Whilst speaking, the alcohol gradually overwhelmed her senses as she staggered with every step.

The stranger quickly picked up on Lin Ruoxi’s remark, smirking in glee as he patted Yang Chen on the shoulder. “Your excuse is terrible, acting all friendly when the lady is wasted. On public grounds, our opportunities are equal. If you’re confident, make her willingly leave with you.”

Yang Chen ignored the man as he went ahead and held onto Lin Ruoxi’s hand. “You oughta stop drinking if you can’t take it. You should stop when you’re just about to pass out. C’mon, let’s go home.”

“Let me go...who the hell are you...gosh…”

Lin Ruoxi coyly stuck her tongue out, drunkenly attempted to shake loose his grasp. 

But Yang Chen was firm and unyielding. 

Watching as the ‘surprise package’ of the night was about to be taken away by Yang Chen, the stranger came to her defense. “Let go of her. She doesn't even know you. Who are you to decide what’s best for her?”

If it was before, this man would have been ground into a pulp before he uttered his first word. But these days, Yang Chen had matured in personality and had chosen to avoid unnecessary physicalities with common people. 

“I’m her husband. No more. If you insist I’m going to have to act,” Yang Chen solemnly declared.

“Her husband...what nonsense!”

Yang Chen grunted at the fact that truth was always the least convincing. 

“Move.” Yang Chen was done talking as he lifted the man by the collar, and like an inflatable toy tossed him to the diner couch at a distance!

The man’s shriek left the crowd in terror.

Yang Chen embraced the disoriented Lin Ruoxi and left the bar. 

Out the door, it was already in the wee hours of the night, the streets emptied and desolate, howling cold winds rustled through the leaves. 

Excluding the street vendors were the occasional night owls, wrapped in thick clothing, brisk walking passed rows of street lights.  

Presumably invigorated by the chilly air, Lin Ruoxi’s head seemed to clear a little as she lifted her head, quickly focusing onto Yang Chen’s face.

“You asshole! Damn you Yang Chen...let go of me! I...I’ll stab you, rip you into pieces…”

Amidst the nagging and venting, Lin Ruoxi’s hands feebly punched onto his face and chest. 

Squeezing his nose, pinching his face, pulling his hair, and clamping on his shoulders. She was throwing a tantrum befitting of a five-year-old

Yang Chen with his wife behind his back strolled towards the direction of the parking lot, tolerating her endless barrage of torment. 

After a long night of hard drinking, he finally managed to calm himself down. 

Deep down he knew full well that nothing could have happened between Lin Ruoxi and Li Jianhe. But what got him furious before was that his trust for her had been betrayed when she chose to lie to their faces. 

But when he started thinking for her point of view, it was only reasonable that she chose to avoid the mention of her encounter. 

Recalling the previous incident where he got physical at her in her office, even when the dust was settled and everything turned out fine, the process itself must have left her traumatized. 

It was his fault that he was irrational and volatile, but her distrust for him was also to blame. 

And by adding fuel to fire, Guo Xuehua’s impulsive decision to snap her photo in secret must have struck down her pride like an arrow to the chest. It was hardly any doubt to him now for her explosive reaction earlier tonight.

As mutual misunderstanding stacked up brick by brick, Yang Chen at that point no longer had any interest in the incident. All his anger had subsided.

All of a sudden, Lin Ruoxi stopped all vigorous flaunting of her limbs and started pouting. Her bubbly eyes seemingly in distress as she paused at her spot. 


Yang Chen instantly snapped out of his thoughts. “Ruoxi, what’s going on? Are you okay?”

Lin Ruoxi’s face once again blushed red as a tomato, seemingly disinterested in tormenting Yang Chen any longer as she coyly pouted. “I...I need to pee…”


Yang Chen was dumbfounded, but he took no time to comprehend the situation. She had consumed large amounts of liquid and it was a particularly chilly day. It was only a matter of time. 

“This...is an open street… there are no public bathrooms around…”

Yang Chen frantically looked around, noticing the confusion in the eyes of the passersby. 

“I...can’t hold it any longer...I need to pee…”

Mostly still under the influence of alcohol, Lin Ruoxi ran to a junction by a merchandise corner shop, and started slipping her fingers into the coat to unbutton her trousers!

Yang Chen was stupefied. He then held onto her in a flurry of panic. “You...can’t pee here! There are people watching!”

“Ugh...I don’t care...I really, really need to pee..”

Lin Ruoxi squabbled and sulked, seemingly at her limits. 

Yang Chen had never seen this blatant and ludicrous side of her, clenching his teeth, he pushed Lin Ruoxi to the back, behind a dumpster. 

“You can pee behind that. I’ll block the front. Hey, hey there’s wind by this corner if you pee here you’re gonna reek of piss after this.”

After Yang Chen arranged their positions, he turned away from her, blocking the curious gaze of bystanders.

All thanks to the colder weather, the smell of the dumpster was relatively mild. Otherwise, in the heat of summer, the entire alleyway would have been engulfed by its revolting smell.

As for Lin Ruoxi at the back, she couldn’t care less about the ‘scent’ as she started relieving herself from the burden she had been carrying. 

Yang Chen heard the sounds of water discharge as he started sniffling from laughter. 

Never did he once think that one day he would be shielding a woman from public urination. Especially not his own wife, the great and graceful Lin Ruoxi. 

An image like this was a once in a lifetime memory. 

Subsequently after, the sounds of clothes brushing onto one another were heard from the back. 

What’s next once again left Yang Chen in utter confusion! 

Lin Ruoxi burst into tears!


Yang Chen instantly turned himself around only to see Lin Ruoxi standing upright with her palms onto the wall and her shoulders shuddering as tears dripped down from her cheeks onto the puddles below. 


Before Yang Chen could say much, Lin Ruoxi’s cries grew louder as she was ready to vent out all her dissatisfactions. 

“Look at the sorry state that I’m in right now. Accused by my mother in law, doubted by my own husband, despised by all of you. What did I do wrong to end up like this?! Out in the middle of the night, afraid to even return home!

Out here drinking on my own, drunk and wasted. I feel like a felon, banished from home, disgraced, even publicly peeing by the street.

Since I got married to you, I felt like a psychopath, an idiot. A complete, utter worthless idiot...

On one hand, I worry about you, and the other pissed off. I feel like I am not in control but just a puppet on a string.

Qianni is right. I’m no longer who I once was. I don’t even know who I am anymore…

I...I cannot live like this any longer, like a lunatic! I’m Lin Ruoxi goddammit! I’m not your vessel of love Yang Chen! Even less so a trash can, craving for your pity!

I’ll tell you now...if I keep being this paranoid with my emotions all over the place, I don’t think I can last much longer…”

Yang Chen froze at his spot, unable to reach for her no matter how much he wanted to at that instant.

Lin Ruoxi’s feet were contrastingly agile as she staggered and fell onto his torso, like a koala onto its faithful tree, seemingly ready to slip to the ground at any minute.

“Hubby…” Lin Ruoxi tilted her head up, on her rosy red cheeks was disillusionment. 

“I’m here.” Yang Chen held her into his embrace, keeping her at bay. 

Lin Ruoxi coyly giggled, her eyes still red from all the tears shed. Yet her mood flipped a complete one-eighty from the alcohol as the next moment she seemed enthusiastic, mumbling her words she said, 

“I’m telling you here and now that I did meet with Li Jianhe. But he came looking for me for a collaboration. He was begging and pleading and he held my hand...but I shook him off...

Back in the day, I did have some feelings for him. But is it so wrong even though nothing happened?

You’re the first man that I truly fell in love with. Even, even when you couldn’t be just mine, I could tolerate that, because you’re the man that had single-handedly pulled me out from hell and back up to heaven. I love you like crazy.

I know it might be a selfish thought to want you all by myself, but I made mistakes in the past. I was lost...so I can take that, and I chose to forget about the things that made me unhappy.

But...if you truly love me, why couldn’t you just bear some trust for me?”

Yang Chen, with trembling hands, held her tight in his arms, bringing his lips close to her ear. “I trust you...and it’s my fault, I’m so, so sorry…”

And whilst that happened, Lin Ruoxi collapsed onto his chest, mumbling as she dozed off. 

Yang Chen let out a sigh, amidst an aching heart. He stood up, clamped her legs onto his waist, and piggybacked the woman towards the direction of the car. 

Lin Ruoxi meanwhile, noticeably exhausted both physically and emotionally was finally at peace.

Deep in the windswept night, it seemed as if they were alone in the world, gradually making through the streets, one step at a time.