Those words had Yang Chen in a daze. As soon as he snapped out of it, he rushed over and enveloped her slim waist between his arms, pressing her onto the mattress. 


Shocked, Lin Ruoxi squealed but couldn’t make any other noises as Yang Chen began kissing her lips. 

“Hehe, I knew you had already forgiven me. There’s no need to pretend. It’s alright to be so cold to other people but there’s no need for that on your husband.”

On the other hand, all Lin Ruoxi could think of was the smell of overnight alcohol lingering in her mouth. She quickly pushed Yang Chen away and straightened her clothes. 

“I’m heading to work soon. You messed up my hair and clothes!” Disgruntled, Lin Ruoxi huffed out her complaints. 

Despite that, Yang Chen was adamant about having Lin Ruoxi on his lap. The position allowed her two soft butt cheeks to give Yang Chen’s proud morning wood an unintentional yet naughty squeeze. 

“Darling, say that you‘ve forgiven me. Or else I’ll have to eat you for breakfast today,” teased Yang Chen. 

Lin Ruoxi inhaled deeply, squinting at the man before her with a helpless look. She did not dare to move another inch as the tough erection beneath her was so hard that it was about to enter her through her skirt. 

“Jeez, you’re so bold. I’m about to cringe to death. How could I not forgive you in such circumstances?” said Lin Ruoxi while stifling a giggle. 

Yang Chen was stunned before it finally dawned upon him. “Ah! You were pretending to be asleep last night!” 

Delighted, Lin Ruoxi bit her lower lip. “Yeah, how’s that? I tried controlling my pulse rate with True Qi to pretend that I was asleep. You didn’t notice?” 

Yang Chen was conflicted. He had only bothered to deduce if she was asleep by observing her pulse rate and breathing. The man hadn’t thought of evaluating the transitions of her inner True Qi and pulse.  

“Wow, you’re getting pretty good. Your True Qi application has improved. But you used it to trick me! Time for some spanking!” 

Following that, Yang Chen cackled evilly. Paying no mind to her screams, he hoisted her up by her waist and placed her flat on his thighs. Then, he lifted her autumn skirt and began to spank her plump behind. 

His spanks were light to the touch. The sound it garnered was crisp and clear as day. 

Pissed, Lin Ruoxi started to thump her fists against the mattress. “Yang Chen! I’m warning you! Put me down! I… I’m about to get mad!”

Weirdly, Yang Chen seemed to lament, gazing soulfully at Lin Ruoxi’s panties. He uttered, “Damn, you’re a mother now yet you’re still wearing pink panties with a Snoopy print? Even I’m starting to lose steam here…” 

Immediately, Lin Ruoxi’s face turned beet red. The woman opted to palm her face in defeat.

The couple continued to fool around, the atmosphere between them was evidently better than yesterday. 

Downstairs, Guo Xuehua was braiding Lan Lan’s hair diligently. The little girl’s watermelon-like bob had offered insufficient length for braids but the girl whined for braids as every girl in kindergarten had them. 

Guo Xuehua immediately caved into Lan Lan’s request. The woman had no daughter. Now that she had a granddaughter in proximity, she quickly got hair ties and set to work. As long as it wasn’t too complicated of a braid, Guo Xuehua was confident that she could get it done. 

Noticing that Lin Ruoxi had joined them at the table, Guo Xuehua’s expression was still rather forced. Albeit so, the mother in law still did her best to flash her a smile. “Come, sit down. Food is ready.” 

Silently, Lin Ruoxi nodded in response. She proceeded to eat quietly after taking her seat.

The tension between the mother in law and daughter in law pair was weird. Wang Ma could only feel helpless at the sight of it. Letting them go on like this would not help the situation, so she quickly turned on the TV with the remote to alleviate the atmosphere. 

Wang Ma settled on watching the morning news broadcast. The familiar voice of the news anchor instantly calmed her anxiety. 

“Yang Chen, is Zhiqing coming over tonight?” asked Guo Xuehua. 

Yang Chen nodded. “I’ll pick her up around the evening.” 

“You should head there early. The last time she visited, I wasn’t able to talk with her much. I’d really like to thank her and get to know her more,” said Guo Xuehua with a smile.

Yang Chen could only smile wryly. Guo Xuehua had brought up her wish to have more conversations with Xiao Zhiqing in front of Lin Ruoxi. Wasn’t this just plain provocation towards his wife? 

It seemed like his mother was displeased with Lin Ruoxi’s silence, choosing to exert an emotional trigger on her as revenge. Guo Xuehua wasn’t planning to apologize too. 

Thankfully, Lin Ruoxi looked rather unfazed by her words. But it was probably a different story for the thoughts running through her mind. 

At this moment, a familiar name was heard from the news broadcast… 

“… Earlier today, the police had recovered a body at the Zhonghai Hilton Hotel. The man was believed to have ended his life by ingesting poison. Through investigations, the man was identified as the eldest son of the Jiang Province Li Foundation, Li Jianhe. It was concluded as a suicide case but many people are speculating on the nature of his suicide. It is speculated that the late Li Jianhe was suffering from familial internal conflicts and the failure of inheritance by his brother, Li Jianchuan…” 

Abruptly, everyone’s attention was on the news. All action in the house went into a standstill, gazes glued to the TV.

Weirdly, Lin Ruoxi frowned slightly but a faint hint of a smirk present on the edges of her lips. There was a cold glimmer in her orbs, but it disappeared within seconds. She continued to slurp on her porridge. 

The news continued… 

“From what we know, the Li Foundation, the German BMW Company and the Italian Fiat Group have a long-standing collaboration with the Li Foundation as the main bridge for BMW within China. 

Recently, Li Foundation and BMW had plans to build a BMW history exhibition in Zhonghai. This was a plan to stimulate BMW sales via car culture exposure. The person in charge was set to be Li Jianhe and they have proceeded to recruit potential investors. However, it was declared a failure. 

Last night, Li Jianhe’s brother, Li Jianchuan had announced that a new agreement was reached with one of Zhonghai’s leading enterprises, Yu Lei International. Yu Lei International and Li Jianchuan will join forces on the project. 

The police had speculated that the main reason behind Li Jianhe’s suicide was depression stemming from his failure in the family conflict…” 

At this point, Yang Chen and Guo Xuehua were already staring at Lin Ruoxi. 

Yu Lei International? 

Wouldn’t that mean Lin Ruoxi was involved? 

Yang Chen was abruptly overwhelmed with questions. Scowling, he questioned, “Ruoxi, what is going on? Why are you working with Li Jianhe’s brother?” 

That attracted Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma’s attention to her. They had assumed that Lin Ruoxi had long given up on collaborating with the Li Foundation. 

Looking up, she smiled. “Looks like Mingyu had completed the job.”

“Mingyu?” Yang Chen began to feel bothered. 

Lin Ruoxi nodded. “Actually… I was initially planning to give up on this project but Li Jianhe had shown me his true nature and even offended me. So I decided to not save him any face, but I really wasn’t expecting his mental strength to be so weak.” 

In the midst of their bewilderment, Lin Ruoxi started to recite the series of events comprehensively. 

She revealed that after the meeting yesterday, Lin Ruoxi was planning to not agree on the collaborative project in consideration of Yang Chen. 

Unexpectedly, Li Jianhe was able to reach her immediately, suspiciously aware of her exact location. The most surprising thing was his adamance on her investment in the project.

Based on what she knew about Li Jianhe, Lin Ruoxi was certain that money wasn’t his motivation. It didn’t make any sense for him to get on his knees. 

“I hadn’t even told Hong Yan where I was heading to. How was he able to locate me as soon as the meeting had ended? In the end, I concluded that he had planted spies in my company. 

Not only that, but he was also willing to kneel before me and beg. We’re not the only company in Zhonghai that is capable of offering him monetary support. Why is he so desperate for my investment?

My guess at the time was that he was forced to a corner. Or else, it wouldn’t make sense for him to abandon his pride and dignity…” 

After some careful thought, Lin Ruoxi went straight to Liu Mingyu. Being a past Public Relations Officer, Mingyu had a wide network of contacts. They soon found out that the project was Li Jianhe’s last chance of redemption implemented by the Li family. 

Though younger, Li Jianchuan’s capabilities were way more competent than that of Li Jianhe. The man was able to manage multiple European businesses within the last two years, which ultimately forced Li Jianhe’s return to China. 

Unexpectedly, while Li Jianhe struggled with his problems, some conflict has arisen between him and his wife, Shen Yaxin. Ultimately, the couple filed for a divorce. 

Losing his support from Shen Yaxin’s family background as a government official, Li Jianhe was like a bird with fractured wings. His standing within his family was already crumbling. 

The current collaborative project was met with the obstacle of the Chinese government. No matter how hard he tried, the government wasn’t keen on giving their approval due to their protection over the interest of domestically-produced cars. 

Most enterprises had the money but not the capability to involve themselves, leaving Li Jianhe with only a handful of choices. Li Jianchuan had even gone to the extent of forming a pact to stop any collaboration with Li Jianhe. 

The only one available to him was Lin Ruoxi’s Yu Lei International. 

Unfortunately for him, Li Jianchuan was a smart one. As soon as he learned that Yu Lei had background support from the Yang family and that his brother had some beef with Yang Chen and his wife, he chose not to contact the company. This was to avoid him from getting involved in unwanted trouble. 

“After Mingyu had informed me of that, I let her contact Li Jianchuan to discuss the share of profit after the project. If he was willing to let us have sixty percent of it, I’d sign the agreement and work with him. 

That way, Li Jianchuan will be able to get rid of his brother from the family business. Plus, seeking fund allocation from the government is much more of a hassle than getting more investments. Besides, my official status is useful. Li Jianchuan wouldn’t need to experience any trouble while awaiting government approval. 

Though the Li family will earn a tad bit less than they expected, it’s still admittedly much better than failing the entire project. Li Jianchuan could secure his position well while I can maximize my personal interest to complete the project.

Judging from today’s news, Mingyu must have already signed the agreement. Li Jianhe had lost everything, that’s probably why he decided to end his life.”