW Group for this project, please raise your hands.”

The crowd was hesitant, staring at one another during the voting session, knowing full well that Lin Ruoxi might suggest gathering everyone’s opinions on the front, but she was not actually interested in this collaboration with the two enterprises. 

Regardless, they could not comprehend why Lin Ruoxi would oppose such a deal. In terms of budgeting and earnings, the profits were more than satisfactory. But Lin Ruoxi had a record of avoiding unnecessary slip-ups during significant decision making, which was why the voting round ended with no hands raised. 

Mo Qianni seemed to have understood a certain something as she and Liu Mingyu shared a glance. They came to the conclusion that it might just be Lin Ruoxi’s personal factors at play this time. 

Even though they weren’t too sure, Li Jianhe was notably not one that Yang Chen was remotely fond of. 

Lin Ruoxi’s decision was largely to avoid a misunderstanding with Yang Chen. After all, once this multi-million investment deal is done, she would be in a partnership with Li Jianhe, and regular contact was unavoidable. 

Which was why, despite knowing it would be profitable, Lin Ruoxi chose to defend her family and abandon the collaboration project. 

What they were unaware of was the nerving feud the couple had in Lin Ruoxi’s office over Li Jianhe, which led to Lin Ruoxi’s decision to avoid this picky subject at all costs.

After the meeting ended, the board members gradually made their way out of the meeting room, but Mo Qianni chose to stay back. Holding onto her laptop, she bent down towards Lin Ruoxi. “Ruoxi, I saw you blanking out a while ago, I’m guessing it’s not about the partnership right?”

Lin Ruoxi knew there was nothing she could hide from her close friend, as she soullessly replied, “You know what it is about.”

“You’re missing him?” Mo Qianni chuckled. “It’s not like it’s his first time away. I wouldn’t expect it to affect your work though. Hmm, you’re less and less like the Lin Ruoxi I know.

Back in the day, no matter how serious your family matters were, you would never be affected when at work. Remember back then when the old CEO passed away? The office was in shambles but you pulled through. Now it’s just Yang Chen going overseas with Xue Zhiqing. Are you really that affected?”

Lin Ruoxi smiled in reply, seemingly having her thoughts exposed. 

She wouldn’t have expected herself to be the person that she is now, for she was always business-oriented. 

If it was her just a few years ago, a huge collaboration like this one was never going to be put down for any reason under the sun. Even if it was Li Jianhe, it was just solely business. 

Mo Qianni grinned as she added, “It seems that the ruthless businesswoman Lin Ruoxi, has finally become a true stay home wife!”

“Qianni! Stop it!” Lin Ruoxi was still rather taken aback, but regardless still felt adamant towards the newest addition.