Yang Chen’s deafening rants echoed through the entire garden as concrete walls shook!

The night breeze weaved through the leaves ever so gently, bringing with it the fragrance of the lady.

Lin Ruoxi’s pretty face was devoid of any emotion as she sneered. “If you were open-minded enough to confront Li Jianhe, why would I have to hide it from you in the first place? And it’s my fault now when it was his idea to come looking for me?!

Why do you always feel the need to blame it on me? What about all the times you weren’t here by my side? What about the countless times you allowed your anger to cloud your mind?

You could spend your days escorting your women on a trip around the world, yet you come back and the first thing you do is to accuse me of being attached to another man. How is this in any way fair?!”

“And why do you think I journeyed the world, risking my life to fight off enemies in search of divine ingredients and pill refining materials? It was all to make sure you could stay as pretty as you are for eternity!” Yang Chen was infuriated.

“If my cultivations couldn’t improve as fast as they should, how am I supposed to protect all of you? My family and all our loved ones? The child?

Zhiqing was the only one that could help. She had no cultivation to speak of yet she accompanied me across the planet and nearly died in the process! After all that she didn’t even utter a word of disapproval!”

“Oh, it was for me you say...just me? It was for all of those other girls too isn’t it? Isn’t being fair with the love you give one of your core principles?

Yes...you are right about one thing though. Xue Zhiqing is a resourceful girl. They are all so stellar, who am I to say? Since they could all risk their lives for you. I’m sure you must be reconsidering if it’s even right to have me uncontestedly sitting on the legal wife’s position. You must be so sick of dealing with my bad temper by now!”

“I never once thought that!”

“But that’s what I felt!”

“Why do you have such little faith in me?”

“Oh tell me about it! If it pains you to think of my potential affair with Li Jianhe and our past, then what are you waiting for? Kill him, aren’t you really good at that?!”

“Are you challenging me?!” Yang Chen clenched his teeth.

“I don’t care if you do. See if you would still doubt me when he’s dead!”

Yang Chen to kill Li Jianhe? It was nonetheless a pointless thought at this point. 

Their voices seemingly in competition with one another after every exchange!

After a long moment of silence, Lin Ruoxi indifferently demanded. “Hands off.”

Yang Chen, overwhelmed by a criss-cross of emotions at this point did not persist. 

His heart felt as if it was covered in paper cuts as blood seeped through. The pain and agony left him in a position worse than death.

Lin Ruoxi that was freed from his grasp unhesitantly sped towards the car. 

Seconds later, she had already positioned herself in the driver’s seat, rammed onto the accelerator, and vanished through the far corner. 

Yang Chen helplessly squatted with his hands over his head. At that moment, all he wanted to do was to be left alone.

Nevertheless, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma came running out, instantly noticing Lin Ruoxi’s absence.

“Yang Chen what are you doing?! What happened?!” Guo Xuehua instinctively questioned.

Yang Chen staggered as he downcased lifted himself back to standing position. “Mom, go back inside.”

“What...did I do...I shouldn’t have interfered.” Guo Xuehua ultimately realized her missteps, turning what seemed to be a homey reunion dinner into the mess that it was now. 

Yang Chen sighed. “Deep down, it’s clear that there was already a rift between both of us, can’t blame it on you.”

Wang Ma patted Guo Xuehua on the back as a means of comforting her. With a frown, she then turned towards Yang Chen as she fretted. “Young Master, to think that the Young Miss is out on her own this late at night is quite unsettling.”

Yang Chen saw the earnest look on Wang Ma’s face and knew instantly that she was expecting himself to bring Lin Ruoxi back. 

But Yang Chen was all too certain that his mind was all tangled and muddy, and even if he did find her, he had no idea what to say to her anymore. 

Nonetheless, Yang Chen was resolute in attempting to silently catch up to her. After all, he could not bear to just leave her aside. 

Dejected, he ditched the car and in an instant dashed into the dark of night.

Amidst a chilly, autumn night, Yang Chen decided it was a decent setting for him as well to clear his head and contemplate what went wrong between the two of them.

Zhonghai’s intercity highway at night glittered from the headlights of speeding cars, blinding yet swift, resembling bolts of lightning in the night sky.

Lin Ruoxi in her Bentley was aimlessly speeding along the freeway, amid pin-drop silence she was accompanied only by the sound of roaring winds from the opposite direction. 

After what felt like an eternity, Lin Ruoxi steered into the next junction, towards a night market district. 

Finding herself in a parking spot in a secluded parking lot, Lin Ruoxi with her handbag slung on her shoulder hopped out of the car and strolled towards the human vicinity. 

It might just be from the increasingly cold weather as autumn came to its final legs that even the Malatang vendors were nestled to the corners from the notable lack of business. 

A cold autumn breeze lifted a trash bag as it glided and tumbled with the wind.

Lin Ruoxi tightened her collar, feeling chilly when she was sure before that she wouldn’t be.

Silently observing the seemingly endless grid of criss-cross buildings, it appeared as if her options for a place to rest were vast. But at that moment, she felt like a stray who had lost her home. 

What seemed like a homey dinner felt like ages ago, as she found herself wandering through an empty street. 

Before she could fully grasp her whereabouts, Lin Ruoxi’s disheartenment led her to a glitzy entrance of a grounded bar, and without much contemplation, she wandered in. 

Since young, she was not accustomed to drinking, not to mention her excellent self-control and her pre-eminent dislike for alcohol kept her a safe distance from the world hidden. But this time, she was here hoping the alcohol could numb her broken heart. 

Just seconds later, Yang Chen's silhouette emerged from the shadows of the gullies as he subsequently followed.

Under dim lights, hardly anyone batted an eye at a man and woman carrying the same suffocating burden into the scene.

Lin Ruoxi found a corner spot with a modest table, on it were three bottles of whiskey.

Lin Ruoxi had no clue what they were, so she demanded the one with the highest alcoholic content. 

Her face leaning lifelessly on one arm, while the other filled glasses and glasses of hard liquor. 

Two sips in and Lin Ruoxi’s frowns sank deeper, frustrated with the thought that gritty men actually enjoyed this repulsive drink!

Regardless, few could deny that alcohol keeps one company when everything else seems to fall apart.

Amidst the alcohol-induced blur, Lin Ruoxi could finally feel her heart and soul soothed as the tingling sensation by the edges of her eyes faded. 

Potentially due to her recent cultivations, her tolerance had noticeably improved as she still retained strength to pry open a second bottle.

Lin Ruoxi could finally feel a burning sensation arising from within her guts, her sense of sight had finally given way to the alcohol. 

At this moment, the young woman’s cheeks were warm and flushed like a ripe tomato, lips pouted, disheveled, hair ruffled. What seemed like mundane late night occurrences nevertheless caught the lustful eyes of quite a few, albeit unsurprisingly. 

And finally, as Lin Ruoxi collapsed onto the table, seemingly ready to pass out, a bold, brawny man made his way towards her. 

The man was dressed in a Versace shirt paired with a platinum chain with a lit cigarette between his fingers holding onto a whiskey glass, complemented with an effortless smile.  

“Miss, you seem lonely, mind if I join you?” The man lightly remarked, yet deep in connotation.

Lin Ruoxi glared at him before she spurted two words. “Scurry off…”

Even though her mind was fuzzy at that point, she had yet lost her consciousness. 

The man, however, was not discouraged as he pursued. “Life’s full of mishaps, deadbeat businesses, or broken relationships. I wonder what’s yours, would you care to share?”

Lin Ruoxi at that point was all too intoxicated to reply, unsure of how much alcohol she had. She was ready to leave

Just when she attempted to stand, she felt the alcohol gushing onto her head all at once as she staggered, barely holding onto her balance as she clung onto the table. 

“Careful, let me help…”

The man was ready to reach out to support her by her waist. 

Just before he could get close an overpowering force from behind clung onto his collar and forced him onto the diner seat!

The man was terrified as he reactively turned towards his back, only to see a stone-cold stranger staring right into his soul!

“That’s enough bullshit for the night. Keep your hands to yourself. That’s my woman you’re talking to.” Yang Chen made his unprecedented approach.

Previously, he sat at a far corner, occupied by alcohol while in the right angle to observe Lin Ruoxi from afar. He did not interfere with her binge drinking because he understood it was the remedy that both of them desperately needed right then. 

Lin Ruoxi lifted her head slowly. Blurry eyed, she stared towards the unannounced ‘visitor’, which led to her cracking an innocent, spellbinding smile, leaving the entire venue in awe.

Amidst that cold, uninviting aura she exhibited, was an enchanting allure that left all the onlookers mesmerized. 

“Who’s your woman? Do I even know you, sir?”